Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tea Party

On April 15th we went to the tax day Tea Party here in Albuquerque. We were a little worried about taking the kids with us, but ran out of other options so we brought them along, but it worked out. The crowd was very friendly, and where we stood had a park behind us, and they spent most of their time playing. I felt very strongly about attending this, as I am very worried about the direction my country is heading in.

The crowd was wonderful and the whole thing went off without incident. In fact there were thousands of us lining both sides of the street for several blocks, and we got most people honking their horns in support, so that the whole time we were there (3 hours) it sounded like a huge chorus of car horns. Just a bunch of great Americans concerned about ALL the politicians and the big spending that is going to come back to haunt us. I was happy to talk to republicans and democrats there protesting, and see all races represented, as well as all age groups. There were 80 year old grandma's and tons of teenagers. It was very encouraging and a very fun crowd.

There were lots of great signs and I wish I had gotten more pictures of them. One sign read, "When China won't invest in America...", and there were several people wearing old soviet union flag shirts. It was funny, except that it is becoming so true. When Obama was elected, I honestly wished him well, even though I did not vote for him. But I am shocked by his spending and socialist agenda. Why don't people see this huge power grab for what it is? Why don't people realize, that the more we expect government to provide for us, the more our taxes will go up to pay for it. The more power we grant government to control the private sector and our private lives, the more they can interfere with our freedoms. The debt from the stimulus packages is astounding. One great sign I saw said, "If you are not outraged, you're not paying taxes!" A government that has the power to give you everything also has the power to take it away. Obama says he's remaking America. It doesn't need remaking, it needs leaders and citizens returning to it's perfect foundation (The Constitution) already given to us by God. The silent majority will no longer be silent, for if we are, there will be no more America, and our freedoms will quickly slip away.

Some of these pictures came out black and white, because my camera is dumb. We all brought cans of pork n' beans to donate to food pantry's who feed the poor and don't receive monies from the government to do so. LIBERTY - ALL THE STIMULUS WE NEED! (you need to click on the picture to read the signs)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Some friends who are instructors for the NRA, have a shooting range out here, and invited us to come and try out several of their guns. I walked away being terrified of guns. They look so easy to shoot on tv, but even the tiny, stealth James Bond ones we tried packed an unexpected punch making it very hard to hit the target, and who can see where that bullet went anyway? They are so fast, and so scary. We were so glad for their kindness as this was our first introduction to guns and very educational! They were very patient with us!


Our Easter was very busy, and I won't do that again. General Conference last weekend was so wonderful, and I wanted to focus on that with remembering the Resurrection, but things got a bit busy. It was all fun, but there wasn't a moment for our family alone at all. Easter weekend we had soccor, grocery shopping, three parties (we only got to two) and of course all the church choir stuff, and I had most of the time in primary so I got to do lots of fun stuff as the primary chorister! Like I said, all fun, but a little too much. Well here's some recent pictures of activities with the home school group. We hunted Easter eggs, and had races and just a long fun day at the park.

Sam's friend

How fast can we eat candy?

Dallas in a 3 legged race with his friend.

Sam did the sack race, but then decided he'd had enough.

This was a couple days ago when we went golfing at an indoor miniature golf place with the group.

Walk in the woods

I love where we live because we only have to walk about 1/2 mile and we are in the wooded hills around our neighborhood. Today we went out and followed some trails we'd never taken. There are bears, mountain lions, and coyotes and lots of choya cactus, but the boys wanted to go, so we took our fearless dog with us as protection! So far the only thing she has ever attacked are our chickens, but she just plays with them, and never really harms them. (We keep them separate though, because the chickens don't think it's fun.)

Lots of people around us have horses or off-road vehicles which we saw evidence of on the trails, but we just took a short peaceful walk. At the end we ran into a neighbor out walking his dogs, and waved, and the boys kept a good eye on him, giving me updates every 3 seconds that he was still following us. Evan yelled out, "We have a sticker book!", which I'm pretty sure if the guy had heard it, would have frightened him the way it was supposed to. Don't mess with us.

Monday, April 6, 2009

One more thing on our shopping list!

I took all the boys to the store to do our two weeks grocery trip. A long list I had and a long battle to keep everyone together during the shopping trip. Sam and Evan laughed hysterically at who knows what the whole time. And Evan called out to people telling them things like, "Your cart is a bup, bup!" followed by hysterical laughter.
Nearing the end, I grabbed 4 gallons of milk, and as I was putting them in the cart, a nice older couple smiled down at my silly boys.
I smiled at them back. Then I announced, "Okay! Just one more thing and then we're done!"
And Sam (of course Sam) said, "Yep! Let's get the alcohol!"


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mom My Ride

Sam just spilled Gatorade all over the car today. One more thing....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Journal entry

Just to remind everyone, that I use my blog like a journal. Sorry it's not always interesting to everyone!
On Monday we went to Dallas' theater class. Since he's shy we tried to practice some of the stuff at home. So we played charades. We acted out things Sam and Dallas could read on slips of paper like: a chicken, cooking, dog, cat, Mom, sledding, chess, fishing, exercise, opera singer, etc. It was pretty funny. Then we started making up our own. We could never guess the kids things. (Well Evan just danced his little heart out. I've never seen his feet move so fast, but he had no idea what he was doing it for.)
After we gave up on guessing Sam told us he was jumping away from fire bugs that were throwing fire at him, and Dallas was hitting himself and twitching (plugging plugs into himself and getting electrocuted repeatedly). I don't know why those didn't occur to us. We aren't very good guessers.

Later this week we went down to old town Albuquerque for a tour with my home school group. I wish I had taken my camera. There were so many little alleys and things I didn't know about. Most all the buildings down there look very New Mexico in architecture, but they showed us how the original buildings were made out of adobe (mud bricks mixed with grass) and the walls are super thick because when it rained, they would add more and more mud on. Then most recently, they stucco-ed over it all so they wouldn't have the mud problem, and you have present day Old Town Albuquerque. I absolutely love it! It reminds me so much of the mission, probably because of the same Spanish/Indian influence. I was never a huge fan of southwest style/art, but living here in this landscape, it just fits. And not only that, it becomes beautiful.

Dallas has been learning chess and he would play all day long if I let him. Once again we are equally matched. (Pat's been teaching me simultaneously because I never learned. But I really like chess.) We went to a Senior Center today to see if there were any old guys willing to play Dallas regularly. But they said to come back when Dallas turns 60. I guess we'll try the library.

And today we finished the Book of Mormon as a family. But it was really cool, because in our Old Testament study (just me and the boys in the mornings) we read about how the Jews had been killed and carried away by the Babylonians, but not before Lehi and his family left Jerusalem, being warned of God. Hence... the Book of Mormon begins! And since we just finished it, we are lined up perfectly to start the Book of Mormon over again tomorrow, reading about when Lehi and his family left Jerusalem! Aren't you excited!!!!!!!!! Not enough??????? Well then let me tell you that our history lesson today was about the Babylonians and their king and how they came about! So don't you see how it all intertwines??? The Babylonians swoop in and destroy Jerusalem and everything we just read about in the Old Testament!
It's just so neat how this happens, and I don't think it is just by coincidence. It's like when you do your best, God makes up the difference.
I love how this stuff happens and I don't plan it, and Dallas gets it!