Thursday, December 30, 2010

I wish vacation would never end!

You know me... I love to cook. I tried this hummus my friend had at her house from Costco- it was totally green and spicy, and she said to just make regular hummus and then add cilantro and jalapeƱos to it. So this was my lunch today (okay...I shared a little). Mine wasn't that green, but I loved it!
Our vacation project was making this storage bench. I'm proud to say that I made it up, measured, bought the wood and supplies and then Pat helped me saw it since we don't have any electric easy saws, and then used his drill to get it all put together, and then I stained it and VIOLA! It's slightly over 6ft and fits 5 food storage buckets plus extra space for whatever and people can sit on it, or lay on it, and we are going to draw car tracks, like a whole neighborhood on the top of it for the kids to enjoy. The only part left I have is to make the top cushion seat. I liked doing it so much I've decided that I want to make my own entertainment center since ours is falling apart. Then they'll match and be just how I want them. But I'll wait a while. It was a bit difficult to make the bench, which is just a box! I'm going to actually have to plan the entertainment center out well. In the picture below, the bench is actually going to be along the right wall under the window.
And I just had to lock this into memory- Dal's Christmas card to his brothers. He made games! I don't even know how he did that word search, but I found my name in it!

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Cecilotta said...

I'm so impressed! Have you checked out She makes ad writes easy-to-follow plans for all kinds of great furniture, including knockoffs of pottery barn ad other ridiculously expensive stuff :) Someday I'm going to try all my spare time ;)