Friday, December 10, 2010

The Funnies...

Teaching Sam to write. His topic was Dal's baptism.
He wrote, "Then dad put Dallas under the water, and at the balloon fiesta I saw a mushroom."

Evan: "Mom! I know the three things that suck! (After a thoughtful pause...) No, I know the FOUR things that suck!"

Me: Okay...

1)Whirlwinds (he means like tornados),
3)Straws, and
4)The Medicine Things (like the droppers that suck up medicine and deposit it in the mouth).

Me: Yes, Evan, that's right! (It really sounded like he had given this LOTS of thought. I didn't want to throw him off by mentioning the vacuum.)

Evan: But MOM! Whirlwinds suck EVERYTHING! They can even suck your house.

Me: Yes.

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kathryne said...

:) I have always loved your boys even though they would tackle me and tickle me when I visited! (: