Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Lately LN tries to pretend like she's asleep every morning while simultaneously making her demands. She wakes up and whines and cries a bit for her bottle. I change her and give her a bottle, which she drinks eagerly, but during this whole time she never once opens her eyes.

Then after her bottle, she's in a good mood, and I lay her next to and play with her. I blow on her neck and she smiles, I kiss the palms of her hands which tickles her and she smiles, I roll her all over, and she smiles, I talk to her, "Leia Nora, Leia Nora" and she smiles, but never once opens her eyes. This all lasts about one hour.

Then she gets whiny again so I give her her pacifier, and she kicks and tosses and turns and whines for a while, and then she falls asleep. And never once opened her eyes! It's like she knows that this was not really her wake up time. She just wanted some attention and food, and now she's ready to resume sleeping. It's a good life.

She wakes up approximately 1/2 hour later, opens her eyes immediately, sits up and starts talking, and grabbing the walls of her crib to pull herself up standing. Now she's awake!

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Holt Family said...

That is so funny and absolutely delightful. What a wonderful little girl!