Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dal's Baptism Birthday!

It was a wonderful baptism, and very emotional... at least for me! Grandpa's confirmation was very powerful and full of the spirit. The talks by Grandma Brenda and Sister Ellibee were wonderful. Sister Mink, who I always tell Dallas, is really an angel here on earth just in disguise, played piano for us, and those who showed up to show their love and support for us just made my day- Dallas' teachers and friends of ours- I tell you, I am such a cry baby. Our primary president expressed her feelings about what a special boy Dallas is, and how he is one of the reasons she loves her calling. We just all felt what a wonderful person Dallas is, and I think the Spirit just knocked us over testifying of that fact and of the truth of following Christ and being baptized into His church. When Dal came out of the water, he immediately hugged Pat and said, "Thanks Dad!", in just a really grateful tone. What a sweetheart. We got him a journal and everyone wrote in it, and Dallas wrote a full page all about his baptism and it was very detailed about how he felt and every thing that happened. It made us so pleased yet again.
I had some great one on one time with all my boys this last week. Sam and I went running together with Kathryn (Pat's sis), and Dallas. After we ran out a mile, Sam and I walked back together just talking. Evan and I made the birthday cake together, and he worked the beaters all by himself while I cracked eggs in and poured chocolate in, etc. Dallas and I raced and he can definitely outrun me now. We also went to his speech therapy together and he told me jokes from Calvin and Hobbes. I have no idea how he can remember them word for word. So below was the one he told me that cracked me up and made us laugh a lot. I decided to put it onto his cake... but first here are the baptism pictures. I just love how the pictures turned out! We were so excited to have Pat's parents here and Brian, Kat and Beth too!

Now later that day since it was D's birthday, we had a party. I did an entirely green party because Dallas' soccer team was green and he was a star player, but also because I thought it would be fun to do one color! We did have a piƱata and it was hilarious to watch the kids whack it around! Sam and Evan especially!

Here's a Top Ten (or more) list of things Dallas likes:

10. Baseball, swimming, Star Wars tapes, Riding Bikes, and Reading (The Great Brain, Spiderwick, My Father's Dragon, etc...)
9. Piano and music
8. Building clubs and forts with charters, rules, schedules, etc.
7. Service- he is always helping
6. Church friends... and he is a brand new SCOUT!!! We just went to our first pack meeting and he understood nothing but is excited!
5. Mario and Zelda and other video games.
4. Soccer!
3. Calvin and Hobbes
2. Avatar- The Last Air Bender (more the cartoons than the movie).
1. Baptism!!!!!!!!
The comic strip starts with what is on the cake, where he has just walked up to Susie, and said:

Calvin: ME, TARZAN! KING OF JUNGLE! (Hitting his chest-Thump! Thump!)
Susie: Nice underpants. Does your mom know you're over here like this?
Calvin: I don't think Jane EVER said that to Tarzan.


Sherry said...

I'm always glad to read about your super fun family! Congratulations to Dallas on his Baptism day!

kathryne said...

I wish I could have been on the other side of the table when Dallas was blowing out his candles to be in the picture! Oh and if you have any of us skiing down that brick slide I would love it if you put those pictures on it! I love and miss you all!!