Thursday, October 22, 2009


With the prospect of maybe having some family pass through here in the coming weeks/months, I suddenly realized how old, ripped, uncomfortable, dirty and broken my two couches are. I have never purchased couches in my almost 9 years of marriage, because we have always gotten hand-me-downs, or garage sale/thrift store stuff. That's still how I buy most everything in my house. I just keep checking back and months (or years) later, the piece I need is found and I get a great deal. And it's great because I have 3 boys who destroy everything, so it's nice to not have invested real money, or care much about my furniture.

However, we are trying to finish our fireplace (yes, still working after a year...) and then we can finally paint over our destruction, and it would be nice to complete the living room with a couch that looked nice and matched finally too.

So I went shopping for a couch. Sorry SOFA. The hope of getting out for 400 was quickly snuffed out, as I learned the cheapest thing on the floor was about 600. I found a couch for that price that I kinda liked, durable, really well built, which may be why it looked like it was from the 70's and was orange.

I brought Pat back later after work, and in 1 second he dismissed my choice. He can't sleep on it, the arms are too high. Okay, I say, "Show me one that you like."
He picked ones with hardly any arm at all, just a tiny pillow thing which made up the arm. Those would be great for sleeping, I told him, but I need to lean my back against something. You know how I like to sit! (All this while, the saleslady is getting more and more annoyed with us, and especially our kids for having to sit on every single couch. They'd never been in a furniture store and kept telling me that they wished this was our house.)

Finally after searching the whole place we found a really comfy sofa we both liked. It was amazing. Like the stars aligned. This had never happened to us before. It was thrilling!

It was 800 dollars, with an almost 100 dollar delivery fee. I couldn't do it. I'm sad today, but not as sad as I would be if I had gotten it, knowing my food storage is severely lacking, and savings, and home repairs, etc. But, oh, the pain... I even went to a thrift store today with my fingers crossed, but no luck.

Then online that night we found the exact same sofa for 575.00 at a store in Ohio. Road trip anyone? Actually it had a 250.00 delivery fee which would still make it cheaper than the one here...hmmm.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Activities

I've had a cough for a week now that keeps getting worse every day. I played hooky from all my meetings at church today to get some extra sleep and while it felt good it didn't seem to help too much. Karisa and I have slept separately for the past three nights because I keep her up with my coughing. Evan stayed home with me and beat me in Candy Land a couple of times between naps.

We finished our fire pit a few days ago and today the wind was mild enough we got a fire going. We had trout cooked in tin foil and roasted marshmallows afterward for S'mores. Sam was a bit grumpy about having his picture taken.

When Sam was going to bed tonight he came out and told Karisa about his "Honkey Tonkey" (walkie talkie).

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week in Summary

Dallas finally lost his remaining top front tooth. He bit into his sandwich in school and he says it stuck in the cheese. With the tooth Sam knocked out and the other tooth he lost from getting hit in a face with a soccer ball (neither of which were loose at the time) he's missing three in a row on top. Here's his goofiest smile. All he wants for Christmas are his three front teeth (and a bicycle).

When we were at church today Sam and Evan were tired and fighting and wouldn't go to their classes. I was sitting in the foyer with them after unsuccessfully trying to get them to sit good in Priesthood. The primary was practicing their program in the chapel and we heard Karisa over the speaker system. Evan started yelling to his brother (at the top of his lungs) "Mom's in the speaker! Mom's in the speaker!"

We pulled out our Uno deck this week and played four games with our whole family. Evan won all four. Tonight he asked if we could play "the game he wins".

Dallas was writing a letter to my parents and in it he said "I hope we see you again." (Sorry Mom and Dad if you get this before the letter). It's hard living so far away from our families.

It's been a hard week. Everyone in our family is going through a flu and a cold in rotation. I think the kids are over everything (fingers crossed) although Sam will probably be sleeping with us tonight (again!) as his cough is almost gone.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A couple videos

We have nursery rhymes up in the boys room, Evan has *mostly* memorized them. My favorite part of the first one is Sam's interpretive dance in the background. Also note that that is not the camera jiggling, it is the boy. Dallas refused to be recorded.