Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boys' Comments

Today coming home from church we were talking about everything we learned and Evan (turning three soon) piped in and said that in his class today they learned about play dough.

Last week Sam made the comment that in his class they learned that if you get too cold you die. That was all he remembered from the lesson.
Tonight as he was praying over dinner, he said, "Please bless that I can get a testimony next week." Sam always cracks us up.

Today Evan came in from the backyard with a couple of chicken feathers and told us "Mom, Dad! I got some of the chickens' leaves!"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

One year blogging!!!

I guess I've been blogging for about a year, because I remember my first post was about when I went to New York City to visit Jeremy and Kim and their new baby, and I remember that while I was visiting them, all my boys at home went on our ward Father/Son camp out, which is what they did again this weekend. There were about 15 dads plus the sons which made about 50 people, so it was a great turn out, and they had a lot of fun.

I didn't do anything as exciting as going to New York this time. This time I went shopping for some desperately needed summer clothes unaided by three boys and their eye-rolling dad. I hit 5 stores, and wondered at how much I was able to accomplish in such a short time! It makes a difference when you don't have to worry about little ones, and strapping them in and out of their car seats one hundred times. It was just me alone time, and it was wonderful. I got 3 pretty summer shirts, and 1 pair of shorts. Two of the shirts I got, I'll have to sew up some holes since I don't have that much desire to show off my chest, but they're an easy fix. It's hard to find things that are flattering and modest! And I would have liked to have found one more pair of shorts. I like them to come just under my knee, but I hate Capris, so I guess its a weird length to find, hence the five stores. Then when I got home, there was a message on my phone about how Pat had signed up to clean the chapel early in the morning, which of course he never mentioned to me, or realized he had double booked us, and since Pat was CAMPING, I woke up early and went down to the church to clean it. I thought it was funny. Annoying, but funny.

When Pat and the boys woke up after what he tells me was a very windy night, they got everyone breakfast, and then everyone left camp, and Pat and the boys went straight to the boys soccer. Then I met them and took the boys home and Pat went with Brother Orozco to get firewood. As soon as the boys got home, I made them all bathe, and threw them all in bed for a nap. Then when they woke up, I made them clean up all the camping stuff everywhere until the house was clean again. I'm such a mean mom!

The camp out was in honor of the restoration of the priesthood. The church just put out this video about the priesthood that we really enjoyed:

Nuclear Energy Museum

Last week we went to the Nuclear Energy Museum with the homeschool group that Karisa and the boys do activities with from time to time. They just moved the museum from downtown to right next to where I work. I was able to take a long lunch and go through with them. They spent half the time on a tour and the other half in a class talking about types of matter, energy and static electricity. They got some really, really cool bracelets made out of beads that are white in normal light but turn all sorts of different colors when they are exposed to UV radiation. (I know that we've mentioned it before but sorry for our camera. The switch goes very easily to black and white and it's easy not to notice with our LCD currently broken so that we can't preview.)

Here's the whole group out in front before going in. It was a really, really sunny day (hey, this IS New Mexico):

Getting an introduction to the museum before splitting into two groups:

Discussing the periodic table of the elements. Some elements that were mentioned Calcium to make strong bones, Oxygen that we breathe, Carbon that is in the air we breathe out and Hydrogen that helps make water:

Sam and Evan went with Karisa while I was on the tour and in the class with Dallas. Here they are pushing buttons to make things move and then out in the sun looking at the airplanes:

Dallas and I worked on some puzzles after the tour and while waiting for our turn in the class:

At the end of the class we all got up to put our hands on the static electricity maker (not the official name) to make our hair stand up and if we wanted, to get shocked by the class teacher. It was really funny as each person made their way up the twenty five children in the class would all chant "Get Shocked! Get Shocked! Get Shocked!" and always cheer if the person decided to or let out a large collective groan if they chose not to:


Karisa decided that Bella was shaggy enough she was going to try to cut her hair. After watching a 3 minute tutorial online, she felt she had developed the skills necessary. It's a pretty good long as you don't get too close.



Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick update

Today we had an Asian theme going on with food and origami for art class, which my partner in crime Julie taught, since I checked out 5 books on origami and still couldn't figure out how to make a single thing to teach the kids. I'm more of a hands on visual learner, I guess. I learned how to cut those oranges though. Aren't they neat? We had Nani over too today.

I served the kids each a small plate like this for snack. The oranges were about the only thing that got touched. But A was glad to go home and tell his dad that he ate sea weed.

Yesterday I had to go into town and Sam wanted to come, but we said no, and then spying a CTR ring on the bench, he put it on, and said, "If you let me go, I will choose the right!"
So I let him come with me.
When we got in the car, I said, "We need some dancin' music!", and he started yelling, "Put it on 6!" meaning preset 6. I finally got to 6 and it was a great song, and I said, "Sam! I love this song! How did you know 6 was the right one?" and he punched his fist up, showing me his CTR ring, and said, "I choosed the right!"

This is a pasta salad that I can't get enough of lately. It is so good! A perfect lunch! And perfect for summertime, since there is nothing perishable in it. Below is the recipe!

Sun- Dried Tomato Pasta
Cooked pasta
Diced tomatoes
diced black olives
diced mozzarella cheese
chopped sun-dried tomatoes (in stay fresh pack)
about a spoonful of capers with juice
1 garlic clove, minced
red wine vinegar(I wouldn't substitute)
olive oil
salt and pepper

Toss and serve now or later.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Speech problems

My friend told me she thought maybe I should check Dallas as he has issues making some sounds. They are all typical things that he should have grown out of by now. So I went to our neighborhood elementary school, and had an evaluation done, and the lady said, "Yes, if he were in school we would definitely be working with him", and that she'd have me come back in towards the end of May, and I'm not sure why. Maybe a treatment plan?
But she has already told me that since he is not enrolled at the school, they would not be able to work with him, so I need to pay for therapy on my own. So we'll have to see about that. Maybe he'll attend school for first grade. I'm waiting to see what the therapist is going to say in May.
He did great in his meeting with her for his evaluation though. It seemed like she was testing his reading, comprehension, math skills, and everything else, along with speech. Weird.

Then we got back home, after picking up his brothers, and got to work on Dallas' piano, reading, handwriting, etc, and after that was all done, he started acting like a chicken, and I said, "I think you are the silliest boy on the whole earth." And he said (in his best chicken voice), "I may be silly, but I'm not contagious!", and had me busting up. What a silly boy.

Dallas and Sam's Soccer Games

So we've been doing soccer for four weeks now. The first three weeks the weather was absolutely terrible, too windy and cold the first week, snowing the second week and raining the third week. Last week was great and I got my first sunburn of the young warm season. Reminds me of my mission when everyone told me I looked like a tomato all the time, but I digress. Today was perfect. It sprinkled on the way there but remained overcast with no rain through both games. After the games were done it started to pour.

Sam's team won handily although Sam left with an injury just before half time and didn't want to go back in after that. Dallas and his team kept the game close but the other team scored some wind aided goals as the wind picked up just before the end of the game. Karisa held Evan after he got stung by a bee. Everything seemed to click for Dallas today, defending against the other team scoring, passing to his teammates and trying to get the ball from the other team. It was a fun, fun game.

I couldn't pick just a few of the pictures to put up here so I put them all into a slide show. Enjoy!

Rock Collecting

When I was young I loved collecting rocks. When Karisa dragged me into the hills for a walk with the boys on my last Friday off, I really, really didn't feel like going. Karisa jogged off in front with Dallas and Bella, so Sam and I sat in the road and started looking through all the rocks we could see. We found some really, really neat ones, including one with little tiny fossils in it! We got a nice big chunk of obsidian, and some other igneous rocks that I couldn't identify. One is a dull black rock that is really light but doesn't have any visible air bubbles like basalt has.

One neat thing about living where we do is that we have close access to some of the oldest rocks in the world. Up on the crest you can find rocks close to two billion years old. We're not high enough to get rocks that old but we can find some around 400 million years old. After finding our rocks we talked about how different rocks are formed. After we talked I pulled out my rock collection from when I was little and we looked at some of the other neat rocks that I have grabbed through the years.

Some of the metamorphic rocks that we found.

Three types of igneous rocks, the big one on top is obsidian.

Sam pointing to some fossilized critter in one of the rocks. Most of the imperfections that you see are actually bits of shell from long, long ago.