Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Activities 2010

This year for Halloween, we went to the church for their festivities since we didn't want to be out trick or treating on Sunday. They did a fantastic job this year! (We've always missed it before actually.) The children walked the loop around the inside of the church where people did face painting and decorated some of the rooms like spooky mini-haunted houses, and then they walked the outside loop around the building for trunk or treating. Some of the girls (my age) dressed up like a beauty pageant from space. There was a Miss Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars (all red), and so on. Miss Uranus had a BIG backside. It was hilarious. They also had warm soup and bread, snow cones and desserts inside for dinner. Great! Except most of them were so spicy (this is New Mexico) that my kids didn't eat anything and Sam came home and threw up all his candy. (I was glad. I didn't want all that *** in him anyway.) We carved some pretty cool pumpkins to enter into their pumpkin contest, but ours shriveled up really fast so they didn't look like much by Halloween.

All my boys, (Pat included) wore the Superman capes that Bren'mama made for them. I meant to make LN and I capes that were pink and purple so we could be a super family, but I had no time and no money so we kept it simple this year. Evan is dressed as Clark Kent, in the middle of changing. After Halloween was over, we showed them parts of the first Superman movie so they would know who Superman was a bit more.

We also found a fun pumpkin patch that was perfect for small children, which I realize Dallas really isn't that small anymore, but we already tried one of those 4 acre corn mazes this year (me and the kids) and after I got into the maze 5 minutes (going around in circles and never getting anywhere), I realized it could end really badly if I didn't get out quick.

Can you image me, stuck 3 acres out, starving, out of water, baby crying, back aching, and no one there to help as the hours tick by? It sounded fun, but I actually felt desperate for the next 10 minutes just trying to back track to the entrance to get out! This pumpkin patch was all fun and games and had a small maze that I could let the kids do alone! The kids got to pick a pumpkin too!

They also had an area to for four-square so I played with the kids and they were so awful that we are going to start playing a lot on the driveway so they can get some coordination! I loved four-square and tether ball when I was young. It was neat that this place had those set up along with lots of other fun games and things to do.

Free horse rides!

Roasting marshmallows to make s'mores at home.
We visited a meteorite museum (and geology museum) on the college campus in Albuquerque to go with our study of space.
We are getting really cold here already, hence, time for the fireplace. We're going do have to do something to block it for LN! She's all over the place!

And one of my favorite parts about this time of year is you actually feel like eating warm food again... like bisquits...
...and chicken and dumplings...

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Steph said...

SO much fun!!
I'm glad you had fun at your Truck or Treat. They it sounds like they had lots planned.
I want to come over and eat s'mores! (That's what I was for Halloween.)
Your busquits and chicken and dumplings look really good....I'll take some of both, thanks.