Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is the best day ever!

Last night as it started to snow *again*, Dallas said, "I'm so happy when it snows. It's like little pieces of joy falling to the ground." (He said this to his Dad and it cracked me up because it's something I would say.)

I just feel like today is the best day ever!! We just had a great visit from Rick and Sunny and Dean for the last two days!! We really enjoyed having them visit and wish they would drive across the country more often. It was our first time meeting their son Dean. Dean is the most easy going baby, and soooooo cute!! (He even was sick and throwing up while he was here, and was still in good spirits MOST of the time.) He is definitely a keeper. (As in I may keep him myself, thank you very much!)

I am starting to cough slightly less, and have a bit of a voice!!! (Although Evan did just come down with our eye infection.) It snowed a ton last night and it is beautifully sunny today!! Pat is home, and was able to sled with the boys!! And have snowball fights!! I just made rolls!! I shoveled the front walk!! We have a warm fire and we just watched three episodes of Avatar- The Last Air Bender, which we love!! We cleaned up the Christmas mess last night!! We did a ton of school work today and it was so fun- reading, handwriting, work books, history, math and art all because we enjoy it and it only took a couple hours!! I can just see the kids countenances lightening as they learn and do good!! I LOVE doing school at home on my own watch and not having to rush kids out the door to school. If that makes me weird, too motherly or crazy, then so be it. I am not looking forward to school starting again. The cold, the rush, the constant shuttling to and from, blah, blah... and missing the best part; being with my kids and actually knowing what they're doing all day!!!

I just love a day like today. All the family together. Accomplished a lot, and played a lot, and just feeling happy! I wish every day were like today!!!
My shoveling job, early in the morning before the sun came out.
D trying to shovel, and the sun it emerging!
Sam's super icicle!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!!

Our dog Bella, wishing she was a new Christmas present like last year. She loved sleeping under the tree where the boys couldn't attack her.
I had a small window of 3-4 days where I wasn't sick to do shopping, mailing of packages to family, school stuff with our friends, the party for Dallas' class, and the Christmas program at church. The two weeks before that and the entire week of Christmas after that, have been nothing but sick. Miserably sick. All week Pat and I have been trying to see who can cough up a lung first, and yesterday he went to get eye drops since we both woke up with our eyes sealed shut. We are thinking of lighting a ring of fire around our home so no one will ever come in contact with us again both for our safety and theirs. Yesterday I spent the whole day washing every blanket/pillow case, and disinfecting everything I possibly could AGAIN.

I never got plates of goodies, or the ornaments Dallas helped me make to anyone at church or any of my neighbors which made me really sad, because I love to do that. But by some miracle I decided the Sunday before Christmas (before I got sick) to send out cards, and actually got them out to most everyone. I didn't make them cute like all my scrapbooking friends, and yet it was still a ton of work, and expensive, which is why we don't usually get out Christmas cards each year. So that was a Christmas miracle!

Despite all this, we had a really nice Christmas. The boys loved everything, and it was relaxing which is what we needed most. More about it later...

Dallas turns 7

I can't believe I'm so behind! Our family is really into Avatar: The last air bender (the cartoon, not the movie that just came out). So I made an Avatar Aang cake decoration out of frosting all on my own, and it looked AWESOME. I froze it on wax paper, and then the time came to move it carefully on top of the cake and somehow I managed to ruin it. I was so heartbroken to lose so much hard work. But the more I tried to rescue it, the more it smeared and broke, etc. The only way to fix it would be to do it all again directly on the cake, and I didn't have the energy to do it, plus the baby was killing my ribs. So Pat, using my leftover frosting, hurriedly made this and saved the day. It might be a candidate for Cake Wrecks but at least the cake was still cool to Dallas. (I wish I had taken a picture of my Aang before I destroyed it.) I'm still upset, can you tell?
Here are the church clothes Grandma bought for D when she was here on Thanksgiving. He had grown out of his pants and shoes, his belt was broken, white shirts not white, no tie, etc. It was perfect because he had to give a talk in Primary the next Sunday, so he looked decent! Thanks Grandma!
Here is Evan getting ready for church too, and embarrassed because he's having a little trouble. I just had to include this picture because it cracks me up.
Here is the electricity set we got for D's birthday. He and his brothers love doing the projects.
Bren'mama and Papi got him Avatar stuff that he loves. The sword was Aunt Steph.
Lego set.
Sam shooting Evan with the bow and arrows thing Aunt Steph got him. Evan wearing the Shield of Faith to block the fiery darts of the adversary. The boys and I made those so Sam and Evan would have a gift to give to D. We made all the pieces out of cardboard covered in foil.

Dallas had a pretty great birthday as you can see. And Sam and Evan just loved the box your gifts came in Aunt Steph! Best present of all!
We took everyone out to see the lights for D's birthday down at the Biopark in Albuquerque.


My mom flew out this year for Thanksgiving which made it extra fun. Unfortunately this is the only picture I took the whole weekend. We even used our China that we got at a thrift store which was great until Pat broke a piece!!!! The boys didn't want her to go home and they all kept saying they wished she could stay with us longer. It was very relaxing in spite of all the cooking we did that I don't normally do. While pregnant, almost every night I have zero ideas about what to eat for dinner because none of it sounds good to me and I feel exhausted. Thankfully this dinner tasted great to us, and Pat handled the raw turkey and lots of other stuff for us, and everything was great!

Then after dropping my mom off at the airport we continued to head south until we got to El Paso Texas where Pat's uncle lives. It was a fun and interesting trip. Fun because we rarely get to hang out with all of those cousins (mostly now grown like us with little ones) and interesting because as we drove along the freeway and I looked out the window, suddenly the houses looked like my mission in South America (but only on one side of the freeway). There was a huge city, and I said, "Pat, I think that's Mexico", having no idea it would be that close! Yep, we looked down, and there was just a river no more than 10-15 feet across which we think was the divider. It was Juarez, which is probably the murder capital of the world or close to it. As we were listening to the radio on the way home they said I think 2200 murders last year. Funny though because then the news person on the radio said that El Paso is one of the safest cities, with only 17 murders last year. How does that work? The guy on the radio said it's a lot less trouble for the drug lords if they take people to the Mexico side to kill them. It sounds really sad and scary for the people who live in Juarez. There is a temple in Juarez, and Pat's uncle crosses the border to work in the temple weekly. He seems to see no problem with it. It is their temple district, because the next closest temple is a 4-5 hour drive into our temple in Albuquerque, so Juarez is definitely closer for this area of Texas.

Well to wrap this up, we had a great visit with Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelly as we went to their favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, and miniature golfing (Pat and I scored the highest of everyone there, but I did hit a hole in one on the last hole with everyone watching), everyone but me got to ride the go carts and my boys loved it and went with whoever would take them. The first time Sam went with his Dad he went on the condition that Pat would go really slow. Ten seconds in he was yelling "Go Faster!"
The boys loved playing in Mike and Shelly's yard with the other kids, and playing Mario on the Wii. Dallas and Sam are now saving their money up to buy a Wii. I told them it'll take years, but they keep doing jobs like emptying the dishwasher at .10 cents per load, so I'll not complain about it. (I don't really want a Wii.)

Friday, December 18, 2009

We're behind on posting.....

We have several posts in the works (with lots of pictures) but have been busy, sick and pregnant (well, more Karisa on that last one than me). We just wanted to let you know that we're still here and will get more up soon.

In the meantime a few kids conversations:

Me: Evan, you need to clean your room. Do you want me to help you make your bed?
Evan: No. You can do it all by yourself.

On the way to the church the other night Dallas was singing "Silent Night". He got to the part about "round your virgin" and Karisa and I couldn't stop laughing the rest of the way to church.
Me: Lets try these pants Sam, never mind, those are too dirty....
Karisa (from the other room): Get clothes out of the dryer, not off the floor!
Me: What did you say?
Sam: She said, blah blah blah