Monday, September 29, 2008


This is Sam's tiger face. Sam has (as you may know) a sugar sweet heart, but he also has a lot of anger and doesn't know how to control his temper sometimes. His tiger face helps. When he's angry he shows it to us, and we scream and run away. Dallas and Evan try to do a tiger face, but they just look like they're smiling.

Here is Evan balancing on one arm of his chair with his hands on the table.
At every meal, Evan and Sam try to out do each other with new ways to balance on their chairs. "Can you do this?" they say to each other. Tonight Evan had all sorts of near death experiences like this one. "Do this Sammy?" he's saying. Earlier today we were at the park and Evan was on the big swing sets. When he was going as high as he could, he tried jumping off, just like his big brother. After all the crying stopped and he hopped back on the swing and tried jumping off again!
Our last shopping trip we got one of those interesting carts with two seats down low and then the cart in front, and the boys spend the whole shopping trip trying stunts. Flipping over the bar, climbing back and forth, and their favorite, being dragged with their waist down to their feet on the floor, and their hands holding onto the bar.
Yes I know carts have seat belts, and yes I know this is dangerous as occasionally someone points out to me. But they have so much fun, and would fight out of their seat belts anyway, screaming like monkeys over a fire until they'd freed themselves. This way we keep it under as much control as you can have shopping with 3 boys five and under.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some pretty things!

My friend Julie and I both homeschool. Once a week the kids come to my house and we do an art project. And then later in the week we go to her house and do science. She's been doing such a wonderful job!!! (As I knew she would)
Well here is one of the art projects we did. We made stepping stones with cement in a pie plate (you could use anything) and after it sets up a bit you can put marbles (like those one's for fish tanks), or buy those fake jewels in the craft isle at wal-mart, and we broke up some tile to make mosaics, and some kids made their handprint and painted it, etc. It was all nice, but I really liked Sam's because he put the shells from our trip to Santa Rosa on (when we went camping/swimming with Beth and Kathryne). So now they are out in our garden where we won't really step on them, but they look pretty!

And here is a picture of my sunflowers I planted that I love. The two bushes are huge and have at least 300 blossoms each. They are so pretty -it makes me really happy! Our town is back to all brown now, but there is a huge burst of sunshine at my house.

A very stinky day

Today, sitting in church, someone kept passing gas, and it was very stinky, and seemed to sit in a cloud around me. It was so awful, that I furiously wanted to fan the air away from me, but knew that this would attract attention, and not be very polite.
Then I noticed that the recurring smell was coming from my own children, and I got so embarrassed that I started to whisper threats to them if they did it ONE MORE TIME!!! Of course they did keep doing it, not to be mean or funny, they're not that way, but just because they had to. Dallas' were the worst, but once Pat gave Evan a big hug and it squeezed out a noisy one. I was so embarrassed, and as soon as the meeting was over I rushed away because I would feel a need to apologize if I stayed, and maybe the people sitting near us didn't even notice anyway. (Yea right, not much chance of that, but still.)

Later at the end of church when I was in the meeting for all the women, my friend Lacey's son was with her, with nothing but a diaper on, because he had blown out his diaper in class and ruined his clothes, you know, a major code brown. So we all laughed at him as he walked around talking during our lesson half naked. He's really cute.

Then we came home and were all eating dinner and it came up and I told Pat how annoying it was that the boys were foofing (yes we say foof) during Sacrament meeting and how stinky it was. Evan kept telling us about someone who was stinky. We figured he was talking about his brothers. and just trying to be a part of the conversation. Until we heard him say, "Kenny stinky poop in his chair!"

He was telling me what happened in nursery to his friend! It was so funny that Evan could talk well enough to describe the code brown in his class to us. Of course I had to call Lacey and tell her that her son was the topic of our dinner conversation and that Evan told on him. It was so funny.

On a side note, Dallas gave a great talk in primary today. He told a story from memory and then read the scripture and the rest all by himself! Good job Dal!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's Random Events

Random Wanting to be Like Dad Moment:
We were having bratwursts for dinner tonight and I like to eat mine with REALLY hot horseradish. Evan (2 years old) claimed that he wanted some, insisted on it actually. I put the tiniest bit on my fork and told him to taste it to see if he wanted some to dip his brats into. He took the bite off my fork, and then slowly sank down into his chair with a disgusted look on his face and then his eyes started to water. Karisa said, "It's YUCKY isn't it?", "No", he said stubbornly, and then he stood up and asked for some on his plate. I gave it to him and told him to dip his sausage in just the tiniest bit, he quickly ended up with more horseradish than I would put on one piece of MY dinner and had it in his mouth before we could stop him. Exactly the same reaction as before, but this time he didn't dip in the horseradish any more.

Random Wanting to be Like Mom Moment:
That is actually a too small baseball cap, not a skullcap. I have no idea why Dallas needed a purse to check on the chickens. Sigh.

Random Segue
We were having family home evening tonight and Karisa gave a great lesson about prayer. During the lesson she pulled out a picture of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane praying. Sam took the picture into his hand and studied it quietly for a good half a minute. "Mom, do you know what I'm going to always do?" he asked. Karisa and I shared a look across the room where we realized that one of our kids really got something we were trying to teach. She asked him "What Sam?" He replied, "Drink lots and lots of water."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Elle

Make Sure You Turn on Your Speakers!

Elle I wish you were near to cuddle and love. It's been a while since I received these pictures of you and have wanted to post them for others to see, so since they added up, my wonderful, talented, fantastic husband (your Uncle Pat) put this together for us all. I miss you so much and look how fast you are growing... The last I saw you, you were just a few days old! New York why can't you be closer?

Tia Karisa

...and back to the children

Now that we're done remodeling (mostly) we've had some more time for the kids. Since we were told by one of my beloved sister-in-laws that we don't have enough pictures of the kids on the blog, you go.

Our staple dinner when we don't know what to make for dinner, burritos. The day after having them for dinner I asked the boys what they wanted for lunch and Sam shouted "Burritos!" I told Sam we had just had them the day before and he said "I want MORE burritos!"

I told Evan to smile for the camera and I'm impressed, I don't think I've ever seen anyone smile so hard.

Dallas is proud here because he made Sam's bed (not shown), well, what about your bed you goober.

One of the few pictures I got of Sam's face this night, I have many with his shirt pulled up over his face, a few with his hands over his face and a couple with his back turned. I think this is genetic because we sure didn't teach him this (nice going grandpa).

Boys being silly.

Ring around the rosies.

All the boys have a scary "tiger" face, Sam's is the scariest and Evan's (pictured here)...well, not so scary.

The boys caught a horny toad today and it was the fattest one I've ever seen.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remodeling blues

It's almost 1:30 in the morning and I'm up this late for the second night in a row remodeling our fireplace. I finished the drywall yesterday, I ended up having to build some studs where the inside of the fireplace chimney structure used to be. I hope our neighbors didn't mind the sawing and hammering at midnight last night. Our fake rocks came today and Karisa and I have been putting them up since I got home from work. The thinset needs to sit a while after I mix it up so I have a few minutes until we get to finish our work. I'll be getting up to make my carpool in three and a half hours.

We'll probably be up late again tomorrow night as we grout around all the stones that we're placing today, and we have to work the floor in at some point tomorrow if we still want to get our stove installed on Thursday. I might do a half day tomorrow at work so that we can finish everything up.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Waiting for Karisa......

I think Karisa should be close to giving everybody an update, she's been a little "busy". About a week ago I finally got the first book for the Stephenie Meyer series, "Twilight". I started reading it only to get a nice long chewing out for reading junk when there were other things to be doing. I grinned and shrugged it off like normal. I woke up at 3:30 that morning and Karisa was about half way through the book. I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the next day. One week later and Karisa has finished the four book series so she should have some time now to take calls and write on her blog. I just thought I'd give an update.

Now in Karisa's defense for the chewing out, I tend to read a LOT. I usually finish two or three books a week and am usually reading three or four books at a time. I'm currently reading "Hearing the voice of the Lord" by Gerald Lund, "The Day of Battle" by Rick Atkinson, "The Iliad" (two separate translations one by Fagles and the other by Lombardo - both excellent in their own way) and listening to "Armageddon's Children" by Terry Brooks for the times that I can't sit and read but only listen.

Funny Conversation of the Week:
Dallas: Why are you going back to church Dad?
Pat: I have to talk to the Bishop.
Dallas: You have to help the Bishop do what?
Pat: Talk to the Bishop!
*puzzled pause*
Dallas: Why do you have to help the Bishop talk to the Bishop?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Learning to Ride

Dallas had a 9 year old friend come over on Friday while his parents went out of town. The friend decided that he wanted to ride Dallas' bike and so went and got some pliers, and then removed the training wheels. I told Dallas a little later that he was big enough to learn to ride without them and I would help him learn later. Two hours and one crash later this was the result, almost all his practicing without any parental help.

Later that day we walked over to a neighbor's house to chat for a few minutes, Dallas rode his bike all the way there. While I was talking to our neighbor Dallas crashed into Sam. He's having a little trouble learning to steer without the training wheels. On the way home he had another crash. By the end of the day there were three painful crashes in all. Both knees and both elbows were skinned up along with the palm of one hand. Each crash was quite traumatic as Dallas is our son with zero tolerance for pain, but he kept going back out and trying again.