Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling tired, but happy

This weekend we had our 2nd annual ward chili cookoff, and Elders Quorum put it on which means we did a lot of work since Pat is the EQ pres. Our bishop kindly let us use their house again, which has the best yard to do relay races/sack races, ultimate frisbee, etc for the little kids and lots of other outdoor games for the bigger kids/adults. (I didn't win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy, even though I thought my chili was rockin' good!) We had a great turn out and I think everyone had fun. I just walked around serving and helping, because I always want people to have a good time and I always think, would I want to be at this activity? But towards the end, I ran out of steam and I just sat and talked and weakly waved goodbye to people as they headed home. Then I got home and looked to see if any part of my house did not look like it had gone through a hurricane. I finally found a spot. There is one clean closet.
As far as the games: Dallas won all three races for his age group, and Sam ran at the wrong time accidentally and was so upset/embarrassed that he wouldn't run when it actually was time, so he missed out on everything. Poor guy. He's just sensitive like his mother. Today he got a gushing nosebleed at church, and was thoroughly embarrassed again with all the attention. People couldn't help it though, since his shirt was covered in blood, and it looked pretty alarming.

My kids, still tired from last night, were behaving horribly today at church. I was extra patient with them, because I knew I had asked a lot from them yesterday. Evan and Sam kept fighting, Evan screamed and cried for a drink and then when I took him out to get one, he refused to walk and refused to drink, and so after 15 minutes of him wearing me out, I took him back into the meeting and he started crying so loud again that Pat had to stand up immediatly and take him out. Then when he got back he spent the rest of the meeting laying on the floor in the isle with an attitude. He started picking his nose (in front of everyone) and I told him to stop and only do that in the bathroom if he had to, and then to spite me he would not stop, and started wiping whatever microscopic bits he got on the carpet for all to witness and then digging for more. Then for the closing prayer Sam decided to try to hit everyone and I held his arms down softly, but firm enough that he couldn't continue to swing at people, and during the quiet of the prayer he says loudly, "Stop hurting me!"
(I have nothing more to say on the subject of church today.)

When we got home, Pat decided to make some cookies. The paddle for our mixer has been missing, and when Pat remembered, he figured he would just give up and not make them. Dallas chimed in, "I know where it is Daddy! It's outside!", confused Pat watched as Dallas looked for it outside. Dallas couldn't find it, but Sam eventually did. Buried in mud.
Doesn't everyone keep their kitchen utensils out back packed in mud?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dallas in school

We have put Dallas in public school for this 1st grade year because he needs speech therapy, and there is a 6 month waiting list to pay for it ourselves (and paying for it doesn't sound so great to me).

I'll tell you more about it when I'm sure what's going on over there. School has been in for 2 weeks here, and his first grade class has 30 students!!! Not impressed. I like his teacher, but she said they are hiring another, and then they'll split the two first grades into three, and I'll have to re-evaluate at that time if it gets any better and if we'll continue or not. Dallas is fine either way. He's having fun at school, but the work is, I guess, what I should have expected it would be... and how could his teacher possibly see to his needs with that many kids?
Where is the GATE classes we had when I was in school? It doesn't exist here. Dallas is in chapter books, and they are reading 5 sentence stories! It is driving me bonkers. What little he does learn, I could teach him in 5 minutes (like sentences end with a period), instead of him being gone 6 hours!

Anyway, he made a friend the first day, but now he hangs out with different people and I asked him today who he played with at lunch. He said a group of boys. I said what did you do? He said, "We went around catching girls and putting them in jail, and I was the best because I could hold four girls!"


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sam's Bird Eggs

Happy 5th Birthday to Sam! We had a family party this year, and went to a jumping place together (see video clip). My sister got him a trip to Build-a-Bear. He got to pick out the bear, clothes, stuffing amount, heart, sound, etc. I LOVE the bear he made. He picked clothes that were not together and came up with this builder bear. Really cute. We had just come from a fun church activity where Sam had snuck so much candy that he threw up in the parking lot of the mall. He felt much better after all the candy ooze was out of him and luckily he didn't do it in the mall.

I made his castle cake since he's been into knights and castles lately, and he got some plastic knights and horses to play with. Pat got him a rocket that they went and shot up out in the front yard. It went very high, and when the parachute came out, it floated far away, but we found it in our neighbor's yard so we can shoot it again later. I got Sam a watch that he wanted, and Pat got him some new shirts and underwear. The clothes were in three different packages, and they were the first ones Sam opened, and each time he saw clothes, he said, "Awww, that's not what I wanted!" It cracked us up. By the third package (the underwear) he said a very UNenthusiastic, "Thank you", as if this was the worst birthday anyone had ever had. It was great. Grandma got him a gift card, and he picked out a truck that carries tractors and a piggy bank with that. He has been very happy and knows everyone has been thinking of him and loves him! Evan keeps wondering when it's his birthday again...
The unstuffed, undressed bear.

The finished product.

You get the idea. This went on for a couple of hours until all the boys were dripping with sweat.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Arts n' Crafts

We mostly took a break from everything over the summer, but these are a few of the art projects the kids did. Evan tried to write his name on the orange tree. I can find the E, V, two A's, and a sideways N. Can you?

Saving Money

The other day, Pat was backing out of the driveway, and ran over Dallas' bike which he had left right behind the car. It is totaled.
We've been trying to teach Dallas to save his money (like the money he just got from the tooth fairy) and that way he can buy better things, or keep it for more important things.

So after Dallas saw his bike he commented how he is going to start saving all his money until he can afford to buy a new bike. That's a good idea, we told him. It may take a while, but it's worth it."
"Yes", he said, "And it's a good thing I still have a lot of teeth left!"

(I guess besides his birthday, that's the only time he ever gets money!)

Evan is finally starting to potty train. Well actually he's been peeing and pooping in the toilet since he turned two, but saw no need to make a habit of it. He's been three now for a couple months, and that is the latest of any of my kids. (He's really milking the baby of the family status.) So as much as I don't want to deal with the poop in the underwear, I am doing it. Yesterday he was accident free, including the night, and this morning he woke up again dry, and is doing good! We bought him new Spiderman underwear, and told him Spiderman does NOT want to be pooped on! (Lacey's idea) Once when Evan messed his pants, Pat just took the underwear and made a big deal out of throwing it away because Evan had pooped on it, so he couldn't have it anymore. Y0u know, if you buy cheap underwear, they cost about as much as pull-ups, and I think pull-ups was our downfall. I had never used them with the other boys, and I made a mistake using them with Evan. They are a crutch, and an expensive one. Since switching to underwear last week, he has improved dramatically. Yea!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is a picture of our Honda's odometer just before I sold it. I did manage to get it to 200,000 miles before getting rid of it. It just had too many issues to fix. I was going to drive it to the ground but found someone willing to give me some money for it and another friend that had a beat up car (missing inside door panel, a few dents on the outside) that runs great for pretty cheap. The combination was too much to resist and I am now the proud new owner a 1995 Lexus Sc400.

Karisa tells a funny story about how I got the new car. She says she came home from girls camp and Viola! we suddenly had a new car and there was no communication before that ever. I'll let that story stand since it's partly true and it makes me laugh.

We're going to miss our Accord. It was Karisa's car before we were married. It passed 100,000 miles on the way home from our honeymoon. We had a lot of fun with it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Socialized Healthcare

I have been interested in politics and listening to what is going on out there with our elected officials since I was 18. I have never felt like America and her free people were being assaulted from a hundred different directions at once, like I do now. It is alarming what is going on. It has made me get on the phone, on the computer, and show up in person.
PLEASE DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO STOP HEALTHCARE FROM PASSING. If you don't know enough about it to feel comfortable calling/writing, then learn!

Please contact your rep's. Do the work. Find out who they are. It's not hard. If Obama and the far left liberals pass healthcare there will be no going back and government will stand in between us and our doctors and make decisions for our healthcare. They have promised to force it through using whatever means necessary. See BeetleBabee's blog (to the right- top listing under friend and family) for some great posts on healthcare, including highlights from the actual pages of the bill. You will not believe the level of control they are seeking to grab. We will all pay in the end. (There is info on that blog about a march being organized for Sacramento if you live in California.)

I've called, and emailed my congressmen and senators. I will send letters too, and show up in person. It is that important.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's thoughts

We went for a family hike this evening after dinner through the hills just behind our house. We came to a particularly steep downhill. Evan stopped at the top and was looking very nervous. I asked him if he wanted me to hold his hand. He said yes, then paused, then continued "But Daddy, don't make me fall!"

In church today the children sang a happy birthday song to Sam since his birthday is coming up. I asked him after dinner if he thought it was fun, he said it was. I then asked if he was the only kid with a birthday this week, the only one that they sang to. "Yes, I was!" he said. "But there were two others too."

I bought some new games about a month ago. One of them is called Dominion, which I think is very fun. You can look it up if you want but Dallas beat me at that game for the first time today. He's getting pretty good at games. Another one that I picked up is called Agricola. We play that one less because the setup time is a bit longer. We last played it with Eric when he was here, Dallas won that game too.

Getting ready for School

On Friday our new school desks arrived. We wanted a place that was their own for working and keeping supplies and finished work. The boys got all their school stuff ready and put everything in the desks. Five times a day since then Sam has sat at the desk, opened his box, pulled out all the pencils, erasers and scissors and put them all back in again. Dallas wants to know why we can't start school now (Mom and Dad aren't quite ready yet) and Sam is just happy playing with everything and counting down to his birthday.

In the following picture Sam was very, very happy until I pulled out the camera at which point he put on his serious face. I eventually got him to give me a "I'll smile if you really want me to smile but I don't really mean it" smile.

Since we never seem to get Sam at his happiest on here, check out his Aunt Stephanie's blog...she has some videos of him when we went home for Christmas.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Final Countdown

(I just watched that 80's song on youtube. I miss the 80's.)

As shy as Sam is, he is REALLY excited about his birthday. How do I know? He woke up one morning but was still half asleep, and walked past me on the way to the bathroom, and said, with his eyes still closed, "Nine more days until my birthday."

And it has continued everyday since them. "Eight, Seven, etc." I don't even think about it until that time comes every morning when he lets me know how many days are left. He's really cute. His hair is long right now and he has half curls in the back. He wouldn't let me take a good picture though.

Moments Moms don't like

Everyone was playing normally until I heard a terrifying scream from Dallas coming from the room where he and Sam were playing.
I ran to the scene, knowing that this wasn't a normal "he hit me" cry.
I found Dallas with blood filling his mouth. He was freaking out and so was I.

Suddenly he spit out a tooth, and then I was really freaking out.

When he could talk, he told me that he and Sam's head collided and his tooth which wasn't even loose, was knocked out. (At least it was a baby tooth!)

He cried a lot, until I laughed and said, "Well at least the tooth fairy will have to come and give you money tonight." That really brightened him up! (This is going to make speech therapy harder- sighhhhhh.)