Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soccer Season in Review (Yay it's done!)

Getting ready for soccer in the morning (this doesn't capture the whole early morning feel of it all but Leia's cute...we always had to wake the kids up to get going on Saturdays):

Here are the two team pictures for the teams that I coached. Our scanner is a little crazy sometimes....

Here is a short video of Evan's last game that really captures how all of their games went. Notice the kid doing cartwheels in the middle of the game, the kids that will do anything to keep anyone else from getting the ball and how the other team scores at the end of the play (I think our team had about 4 goals total in 8 games). Evan is purple number 4, as you can see he did improve as the season went on:

Dallas' team did a lot better, only losing one game the entire season (finally...they all kept saying they were "undefeatable"). They played really well as a team and made a ton of progress over the season. Dallas was great. A mighty defender and a mighty striker. He was good last year, but never made a goal. This year he made tons, several per game usually. He loves it and loves his team!

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