Saturday, March 28, 2009

Evan asleep

I told Evan to take a nap, and found him asleep in his room like this.


This year hasn't been one for much snow, so we were glad to get some! (Pat pushing Dallas, and Bella LOVES the snow. Problem is it gets stuck in her fur, and the only fix is to let it melt.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Come on! How can you not celebrate St. Patrick's Day when your husbands name is Patrick?
We did better this year. I only used dye in the shamrock cookies. The boys found the leprechaun's treasure! And I made my Green Minestrone soup. Delicious! You sautee onion and chopped up bacon and then add chicken broth and one entire bunch of asparagus chopped, and zucchini, and any other green veggies you like. Cook some noodles in it too and serve with parm cheese.

Get Better Soon!

We were making a paper chain to take to our old bishop since he just had open heart surgery. On each of the strips of paper, we had the kids write things like Get Better Soon and then we stapled the chain together.
Sam left out just a couple letters:


The top picture are the pyramids we made out of sugar cubes. Sugar cubes are so pretty! The next pictures are a trip we made to a turquoise museum and the boys each got a piece of turquoise. I took pictures of the turquoise they had behind the glass and then got in trouble because I guess you can't take pictures of it? Interesting.

Dallas is taking a theatre class for a few weeks and it's pretty boring to watch a bunch of shy 6 year olds acting out a story. But it's fun introducing kids to the theatre. We went to see a fun show where real actors came from New York and acted out 6 children's books with dancing and singing, etc. It was very cheap and fun, and I hope it sinks into the kids. I've always been in love with dancing, singing and all that.


Our closest neighbors both have horses. They spend a long time by our fence and they are so pretty!
I am so excited to see my flowers growing and green stuff coming up out of the ground! Spring! Of course I am battling the gophers again. They are awful out here and have eaten lots of my trees and plants until they just blow over because they have no roots left. Uugghh!!! I want to try a garden this year, but it's going to require so much work.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Check out
Glenn Beck started this. More about it on the Beetlebabee blog that you can click on from my blog too. It's really neat!

Funny Commercial

We were watching something on television the other day and they had a commercial for a cruise liner that had a big water slide on it. They showed several people going down the slide and Sam was absolutely fascinated. The spokesman said near the end of the commercial "It will have someone screaming like a little girl. That someone is you!" At which point Sam's eyes go really big and he said (quite loudly) "Me?!?!?"

At this point Karisa and I started laughing really, really hard. Sam got embarrassed and wouldn't talk to us for the next little while.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

School stuff

I haven't had much to write about. I've been so busy with school stuff. And all of my family except me has had the flu this whole last week. I found a home school group up here that is Christian, and seem really well organized with field trips, theater, etc... So I am going to meet with them for the first time this week and see if I like it or not. Soccer starts this month also and for the first time Sam and Dallas will play, officially making me a soccer mom, and I don't even know how I feel about that. We dropped gymnastics for money issues and because I had such bad "morning" sickness back then, and so now we wanted to replace it with something for the kids to get some exercise.

Sam has really wanted to read and do handwriting too, so I do that with him everyday when I do it with Dallas. I need to do better at having them memorize things, and also at visiting people so that they can learn to serve and just TALK to people!!!

We've been doing lots of art stuff. Mostly cut and paste and practicing staying in the lines, etc. But we made these colorful chains with all the colors from the color wheel, and made these stained "glass" windows which I think were both really neat.

My friend Julie has been doing excellent science projects, with our kids that have been very interesting. We've recently made cheese, and saw what an egg immersed in vinegar does (really gross), made invisible ink, and so much more.

In history we've been learning about the Egyptians, and Sumerians and how they invented writing and what they used to do, and where they used to live.

Sam and Dallas (posing retarded) with their clay tablets, and that green bowl is full of stuff (bark, toilet paper, lint, etc to try to simulate what the first paper (papyrus) was made out of. The paper turned out really thick, we must not have done something right. But we got the point. He he.

This has luckily (I didn't plan it) corresponded with our study of the Old Testament every day. Dallas can find on a globe where the Nile river is, where Africa and Egypt are, where Mt. Sinai is (where Moses talked with Jesus and got the 10 commandments) where the fertile crescent is, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers are, and where the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, where the Red Sea is that Moses and the Israelites crossed when fleeing Egypt, and where the promised land is when they finally were allowed to enter (Jericho- where they yelled and the walls fell down), and that this is the area where Jesus lived later and where Israel still is today.

It is all so interesting to me, and fun to see Dallas enjoying it. He might forget all this someday since he's only in Kindergarten, but maybe not. He sure loves history so far.

The kids "built" themselves a "Magic Tree House" as they call it. I have yet to figure out what is magic about it, and what is 'tree' about it, but they spend a lot of time in there everyday now that it has started to warm up a bit.

I actually had some friends invite me over for Karaoke recently and it was really fun. I can't believe I've never done that before. It made me happy. I've been feeling a bit sad lately. But it is always underneath. I've been staying very busy as you can tell, and really having a great time as the chorister in primary too, which keeps me really busy. But I'm just worried about a lot of things right now. I'm trying to "Come what may, and Love it!" Maybe I need more girl time. But I feel like I've gone out a lot recently, so who knows. I sure admire all the women in my ward and wish I was closer to a lot of them. I have a doctor's appointment this week to try and see why I've lost my last 3 pregnancies, and what if anything can be done.

Sometimes I just really miss my old friends, and my family. And I really wish I could go back to Chile for a year with my kids, but we can't figure out how to do that with Pat's job, unless I leave him for a year. If I did leave him for a year here, I'd probably come home to find him welded to his computer from spending so much time staring at it. It's baseball season again. Yea.
Time to Smile and get back to it!!