Thursday, June 25, 2009

Warning: Political stuff!

I am so angry at Gov. Sanford that I was yelling at the radio today! He was one of the few good politicians out there I THOUGHT. Seemingly uncorrupted by power and priviledge, I THOUGHT. Then for him to cheat on his wife, and let his family, state and country down in such a big way was a shock and huge disgrace. I do believe Satan concentrates his forces on the good, to bring them down, but still he had a choice. What an awful thing to do to his family. It's time we vote nearly everyone out and start over.
Other issues have been pressing on my mind as well, that I couldn't sleep, and have spent hours tonight, writing the President, senators, congressman, Susan Rice at the UN, etc. I am so tired of taking time to do this, but I can't assume someone else will do it for me, and I believe it is SO important for our country and that I can't sit on my hands and do nothing. I'm sharing it with you just because if you care about these things too you should call/email also. Cap and Trade is the most urgent. They are voting on it this Friday.
And not a word anywhere about it! It's a big hush hush!

Examples of some of what I wrote or the calls I made:

Please vote against Cap and Trade. The worst thing that could happen to our struggling economy would be to raise taxes on everyone with this huge power/money grab. I am tired of taking time from my children to fight destructive legislation that people try to sneak through while everyone's attention is focused elsewhere. Please stand up for the people and help reign government in!

Someone will have to pay for this universal health care that President Obama wants. It is a very bad idea on so many levels. Please do not continue to overburden the tax payers and employers by forcing this upon us. Medicare and Social Security are the examples of what government can do to take all our money and leave us with what??? Government does not make a competitive market. The quality of our health care will suffer. Think about the DMV and the post office! Furthermore, legislation like this makes an entitlement society. We tax payers cannot continue to pay for everyone who wants something for free. We feel that this administration is trying to push this through in a backhanded, untruthful way. Please stand up for the people of your country, and we will remember you when we vote.

I heard that Susan Rice and this administration wants to ratify the CRC (UN Convention of Rights of the Child). We strongly oppose this giving away of US sovereignty to the UN. Please represent the United States and her people to the world rather than bowing to this treaty. Just because it is widely accepted doesn't mean it is right. There is something unsettling about giving government, and the UN power to interfere with parental rights, especially when there is no proof of abuse or neglect of any kind. We the people of this country are free. We are not subjects to the government, and especially not to the UN. Parents have always had the right to raise their children in any way they see fit, as long as they are not abusing or neglecting them, and if they do, we already have measures in place to protect the children.
It is plain to see that this is dangerous, legislation because of what it might spell out in the future. Please do the right thing and defeat this intrusive, power seeking legislation/treaty. You could also co-sponsor SJRes 16 protecting parental rights. Our countrymen have fought and died for our freedom throughout our nations history. Please do not legislate that away!

I'm sorry if I offend anyone, or if this sounds weak to you, but I'm doing the best I can and this is what I truly believe. And the weak things shall be made strong. I love my country!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here's the facts

Evan: Mom, do you know what Henry the Octopus' name is?
Me: No, what?
Evan: Mom, Henry the Octopus' name is Henry the Octopus.

(Amazing isn't he?)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tonight we had waffles for dinner (hey, we haven't been shopping for a while and we just had the basics, (powdered) milk, eggs, flour, sugar). I always thought that we, as children, argued that we should get infinity of something because it was a cool word. Now I know that that's not the case because my children don't know that word and yet are arguing similar ideas.

Dallas: "I got two waffles!"
Sam: "I want one thousand waffles!"
Dallas: "I'm going to eat nine thousand waffles."
Sam: "Is that more than one hundred?"
Dallas: "Yes."
Sam: "Is that more than one thousand?"
Dallas: "Yes."
Sam: "I'm going to have the end of numbers of waffles!"
Dallas: "There is no end to the numbers."
Sam: "Well, I'm going to have that many!"

I guess it's all about getting more than your brothers.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Thoughts On A Sunday Night

In church today Evan starting singing this song during the opening prayer, and would not stop. I'm not sure what you do in these situations since they're so cute but they really should be quiet when people are praying. Here's the reenactment when we got home (You can almost see how silly Sam is in the background):

The other night Evan came out of his bedroom and asked Karisa if she wanted some of his lotion. He apparently realized that he'd gotten too much:

Dallas is one of the funniest people I know. We were all eating dinner when a huge gust of wind full of dust blew by the house. Dallas was outside and blew by in the silliest manner possible. This doesn't catch the spontaneity of his original act but gets most of the idea:

Last night Evan came out and told me he was scared. I asked him if he wanted me to lay with him and said yes. I was laying with him for a while talking to him and eventually told him that I was tired and needed to go to sleep. He gave me a stern look and said "That's okay Daddy, but you need to do that in YOUR bed." He's turning three in about a week, it's amazing how fast they get old.

After I got out of the shower the other day I was combing my hair while Sam looked on. I told him that my hair was getting long and I'd probably need a haircut soon. He said "Yes you do. If your hair gets any longer you'll be a girl!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boys mean trouble

This was a perfect stick of butter that I set out to soften.

(Sorry it's sideways) These are the footprints of a boy who was told to leave his shoes outside because they were muddy. Instead he walked to the bathroom, and washed them in the sink, covering the whole bathroom in mud.
I don't know if you can see this, but this wall is covered in scribbles. Dallas did some over a year ago when the top bunk was his bed. Now Sam sleeps there, and I see "SAM" written in several spots, along with scribbles everywhere. How am I going to magic eraser this off without getting into the top bunk myself? The last time I did that, the whole family laughed at me because I couldn't get out.

Last Christmas I got a letter from some friends of ours who, when talking about their boy, stated it perfectly...
I quote, "The one advantage to this behavior (ie. destructive), is that he has rid us of any unrighteous desires for worldly possessions; he has destroyed any we had and would destroy any we bought."
Amen to that Abshers. We think about you often, and miss you guys!

Special Olympics

I signed up our family some months ago to volunteer during Special Olympics. Here's some pictures of the two day weekend event. Everything was touching and made me cry, because I come from a family of cry babies, but seeing some of the children run... yes, well... and seeing the police run in with the torch..., and everyone trying so was just a great weekend. They found things that we could do like passing out programs, serving food to the athletes and families, and the second day we were just to watch and cheer and help fill up the stands. Dallas really wished he could race.

Volunteers weren't supposed to eat but they had so much food that they wanted us to eat some. So we all got a free dinner. Rudys makes GREAT BBQ! We'll take Daddy Pat/Papi there if he ever comes to visit, so he can give a more educated opinion on the subject.

Dallas resting.

Handing out programs while being really silly.

Everybody loved the cute boys at the gates with the programs.

End of school mania

We've been caught up with the excitement of school being done, and having too many things to do all at once. Everyone wonders why they volunteer for so much, and I have been wondering the same with my family's needs and church callings. Primary has a full schedule of songs to learn, and Fathers Day and Pioneer Day coming up that we are singing for. That means I have to come up with props to help the children learn the songs which takes a lot of time. Plus I volunteered to help the young women with a big production (The Ten Virgins Parable from the Bible), that they just performed and did a wonderful job on (yea for them!!!), and I just got asked to do the food for girls camp this year. The catch (that I found out later-he he) is that they have no cooking facilities- at all. No refrigeration, no stoves, no electricity, etc. So it's gas camping stoves, or maybe fire pits, but I'm not even sure we're allowed to do that. I've got to come up with menu ideas that I can cook for 150 to 30 people depending on the day. Quick. Any help would be appreciated! It's pretty hilarious since our camp stove can boil one pot of water at a time and that's it.

Here's some pictures of some crafts we did at the library, and our end of school year party with my friend Julie's kids. I only got one picture- not too great. But they had a ton of fun making and then breaking the pinata, and they also got to jump on the trampoline at Julie's house with a sprinkler underneath. Fun party!
And the cemetery pictures are from Memorial Day when we cleaned up the local cemetery. Cemeteries here are quite different from the green grass ones back home.

Swimming lessons

Soccer ended this last Saturday, and Sam said he wasn't going to play soccer "ever, ever again!"
"Never?", I asked.
"Never!!!!", he said in his best pirate voice.
Dallas, of course is all for more soccer, the next time it rolls around.

Now we are taking swimming lessons. I was going to skip these, but Pat said he loved taking swim lessons, and since they are only two weeks long, I gave in. I am regretting it now though. I never had swimming lessons growing up. At some point we just got a pool, and I spent all summer there and I learned well enough to be on the swim team in high school and the water polo team. Okay, I was the worst person on both of those teams probably, but I didn't drown when guys who looked like they were in college pushed my head under water and swam over me towards the goal. Nope. I'm still alive.

The point of that was, maybe a pool would have been a better solution than 30 minutes in the water every day, with the pressure on. "Put your face in the water", "blow bubbles", "walk like a crocodile/crab", just don't cut it for Sam and Evan. But the teenage teachers are doing their best. Sam pretends to do everything, while keeping his head high above the water the whole time (which defeats the purpose of all those exercises), and Evan tries his hardest to obey and comes up choking and crying and I'm afraid they're not going to want to return.
Today Sam asked me, "How many more times do we have to go to swim lessons?" Plus it is really far away from our home, and the teenagers, are, well teenagers. All the girls are wearing bikini's now with the really low hips, and have belly rings, and are constantly having to fix their suit while instructing the class. Is a one piece to much to ask for an instructor/life guard? Those girls all have decent bodies, but they look awful in their suits, which do nothing to flatter their figures. But what can you do when there are all those cute male teachers with you, right?

Dallas on the other hand LOVES swim lessons. He's in a different class and I have to watch him from the little pool where I'm watching Sam and Evan. Dallas goes under water a lot and always has a smile on his face. The only thing he told me he needs to work on is opening up his eyes underwater. He says his teacher wants them to look under water at how many fingers he (the teacher) is holding up. Dallas said, "I always say zero, but my teacher always tells me I'm wrong." Dallas and I busted up laughing over that one.

I wish Grandpa and Grandma were still here and we could go spend a week at Thousand Trails, mostly in the pool, like always. Those were good times.