Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A mistake I have made in saying that Papa Married a Mormon was true. It is 'based loosely' on the real life occurrences and a few changes in names and such, so I guess it is semiautobiographical. My apologies.The kids and I have enjoyed a few books lately that I read to them at night. I especially loved Where the Red Fern Grows and Dallas like it too, but it was a bit too much for the youngers. We have been reading through The Great Brain books and have really enjoyed those! I love reading books that have a point. A lesson to be learned. A moral to the story. And that are true to life and funny!
Here are some things that stood out to me that we've read recently.

From the book Me and My Little Brain:
This quote comes after J.D. had tried and failed to become a trader and shrewd (like the trader in town), and of course like his brother Tom, the Great Brain.

"And I guess, Papa," I said, "that I'm just a born ***."
pg. 36-37

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