Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Defrosting/brining the turkey in a bucket, because what else does a turkey fit in? We had Thanksgiving today (Saturday). I don't know what to blog about Ireland. On the one hand I want all the pictures on my blog for when I print out the book, and for those who are interested in seeing them. But on the other hand, how do I choose just a handful? So many pictures, and so much to say...
Irish brown bread... make a loaf in an hour start to finish. More like a bisquit, but very dense because it is made of mostly whole wheat flour. I grew to love this bread, and it is perfect for food storage, quick and very filling. No yeast! I know it looks ugly, but this is how it is.
Our Thanksgiving dinner this year minus the rolls which I forgot to make. Pat made pumpkin pies. My favorite was snacking all day on spinach dip. (Pat and I are pretty much alone in that joy.)
What I'm most thankful for is my family. I missed my children of course while in Ireland, but tried to not think about it so I wouldn't be paralyzed and I knew that Grandma Brenda was taking good care of them. But by the time we were almost home I was jumping out of my skin. We got home at 10pm, and they were all asleep so I decided not to wake them, but as soon as I saw Leia's head I couldn't help but scoop her up and hold her and cry. She had been sick while I was gone too. I'm soooo thankful that Grandma took such good care of her. She gave up 11 days to be here so we could go away and I know it was a tremendous sacrifice for her and Grandpa and Pat's younger siblings who had to pick up the slack. Thank you so much! I was sooo glad to get home safely and see my kids again and have a super clean house as a bonus. I thought this picture was funny because Leia Nora and our dog Bella were so happy to see me that they just kept really close to me for a couple days, so finally I had Pat take a picture.
We asked the kids to name three things (aside from our family) that they were thankful for. A person, place and thing.
Dallas is thankful for Jesus, Heaven and electricity.
Samuel is thankful for Dad (we let him get away with that since he didn't want to participate at all), and then with more help Sam is thankful for Mom and Dad's bed where he can go when he's scared at night, and piano.
Dad is thankful for Joseph Smith, Ireland, and his car to get him where from one place to another.
Evan is thankful for Bella (Pat let him get away with that and it's not even a person!), our house because "it keeps me warm", and trees for climbing.
Leia is thankful for Dad (she was touching him), the hospital in case she chokes (at that time she had something in her mouth we had to fish out) and the floor for crawling.
Karisa is thankful for her sister Stephanie her best friend, the temple because it makes me a better person, and music and plants.


Dad of the Year said...

I really like the "aside from our family" gratitude list. That's a good way of getting unique lists. I hate to mention it, Karisa, but you kinda cheated by listing four items.

Pat said...

Ha, she IS cheating. When we made the lists I made her pick one but I guess since she wrote the post she felt she could sneak that back in there.

Holt Family said...

The gratitued list was delightful. I love making the kids think of things they are thankful, above and beyond the obvious. The thanksgiving food looks great and the bread looks very tasty! Your dog Bella looks just like our dog Jack. How weird is that!?!

Glad you are home safe. We saw your wonderful "Grandma Brenda" at the temple on Saturday (plus grandpa too!!) Love your family!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the update! How I miss you dear Roomie!! Glad you made it home safe and sound. So..the pictures from Ireland??? Your South Sac Family would love to see them!