Monday, July 27, 2009

Fortune cookies

We got some Chinese food a few nights ago, and Dallas was the first to open up his fortune. It read:

God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.

Okay... that's not really a fortune, but.... whatever. Dallas was just confused.
(We could laugh and add 'in the bathroom' onto the end at least.)

Then Evan opened his fortune and pretended to read it as follows:

God broke my heart.

I think he was upset when we laughed really hard at his fortune.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Snake fight

Dallas went out to get the chicken eggs, and came running to me and said that a snake was eating the eggs. So I went out, and sure enough a 4 foot long bull snake was in the chicken coop and had it's mouth wrapped around one of the chicken's eggs. The chickens kept walking calmly into the house, and then they'd see the snake and run out squawking, and 1 minute later, it was like they forgot, and they'd go calmly back in and get the snake shock as if for the first time, as run out squawking again. They did this so many times, it was really stupid and funny.

I didn't want to kill this snake because I know he's harmless, even though he hissed a lot and rattled his tail, PRETENDING to be a rattlesnake, and I know he eats gophers and I am on a mission to kill all gophers.

So I got a shovel and got him off the egg and shooed him away. He ignored me after a while and came back and wrapped his mouth around the egg again while I stood there and watched.

So then using the shovel I picked him up and put him into a bucket. Just as I was about to put the lid on.........HE JUMPED COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BUCKET IN ONE MOVE!!!!!

That terrified me and Dallas. And what did he do next? Went right back in that chicken house and wrapped his mouth around the egg again.

So I decided he had to DIE. He obviously knew where the eggs were now, and was going to come back. Summoning all my courage, I stabbed him as hard as I could with the shovel right on his neck. Now I know from experience that killing snakes is like killing a chicken... they'll keep moving a long time. So as his tail wrapped around my shovel and flailed everywhere I kept a firm hold. After ten minutes I was tired and thought- he must be nearly headless by now, and I lifted the shovel slowly and he slithered into a corner looking completely unharmed.

Now I'm really spooked. Pat was out getting scrap sod for our yard and so I sat waiting for him for 1 hour never taking my eyes off the snake because I didn't want to lose him. I called animal control and they didn't care. I called another animal place while I waited, thinking surely someone wants this snake to live right? That place called me back 2 days later.
Meanwhile, the snake goes again and wraps it's mouth around the egg!!!! This time I let him. Soon Pat and Joey show up, and Pat just reaches into the chicken house and grabs the snake like he's grabbing a soda, and they put him in the bucket, no problem, and Joey takes him home.

In the end, WE ate the egg. After all, I fought a snake for it!

Girls Camp

I learned my lesson about doing the food for girls camp. I'll just say, that once I GOT to girls camp everything went smoothly, beautifully, and wonderfully. The skits were hilarious, and the firesides were exactly the spiritual boost I needed and the girls were great! I had my own tent and I love sleeping in tents, so I caught up on my sleep in all my spare moments. Everyone loved the food. Yea Yea!!

At home, BEFORE girls camp, I was pricing, and buying tons of food, and then I was cooking 7 gallons of sauce, 360 meatballs, 20 batches of spaghetti, 10 batches of brownies (and then I individually wrapped them), cutting up fresh fruit and vegetables for 120 people, frying 240 pieces of bacon, etc, etc, etc. I went completely loopy berserk. I was angry and I was crying. I thought I would try becoming inactive. And I'm not kidding. And I had 3 boys who got very ignored and I felt very helpless. I was up most of the night before the morning I had to leave, finishing the food, with only Pat to help me. Yes, people had offered to help, but I didn't need help until 10pm-4am. It's hard to plan things when you've never done it before. (I did mention that in the future I think this is a job for at least 3 people.) Or maybe someone who has less demands on their time, or just has things more together than me.

But like I said, once I got up there, they took such good care of me, and carried all of my 20 or so coolers, and set up my tent, and took it down, and put more oil in my car, and all the other stake leaders manned all the stations and during most of the meals I just stood around receiving all the praise.

Pat had asked his younger brother Eric to come and visit him, so while I was at camp, there was a truly boy weekend going on at home. They played games non-stop, except for when they swam. Eric was happy to play with the kids and did a good job with them, and Pat and I even got to go on a date! Attached are some pictures of a hike we took him on the night before he went home.

How not to visit teach...

Went visiting tonight some of the other women in our ward (church congregation). One had her granddaughter with her and I used to have her as a primary girl. She mentioned her uncle, and as I though fondly about the times I had met him, I said, "Where is your uncle? What's he up to?" There was an awkward pause, and I suddenly thought out loud, "He passed away. I went to his funeral (last year). I'm sorry."

Yes I am a complete bonehead. It didn't make it any better that my companion (the lady that does visits with me) has just lost her husband in a plane crash here close.

I am so....... ugghhh!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pink Panther Speech Therapy

This video shows exactly how well I'm doing with speech therapy for Dallas. We end our sessions with this line from Pink Panther because it makes us laugh. (Dallas and I fixed a couple things, but I can't get him to say an "s" or "z" sound correctly, and most "r" sounds aren't quite right. Trouble is, at the local school, they said since he reads so well, they'd have to make up some story about him being bullied on the playground in order to treat him. Really?!?)

Love's First Steps

Karisa hasn't written for a while, we've been busy. On the way home from work today I listened to this song all the way home. I always half tease Karisa that this is our song. Before we get into that some background first.

At my house growing up we were enslaved by my parents on an early morning paper route. It was the family duty to help with that. My parents would collect new adjoining paper routes whenever they came available. It didn't really matter, when you're already up at 3:30 in the morning what's another 15-20 minutes of work? When I got home from my mission I was recruited once again...the price I paid for living at home while going to college. Since I was the oldest I got to drive and my younger siblings were subjected to my music. Since I was into Spanish music that's what we listened to. I only had three Spanish albums on tape that we could listen to (Enrique Iglesias "Cosas del amor", Chayanne "Atado a tu Amor" and Alejandro Sanz "Mas") so they heard Enrique all the time. Back then this was a neat song with no special meaning.

Then I started dating Karisa. Have you ever been in love with someone that didn't return those feelings? This is a song that reminds me of those tentative steps when you don't know what reaction you're getting brings back all the fear and the exhilaration. Karisa tried to break up with me a dozen times while we were dating. Each time I talked her out of it I was hoping for a greater reward but knowing as well that I was increasing the pain should it end badly. For those of you who have loved and won, this song's for you.

For those of you who have loved and lost, it's probably more in tune with the tone of this song...this song's for you too.

I've include a partial translation that I've done but one quick note on translations. English is a great language but Spanish is far superior (in my opinion) in catching all the nuances of love. You can say lots of things in Spanish that sound really silly in English. In other words this translation even though it may tell you what the song says doesn't really capture the feeling.

Russian Roulette by Enrique Iglesias

Tell me, ice princess, where are you going?
You are so cold that you burn me.
You are my relief and what makes me hurt,
although you ignore it I'm not made of stone.

I look for your soul, who knows where it could be!
(My fugitive, my jailor)
You kill me and bring me back to life.
Play with me, do with me what you will.
Ready, Aim, Fire! Is it yes or no?

Your majesty, what am I?
Somthing to throw away or to use?
Loving you is like playing
Russian Roulette.
How can I love you?
Your Majesty, what was I?
A puppet, an excuse...
Loving you is like losing
at Russian Roulette.
How can I win you?
How can I love you?

I throw away the towel and get back on my feet,
seeing me wounded you lose your mind.
I can't go on from so much begging,
and dancing to the tune that you play for me.

I want to soften you and there is nothing to be done.
Your heart is like a rock.
You want my life? Take it from me now,
I am all yours, let me hear you ask for it.

Ready, Aim, Fire! Is this love?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Boy

Pat reminded me of some funny things Dallas said.
When we were at the roller coaster park he said, "I've always dreamed of coming here!"
He'd never known it existed before, and we busted up laughing at him though we knew he was completely sincere. It was just so cute!
And at the 4th of July party he said, "This is the best day ever!"
What an enthusiastic happy boy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!

I am a very patriotic person and felt sad to not have anywhere to go for the 4th of July this year. And then I realized that I like having people over, so why not have a party here? My neighbor Toni had just kindly given us her big pool since she is moving (ugh!!), so we called a few people, and once we got to 25 we stopped calling since we couldn't feed anymore and I had a couple neighbors who said they might stop in. I was starting to get overwhelmed. It took a full week to get the house and yard cleaned and pool set up and ready, and lot's of back breaking work. Here's a snake Pat found when he was moving some wood. We're saving it for you Steph.
When it was time for the party to start, the sky darkened and dumped so much rain on us for about 45 minutes that everyone had a hard time coming up our road. And it was supposed to be a swim party! Instead there was mud everywhere. About 6 kids/teenagers braved the weather and swam anyway, even though it was really cold. And our neighbor Warren came which made me so happy! He's real easy to get along with and I was glad he could join the party. Here's Pat driving his tractor and Warren riding on it while smoothing out the ground for the pool a few days before the party.
The kids of course had the best time swimming, playing in the sandbox, playing with playdough, basketball, laser guns, and doing fireworks. I made Pat read a short essay from a 6th grader that I had clipped out of a magazine about our great country, and all in all I think the party went really well even if I didn't get my dance contest. (It was going to be an UN-Talent dance contest by the way.) It was a good mix of people of all ages. We made lots of fried chicken that turned out good thanks to Pat's mom's recipe. And everyone brought delicious food. My mexican rice was the only thing that didn't turn out. Yuuucckk!! Where did I go wrong? So here's a few pictures. There was one firework that would never end, and Jen and Julie were hilarious as always with their ooo's and ahhh's.

Dallas, Avery, Hiroko, Rachel, Casey

Running up and down the driveway.

The greatest fireworks show on earth!

Catching up 2

My friend Ruby actually came all the way out to the middle of nowhere to see me! I got to meet her husband for the first time and was so happy to know him since he's a great guy. And her grandma came too who knows me well since I spent a lot of time at her house in high school, and she was a lot of fun to talk with again. Ruby shares my weird sense of humor. We did a lot of crazy things like throwing carrots on woody boy's lawn, and walking the streets in weird clothes like we needed help, and making funny videos, lots of dancing, and I could go on and on. Since she won't give me her helicopter picture, here's one from a long time ago, on graduation day.

Funny story: She was using the GPS to get here and it had her go all wrong, and she called me and said, "I'm looking at a old wood fence on one side of the road, and a barbed wire fence on the other side", as if this would help me to know where she was!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Catching up 1

Dallas: "I officially will not obey your command."
This is his reply to me when I told him to go to sleep. I told him thanks for making it official. We laughed.
We've been on lots of field trips recently with our homeschool group. We went to a newstation, to an old Mexico place called Casa San Ysidro in Corrales, to tour a fun ice-cream store, and to Cliffs roller coaster park here in Albuquerque. I like these pictures because they show Dallas and Sam's current personalities. Dallas went on all the scariest rides with Pat. Sam, well you can see the looks on his face. He's trying to have fun.
This was a kids ride that dropped from up high and would bounce down in a series of drops.