Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh, the things these kids do...

Evan: Mom, do you know what bad guys do when they're really bad?
Me: What?
Evan: (In a very serious tone) They drop kick sheep.

I was confused until I saw the page he was looking at in his book. It's a good book with silly pictures. This part is about the Book of Mormon story where the great missionary Ammon offers himself as a servant to the Lamanite king, and is consequently put in charge of the kings sheep, and then other Lamanites come to scatter the kings sheep, which is what is happening in this picture. Isn't it great? You've got to enlarge it to see it good.

Leia helping Sam with his math.
You know that Disney cartoon movie, Robin Hood? Remember the part where that monk dude says, "Quiet! It's the sheriff!"? That is the same voice that the boys used one morning when I told them to quit being silly and do their work. "Quiet! It's the boss!", I hear them saying to each other, and then shushing each other like the picture below. "Get to work!", I say.
"Yes master", they reply. They crack me up.

Speaking of school... we've been learning about space rocks, and every day they write in their journal what we learned and draw a picture, and everyday, Sam has been drawing me with meteors, comets, asteroids, all about to land on my head. I know he does it because he likes seeing my reaction (I usually act really surprised and scream and stuff)... but I said, "Sam, if I do get hit by a space rock, you'd better not laugh at me, you'd better help me."
"Mom", he said, like I was really dumb, "if you get hit with a space rock, you will be dead."
Thanks- I didn't know that!

Me: "Time for science!"
Dallas: "Can you decipher this code first?"
It's a code he made up, and it made me smile.

The joy of having a boy in scouts. Mom! Can you sew all these patches on for me RIGHT NOW!? (Scouts was starting later that day, which is about how long it took me to sew those darn things on. I really need a thimble.)


ScoutiS1977 said...

Hi, I love your pictures :-)
"They drop kick sheep." Yes it is a very bad thing to do.. *smiling*, and great your boy is a scout, me to... in Denmark.
Merry Christmas to you and your Family, be blessed...

Anaflam said...

Evan has always cracked me up when ever I visit! I miss you all!

Anaflam said...

By the way its really me Kathryne. I'm just on my other email