Saturday, January 31, 2009

Board Games

After the park Dallas and I had some time to play games while the other two boys slept and Karisa was preparing primary music for tomorrow. We played "Life on the Farm", which is a really silly game about buying cows. I won that one. We played two games of "Sorry", splitting those. After that we moved to "Trouble" and the picture below says it all:

We ended not just with Dallas winning but all my men still in the starting position. I took that as my sign that it was time to be done with board games for the day.

At the park

After the museum we went to the park right across the street to eat our picnic lunch. The boys were more interested in playing than in eating. It was a nice day, warmed up to around sixty down in town. There was a birthday party that was wrapping up and they had a big spiderman jumping castle up. I asked around and they said it was fine if my boys used it. All in all they had a blast.

Bologna sandwiches for lunch today, Sam was mad because he wanted to go play and so purposefully turned his back to the camera.

Evan couldn't reach the handrails for the wobbly bridge and so choose to crawl across it.

This park has a big circle of monkey bar type challenges, Dallas was one bar away from finishing them all when his arms gave out.

Our favorite feature at this particular park, a steep smooth brick slide (I have no idea if this was its intent, but it's how everyone uses it).

Natural History Museum

I found out on Thursday that the Natural History Museum in Albuquerque was free all month for people living in our county. Saturday was our first free day, and fortunately still in January. We've been there fairly often, but hey, free museum and the boys love the dinosaur bones and space exhibits that they have. Dallas, Sam and I were all taking turns with the gravity game they have on one of the computers. There is a sun and you get to put planets around it and determine which direction and how fast they are moving. It is extremely hard to get more than a couple moving in such a way that they don't crash into each other or pull the sun out across space.

It actually worked out really well because they had some archaeologists cleaning some recently found dinosaur bones. One of them came out and talked to us and showed us the bone fragment she was cleaning and how she was doing it which went along great with our history lessons for the week. They had a big rib bone that they had just cleaned off that even had teeth marks in it, Cool!

They had lots of really cool rock displays, or maybe it's just me that's always really liked rocks.

They had their corn snake out and we got to hold him. He really liked the pocket on Evan's sweatshirt.

Everyone was particularly interested in the stereo microscopes today, looking at rocks, feathers and snake skin. Karisa is actually checking out her own hand to make sure her skin is still perfect!

Evan and Sam waiting while their brother visits the bathroom. Evan and Dallas had some altercation just before this that ended up with Evan and a bump on his forehead and a swollen thumb, we never did get a straight story out of either of them.

Friday, January 30, 2009


We've been learning about some ancient history with the boys and recently about how people can learn about things that happened a long time ago. Our latest study has been on archaeologists, what they do and how they can learn things from what they find. Today we did our own dig in our sandbox to see if the boys could be archaeologists.

Our young archaeologists with their site set up and ready to find some artifacts.

Dallas clearing the dirt from a possible find.

Yay! I found something too!

Sam marking our site map with another artifact that he found.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sam and helping with dinner

I guess Sam's been quite involved with everything lately. I was going to make dinner with him tonight and we were having baked potatoes.

Me: "Sam, do you want to help me make dinner."
Sam: "Yes!"
Me: "Can you help me wash the potatoes?"
Sam: "I'll cook the beans!"
Me: "What beans? We don't need to cook beans!"
Sam: "We already have enough beans?"
Me: "Beans for what?"
Sam: "Burritos!"
Me: "We're not having burritos, we're having potatoes!"
Sam: "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Burritos are his favorite dinner but we've already had them twice this week. He ended up not wanting to help with dinner after all.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling Yucky

I was extra tired last night, and my tummy hurt, and Sam really wanted me to read him a story.
I said, "Sam, I really can't right now. Mama feels really yucky."

Sam smelled my arm and said, "You don't SMELL really yucky." (I guess he thought I said I smell really yucky.)

"No, Sam", I said, "I said I FEEL really yucky."

Sam felt my arm, and said, "You don't FEEL really yucky to me!"

I ended up reading his shark book.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

This is a picture of us when we were dating. I don't tan- just turn red. On my mission the people would say, "Elder Mullen! Te pareces a un tomate!"

Monday was our 8th anniversary. Who would have known time would fly so fast and we'd have gone through so much together. I am blessed to love someone who loves me so very much. It was a somewhat uneventful anniversary. Karisa spent most of it asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace, but since my mom had flown in to help, we were able to go out on Monday and Tuesday and just be together without the kids.

2008 Christmas trip to California

Here are the pictures from our trip to California. I forgot to take pictures of a lot of stuff. Pretty much all the important stuff- like family and all. What a retard. I had so much to say, but with everything that's been going on, I've forgotten most of it. We spent a lot of time with Pat's family and my family and had a really fun time. It was a 3 day drive each way, and then we spent 7 days there. It all went so fast driving back and forth trying to do everything and visit everyone. We didn't come close, but we did what we could. Thanks to Aunt Char and Brian for letting us stay with them for part of the time. Evan cracked and lost his shyness and began hugging everyone non-stop, and Sam cracked and started talking to everyone. (Well almost everyone.) Pat's sister Beth did a really nice Family Home Evening program, and we had really good food all the time, and Dallas made everyone play with his laser tag guns all over the house. Dallas also got to play prelude with Grandma at her ward on the organ. They played Silent Night together several times and it sounded really nice! My mom and I also got to see my second family- the Benders. Well at least Sarah, Genella, Linda and all the kids, for which I was grateful. Everyone looked great! If only we had more time........ Ugh! It was fun hanging out at Steph's new house, and overall we just had a really great visit. I'm pretty sure T was jealous that he didn't get new jammies and a Transformers blanket. The boys ask me all the time when we are going back to California again.

We ran in to some snow in Flagstaff Arizona.

Pat's parents gave us a (previously arranged) new puppy. I was dreading the drive home, but she did great. Hey, we had to stop every 15 minutes for Sam anyway!

Here is Evan, knowing his mom (me) am right behind him, about to get him. It's my kids favorite game at parks. Me or their dad chasing them all over. (Fairy Tale Town.)

Sam- Fairy Tale Town. TJ never came down this slide, though we waited for him...

Dallas- Fairy Tale Town.

Friends from our old singles ward- Leatherby's, Sacramento. I don't know why my camera switched to black and white. Peggy, Sandra, Patty, Karisa, (Peggy's brother), Ty, Blythe, Carrie, Pat, and then Steph and my mom not pictured. Thanks to Sandra and Patty for getting a hold of people. I ran into them easily because they are now in the same ward as my mom and sister. Yea! I wish I could have talked to my friends much longer than this. But I was grateful for a bit of time at least. And we ran in to Rick and Sunny!!! I'm still reeling from the shock of seeing Rick smiling at me where I didn't expect him to be. Sunny forced me to undergo a form of Asian torture, I think she called it a Ped-i-cure. Though I vowed to never do that again, I got a lot of compliments in the hospital on my toes. It's been weeks and they still look perfect!

The long drive home with a very full car. Watching the DVD player. Actually I think Dallas is playing Mario Brothers (old NES).

Evan- hating the car. We arrived home to find everything well, which was a great blessing and great end to a wonderful trip. The house stayed clean for approximately 2 hours. Oh well! Glad to be home in New Mexico! We went to pick up our 6 chickens that our friend was watching for us, and we aren't sure if we got the right ones, because they got mixed in with hers, but as long as they lay eggs, we're happy. Our new puppy Bella has chased them into a frenzy, but they are all finally used to each other.
Thanks to our families for making our Christmas a wonderful one!

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your love. I'm tired, weak from all that happened at the hospital, but am recovering and will be fine. I know that I was being watched over, and I have a wonderful doctor, and was blessed with nurses who were truly kindred spirits.

It is a painful thing to have to talk about, and also very dear to me, which is why I avoid people, as I don't feel like going through it again and again. I know people just love and care about me, but it's just my way. I will be okay. Luckily Pat's been through this before with me, and knows what I want, and is good at taking care of me.

I know so many who have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby successfully.
My doctor is going to order lots of tests to find out as much as she can as to what might have happened and whether or not we should try again.

I still think it is a great privilege to partner with God in creating new life, even if it didn't end well. It is a great thing to be a woman and to have that blessing. I am very scared to go through this again, but am also scared to be told that I can't have any more. I don't know which would be worse. But I know God lives and loves me, and hears and answers prayers, and I trust Him.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sad News

We just wanted to let everyone know that we found out today that Karisa miscarried. We went in for our ultrasound today and they couldn't find a heartbeat. She is 19 weeks along right now and they think the baby died 3-4 weeks ago based on how big the baby is. It's her third miscarriage in a row. Karisa will be at the hospital tomorrow. Any prayers that everything can go smoothly would be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More on Evan

Evan is going through a really, really cute phase right now with his talking. He has lots of things to say and doesn't always get it right grammatically (okay, I don't always get it right either, but his are CUTE when he says them).

"Those are MINES socks!"
"Daddy says me are dirty!"
"Those is you's!"
"I isn't poopy!" "Yes you are!" "No I aren't!"

He is also in a really hugging mood lately where he just wraps his arms around you and squeezes tight, and doesn't let go for quite a while. The family got to get a taste of this in California as he was constantly hugging aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas...pretty much everyone except for one really scary grandpa!

EDIT: More on Evan and not wanting to be a tie breaker. The other night we didn't feel like making anything for dinner so we fell back to one of our two lazy dinners: tuna casserole and tomato sauce noodles. I asked the boys which they wanted and got one vote for each from the older two. It came down to Evan again to break the tie. His choice? Sandwiches.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas trip to California

We just wanted to write and say we are so glad to have had a great Christmas, to have been able to see family, and to come home to our little house finally after the three day drive. (Evan got sick with a fever on the first day of driving, and got worse each day, so I'll catch up later.) I have so much to say, but I will give you all the cheesy details later. (Get it? Cheesy? Because my boys are all laying in a cheese? I was trying to get them all to lay down the same way, but they aren't that coordinated.) Fairy Tale Town- Sacramento. I love it!

Nice to get to visit my baby girl's grave, since I don't often get to. Her birthday is Dec 19th, and we have a special book about her that we read to the boys on her birthday every year. I wrote it on a childs level, as I was inspired to, and it means a lot to all of us. We also got to see Pat's Grandpa's grave in this same cemetary, and send some warm feelings his way as well.

Y para mis amigos, o sea, mi familia en Chile... ¡les quiero mucho! Les hecho de menos muchisimo, y les deseo un Felíz Año Nuevo. Gracias por recordarme. Poder estar en Chile como misionera para mi Señor siempre será unos de los bendiciones mas grandes en toda mi vida. Espero volver un día, con mi familia, pero si esto no es possible, tendré un gozo enorme al verles después de esta vida, y al conocer que todavía son mis hermanos y hermanas en el evangelio de Jesucristo. Me pongo muy emocionante al pensarlo. Cuídense y saludos a todos. Siempre les recordaré. Hace 10 años atrás, en Febrero de 1999, que regresé de la misión en Chile. ¡Como pasa el tiempo!