Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's funny comments

After we got home from church and made cookies Sam came over to me (4 years old) and said:

"Dad, Dad, Dad, guess what? I was so thirsty that I drank one drunk of water and then filled my cup again and drank another drunk!"

*Warning: potty training story below, may contain graphic language*

We're potty training Evan, we just started on Friday when we ran out of diapers and decided we didn't want to buy anymore. When we got home from church I asked Evan if he needed to go to the bathroom. He said yes. I told him to take his pants off and I would help him go. "I can't Dad, then poop will fall off my bottom!" I asked him "Evan, do you have poop in your underwear?" To which he responded with an emphatic "NO!" and cast his eyes to the ground with a very downcast look. Needless to say we have some work to do with him.

Karisa and I were talking in the boys room a bit later (She likes to lay down there as it's the room that gets the most sun in the afternoon) and Sam and Evan started fighting in the living room. I asked if they were fighting. Sam came in and told us that they were playing Uno with Evan's diapers and he wasn't playing right. I went into the living room and sure enough, all the pull-ups we had just bought for Evan were spread across the living room.

Friday, February 20, 2009

High School Musical 3

Just saw High School Musical 3. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!
I laughed so hard!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mama, will you play with me?

This morning, as we were rushing to get out the door to church, Evan (2) sat down on the living room floor with the game SORRY.

Evan:"Mama, you play Sorry with me?"
Me: "We'll have to play after church Evan, it's time to go."
Evan in a singing voice: "I'll let you win."

Dallas and the Project from the Friend

In next month's Friend magazine there is a project where you can put your family together around a house. Mostly in Dallas' own words: In this picture Dad, Laura, me (Dallas) and Grandpa are up fixing the chimney together. Evan and Bella are looking out the window. Mom and Sam are on the porch together. Grandma is in the yard. It's a good thing she's there too, since Grandpa took a step backwards and is falling off the roof. Grandma is going to catch Grandpa.

I'm just glad he didn't pick me to fall off the roof.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The funniest thing that ever I did see

I guess I had a lot on my mind tonight! Anyway, I was just thinking about the thing that made me laugh harder than anything I can think of. (I think. Maybe I'll think of something else later.)

I was in the MTC (Missionary Training Center) where I lived for 2 months as a missionary, preparing to go to Chile. I had a great companion- serious, but kind, a little stocky around the middle, and short. We were walking in the dark, down a paved hill- her with a big box of candy (2 feet wide) that she had just received in the mail and was sampling as she walked along. Suddenly she started running. I don't remember why. Maybe she tripped. Maybe she was being funny. I don't remember. But suddenly she couldn't stop running, and was careening down the hill at top speed, in pumps, her dress billowing out, holding a big box of candy in front of her screaming. She was out of control and didn't know how to stop. Thinking it might help her, she threw aside the opened box of candy, and it hit the ground loudly and scattered everywhere. I know I should have been helpful, but she was going so fast, there was really nothing I could have done. I watched her from behind nearly keeled over laughing. I had to sit down on the pavement so that I didn't wet pants. Just then classes let out, and a stream of missionaries came toward me (my companion was long gone still screaming down the hill) and an Elder knelt down to see why I had slumped onto the ground to cry, only to find out when I raised my head, that I was shaking with laughter. He left quickly which was good since I was trying to not leave evidence of my predicament.

My companion never fell, I guess she made it to the bottom eventually, leveling out and was able to slow down. Then she walked back up and collected her candy while I continued to try to not pee. The whole next hour we sat in class next to each other- she annoyed at me, which made me laugh harder, and me with my head down trying to stop laughing. I was shaking with laughter, and I couldn't even keep it all the way quiet, and every time she'd give me a 'your so childish' look, I'd try to stop, but I just couldn't. That night I tried to sleep on the lower bunk, her above me, without shaking the bunk bed with laughter, and mostly succeeded. I've never laughed so hard and for so long at any one thing. I wonder if she even remembers.

The Competition is On

When we were driving home from our Christmas trip to California, we stopped at a rest stop. There was a long, straight, gravel walkway, there that was perfect for a race, and I challenged Dallas. On your marks, get set, Go!

We started running full speed. It was neck and neck. We kept perfect pace with each other. We were both running as fast as we could, except that we were laughing so hard, so I guess we really could have run a LITTLE faster if we could have concentrated better. But just the same, we were earnestly trying to beat each other. It was a tie, and I realized, at the ripe old age of 6, Dallas is now as fast as me, which makes me pretty lame probably.

Today, Dallas and I took a break from school and played checkers. I expected to have to play a fake boring game because I would be so much better than him. We just taught him Checkers last week! As further testament to how lame I am, he nearly beat me. He was trash talking the whole time too. It was hilarious. He said things like:
"Ooh, that was a good move. You're pretty smart, aren't you?"
"Come here little girl- why are you moving away? Are you scared?"
"Just a little kiss! Come a little closer!" (As he chased me with his Checkers.)

Needless to say, I was laughing so hard, that I would eventually make a mistake, and then he'd take one of my guys, and I'd scream out in indignation, and surprise. I thought he'd won for sure, as this picture shows him with two guys and me with only one. But at the end he made a crucial mistake so I am still able to say I can beat my 6 year old in Checkers!

Funny moments with TJ

Think back to Disneyland again... we were tired, hungry, trying to find a decent, well rounded affordable meal (not likely). I was feeling particularly stressed about my two boys and pregnant with my third, and not wanting to eat corn dogs and churros.

As I stared at the list of eateries, T joking, exclaimed, "Ice-cream! Lets just eat ice-cream!" as he pretended to grab armfuls of ice-cream and shove them into his mouth.
It was hilarious.

Not much time to blog

Yes- not much time lately. Part of it might be because I have become a super cleaner. Yes you heard me right. I have never been a house cleaner. Once a week at most. Something about the New Year really got into me, I guess. I'm studying my scriptures more, working on my very challenging and fun calling as the music teacher in Primary (children 3-11 at church), and for some reason unknown to me, I have started cleaning more everyday. Well actually, I remember now what might have inspired it... (Besides giving up on ever being able to afford a maid.)

During Christmastime we had several people bring over treats unexpectedly, and of course we could barely open the front door for all the shoes, coats, mess that was in the way. Then a couple weeks ago, my friend came over to get some dishes she had left at our house when she brought me dinner, my house being on the way to school, and when she showed up the house was cluttered and our fireplace had backed up and the house was full of smoke, and I had just returned from piano lessons, and I was so mad! My house is clean more than it is not clean and yet people only show up unexpectedly when you aren't in good shape. I think it's the law.

So now I make my bed immediately, my kids continue to do their bedroom every morning, and we keep the dishes done and the house clean pretty much all day (as much as one can with 3 boys). It's such a habit now that it's weird and kind of neat too. Pat's always thought that I was a bit of a slob, but now I think he's the bigger slob! I never cared my whole life about making my bed daily (I'm just going to get back in it, right?). But now it bothers me when it's not made. So yea for me- I'm learning that keeping up, is much nicer than getting overwhelmed, which of course I already knew, but knowing and doing don't always keep the same company. We invited some people over for dinner last week and it was nice to only have to worry about dinner, and where to seat everyone, and not about the house! It actually makes the day go by quicker too. And my kids do their chores willingly, because they just know that it's that time of day! They each make their beds and then they have 1. Toys, 2. Books, and 3. Clothes. They each take one of those chores and I help Evan with whichever one he has. Pretty cool, I think. Not that it is easy or anything. I am exhausted at the end of each day, but happy.

Anyway, this got me thinking about how some of our most dreaded chores never get done because we hate them so much and how helpful it would be if we all shared information on how to do things. One of my friends mops once every 6 months or so, because she hates to mop! But there are so many different ways to mop! I'm learning that there are all these tricks to make cleaning easier, and I wish I could go videotape every one I know doing their chores and compare notes on things like bathrooms, dishes, floors, and laundry. I certainly don't know any tricks. I search under the 3 sinks wondering where the cleaning supplies are and awkwardly lugging them around from bathroom to bathroom, etc. If I put some thought into it, I bet cleaning would be much easier. Just a thought.

I have two friends who adore the website It is pretty cool, 15 minute cleaning, and great ideas, etc. For example it has some chore every week or so that you don't think to do, like wipe your bathroom cabinets, or like I always forget the windows and dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, etc. So I thought that would be helpful, to have reminders. But I don't really live my life by the computer because it takes up too much time.

Well if you know of a great website, or have a tip that has changed your life, please share. As you can see I really am interested. Housecleaners unite!