Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Energy drinks- they really work

Yesterday, I went to the store to get one thing I needed for our snack, and as I walked out I saw a six pack of juice that said Ocean Spray pomegranite cranberry on it and it sounded so good, and I grabbed the bottles of juice without even slowing my pace and paid and left. Around 4:30 right before Pat came home I drank one, and let the kids share another. Then after the kids were in bed, I drank another. I had sent Pat to bed at 7pm because he was really tired. I expected to follow shortly, but for some reason I could not sleep. 10pm, 11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am all passed and I was freaking out!!!! Why can't I sleep!

Today I looked closer at the bottle, and saw that it said "energize" and had green tea listed in the ingredients. No where did it come right out and say caffeine, but I should have read it and known. I called the company and they said, "Yes of course it has caffeine! It's an energy drink!"

I never drink caffeine, and so that explains why 2 cups of caffeinated juice can keep me up all night! How annoying! I think energy drinks and caffeine are the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prop 8 Gay Marriage

I just wanted to let you know of a website by a good friend of mine that deals with many of the issues brought out by proposition 8 in California. All our friends and family in California are doing a lot and sacrificing a lot for this cause. It is the most well thought out and researched sites I've ever read. We are praying for a yes on prop 8.

Happy Halloween!

Wow, Pat and I actually won a costume contest. I hardly ever dress up for Halloween, because I don't care that much. I do think it is fun, but it requires money and time and I usually have neither. This year was no different, but we were invited to a party and my friend said if we didn't dress up we'd have to stand outside (okay I made that up) but she encouraged costumes, and I had always wanted to be Mary Poppins and have Pat and the boys be chimney sweeps, so I tried it.

The boys had other ideas though. (They didn't want to be a mariachi band with me either!)

So here are some pictures of what we ended up looking like. Pat and I won a pumpkin! Yum- seeds! (That's real soot from our new fireplace on Bert's face)

A puppy!

Pat's parents breed miniature schnowzers, (yes I have no idea how to spell it) and we felt like after a year break from having our last dog, we were ready to try a dog again, and asked them if they would save one of the latest puppies for us. She's a girl, and her name is Bella. We haven't seen her in person because she's in California, but, here are some cute pictures Pat's family sent us. We think she is very cute, and are so excited, especially because it will be a surprise to the boys on Christmas morning! So shhhh!!!!!!!!!! No telling!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's true...

I want to officially announce that I am pregnant, expecting our fifth child (of course I count Lauralei), and am due June 3rd. I was waiting until I was done with the first trimester to tell everyone, but I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you all how miserable and awful I feel! I am so sick, but not near as sick as some people I know get, so I shouldn't complain, but here I go anyway. I am sooo sick. Okay, I feel better, now that you know.

I am suffering from pregnant brain- severely. I can't remember anything, and I don't feel like doing anything, and that's part of why I had to tell everyone early. Dallas is smart, and I wanted him to know the real reason why I was laying in bed a lot, not just that I'm sick with some unknown prolonged illness. Pat and I are very happy. I've had two miscarriages this year, so this was a blessing. And the interesting thing is, that in the whole two years we've been in our ward, not one baby has been born. Finally a couple months ago, my friend Jen suddenly was blessed with a baby through adoption. I knew it was all going to start now. And it did! Besides me there are two others pregnant, and hopefully more soon. So I just think it is neat how that happens at church. None of us planned anything, but here we all are pregnant together. Yea!

Today I realized that I scheduled day camp for my primary girls on June 3rd, 4th, and 5th, so I guess I'll have to reschedule that. Unless I can count taking them all to the hospital as a worthy activity.

Remember how I said Dallas is smart? Well today he asked me, "Mom, how is that baby going to come out of your tummy? Is it just going to pop? Cause then you'll have a big hole in your tummy!"

I directed him to Pat.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The tooth is gone!

He was very brave and wiggled it out!
Yea Dallas! What should the tooth fairy bring?

Evan's funny faces

Evan has needed eye drops for an infection, and of course every night gets his teeth brushed by Dad. These faces may look happy, but he is trying to avoid either eye drops or getting his teeth brushed.


The boys are going to be taking a break from gymnastics for the holiday season, but they sure do good!

Our first snow in October?

Tuesday the 14th of October, seems a little early for snow, but it was fun! Except that we were cold, because I was home alone with the kids all day and didn't know how to work the wood burning stove! (Plus the wood was all wet.)

My sunflowers were shocked and got so heavy they all fell down eventually, so we cut them down.

And here's after the snow melted into the creek bed that I dug. It's to help keep the water away from the house. I hope to cover this in rocks someday when we have money, because the boys would love to play in it, but I don't want them to disappear forever in the mud. We took part of our demolished fireplace that looked like a bridge and made a bridge for it!

Brussel Sprouts

I tried to get away with serving brussel sprouts as our vegetable for dinner. Sam's face fell when he saw them and knew he'd have to eat one. As we said prayer I knew he was looking at them with anger and I heard him whisper, "Yuuuuck!" instead of Amen.
He ate all his food and wanted seconds, but I told him he had to eat his brussel sprout first. He said, "Cut it open so I can see what it looks like."
Pat cut it open, and when Sam saw what was inside, he sighed heavily, and slouched down disappointed. (I guess he was hoping for a chocolate center.)

Dallas tried in his brave way to eat it and choked it back out on his plate. Then Sam chewed his all up and said, "I like it!"

After folding a weeks worth of the three boys laundry and putting it all away, I walked in to see all their bins empty of clothes and their closet too, and Sam and Evan sitting on the big pile of clothes. I was very upset, and asked them why they did that. Sam said, "Well, bad guys were here and they were trying to take our clothes!".
I didn't even try to put it all back. We just tramped over the clothes all week, and could never find anything when we needed it, and OH WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Saturday we had tickets to the balloon festival they do yearly in Albuquerque. It's a really big deal. We drove down, but all the events were cancelled due to stormy bad weather, so we drove back home disappointed. I made dinner for the kids and my neighbor called and said that they had issued a tornado warning for our town and one neighboring town that would last for about the next 45 minutes. We felt lots of strong wind and rain, but thankfully the tornado missed us. In the neighboring town we heard about someones trailer home that landed on the main road, so it wasn't so easy going for all. Our only inconvenience was our entire town was without electricity!

Now that it's over I can tell you it took until a little over 24 hours for the power to come back on. It was definitely a learning experience. Like Grandma Stanger said, we were living like the pioneers. And we realized how much we rely on the computer, t.v., stove, music, lights, fridge, etc to keep life humming.

When the power went out, we luckily had just eaten, and since it got dark so quickly, we all just went to bed. The kids came in our room so we didn't have to worry about leaving candles in their room. They always have a nightlight, and would have been too scared in complete darkness. But not complete darkness. You realize in times like these, when all the lights around have been cut off, that the moon actually gives off a beautiful glow, and that when the moon goes down, then it IS utterly dark!

Then Sunday morning we woke up, amazed that 12 hours later we were still without power. Pat finally got through to the electric company on the phone and they said Sunday afternoon maybe. Several people had called him since he's the EQ President and asked if we were having church. He tried to call the bishop and couldn't get through (so many phones need electricity). We have an old phone thankfully, that we got from Grandma Mary (Pat's Great Grandma) that you just plug into the wall. So Pat drove to the bishop's house to talk to him, and also checked on someone who has health issues needing machines.

For breakfast and lunch we ate bread, and butter and that I had fortunately left out and drank water, because we did not want to open our refrigerator at all and let any cold out. We still had hot water and I washed my hair and then kept trying to get my blow dryer to turn on (duh!). So I went to church with crazy hair (like many others there) and wrinkled clothes. Then when we got home around 4pm, and still no power, Pat went and picked up a generator someone kindly offered us, and we hooked our fridge and freezer up to it to save our food. Hallelujah!! It would have been too bad if we'd lost our food. Groceries cost so much these days. FYI- Ice cream is the first thing to melt in the freezer! The meat was still solid, but the ice-cream was soup. We decided that when we can afford it we should invest in a generator. It was a cute little thing, kinda like a vacuum cleaner, and it ran on gas. People that have electric devices that they cannot live without, should definitely have one. (And don't forget the gas!)

By now, our kitchen was a real mess, because on Saturday, we already had two days worth of dishes piled up, and then could not use the dishwasher, and after dinner we couldn't even hand wash because it got too dark. We were "starving" and still didn't have a way to cook anything with our electric stove, and being very tired of bread, Pat got out the camp stove (with propane) and I warmed up the previous nights spaghetti on it. We wished we had our 72 hour kits that the church tells us to have. Three days worth of meals and snacks! It wasn't necessary in this case, but like I said, the food we had got old, and we felt like we were in a bit (a very tiny bit) of a crisis, and my mind at least really could have used some chocolate!

What I noticed most of all, is that we were bored!!! Dallas was really sick with a fever and I laid in bed with him and we tried to think about what people did in the old days (before electricity). I read my scriptures a little before it got too dark after dinner, but then you can't do too much with just candles and flashlights at night. So we just went to bed again, even though we weren't tired. The house was so quiet, and even though I don't watch much t.v., I wished I could turn on some movie, or music or something to fight the boredom. I realized this was a silly dependence, and was mad at myself for it.

And luckily it wasn't too cold outside yet, because many people would have had no heat for 24 hours. We just put in a wood burning stove and are hoping it will be our primary source of heat this winter so I guess we would have been okay as far as heating goes.

So as we all lay in bed Sunday night wide awake, staring at the darkness, and listening to ourselves think, at about 7:30pm the power finally came back on. We turned on lights and we felt silly for being in bed so early!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Evan Talking

I don't know why but I love it when my kids mix up words. I also love it when they mess them up in cute ways. Evan did both a couple of nights ago and wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I was able to get him to repeat both for the camera.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Midnight Ramblings

This is a post meant to embarrass Karisa a little bit, but not too much I hope. I often end up staying up later than Karisa, either reading my many books or watching baseball. Sometimes when I climb into bed and the bed wiggles, and I adjust the blanket she'll start talking to me. One time I climbed in and she started shouting that the lawn mowers were making too much noise and they should wait until morning to mow our lawn (middle of the night, dead quiet all around). A couple of nights ago I climbed into bed at midnight and we had the longest of these conversations that we'd ever had. Usually when I start talking back she'll either go to sleep again or wake up enough to laugh at herself.

As I climbed into bed Karisa said: "That was the stuff!"
Me: "What Stuff?"
"The Stuff he told us to use last night."
"What Stuff!?!"
"The Stuff he told us to use last night!"
"What Stuff?"
"For what?"
(At this point I thought I had lost her to sleep again but I tried one last time)
Me: "What did we have to use the stuff for?"
Karisa: "The stuff in his stomach!"
"What stuff?"
"For his stomach!"
"I have no idea what you are talking about!"
"It was Halloween, he was a scarecrow and needed more stuffing for his stomach!"

At this point I started laughing to hard to continue and lost her to sleep. Usually she remembers a little of our midnight conversations but she didn't remember a thing about this one. I got the feeling as we were talking that maybe after that pause we were having a different conversation and talking about different "stuff", but since Karisa couldn't give any clarification we'll never know.

Random funny moment from today
Sam was pretending to take his brother's body parts with his pretend knife. He sliced off Evan's toe (without even touching him) and pronounced that Evan didn't have a toe now. Evan screamed and in the whiniest voice possible shouted "Mommy, Sam cut off my toe!"

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Offended Evan

Evan spends a large part of his life being offended and embarrassed (although he is learning how to be angry from his brother just older than him). This morning we needed him to get dressed so that we could leave the house. He didn't want to take off his really dirty shirt, so I did it for him, and put the new one on. He stormed away from me trying to take his new shirt off. He got the neck up over his face and so I said "I can see your tummy!" He immediately took his hands from trying to take his shirt off and used them to cover his stomach. He walked around for a minute or so like this, shirt over his face, hands over tummy not being able to see where he was going, but willing to stay like that if it meant one-upping Dad. I laughed so hard and this is where I found him a few minutes later, in the pantry.

I like to tease him a lot. He gets in moods where he'll say no to anything and everything we ask him. (A big deep NOOOOO with his lips out.) When he gets like that I say to him, "Evan, say no!"
"No!" he'll yell at me. Then I say "Good job Evan, you did it! Say no again!"
At that point he gives me a dirty look and won't talk to me for several minutes.