Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Warning: Depressing post

Well except for some parts, like these cute pictures! Early Christmas present from Papa Scott and Janis- matching jammies that we wore to our ward Christmas breakfast this year! (Pretend like this picture came in an envelope with a fantastic Christmas letter right to your mailbox!) Merry Christmas!
And Miss Leia Nora above is sporting a dress by Kreutzian's, shoes by Romero's, bow by Gibb's, and tights by my brother Jeremy, Kim and Elle! What would we do without gifts!

Now the depressing part:
It happens every Christmas.
We are sick.
Evan sick all week last week, and Pat being out of town all week and being snowed in.
I didn't get any gifts in time to be mailed. Pat got his family, but that's it.
I don't even know what to do about my kids. I don't have any presents for them. Sam is 100% sure that he's getting a Wii. Why? "Because I asked Santa for it", he said simply. I need to keep my kids away from Santa.
I spent ALL day Monday trying to do all the shopping and mailing for my far away family (with my crew).
It was an awful day. We all wanted to go home.
I was sick. None of the presents I hoped to find appeared.

Leia got a fever- so I opened up a new bottle of Tylenol and gave her the dose right in the store so I could keep shopping. She never complained unless I tried to set her down in the cart. She just laid her head on my shoulder and cooed this tiny high pitched sound non-stop.

I regret doing this. My kids are more important.
On the other hand, I regret missing the chance to do something for family, friends at church and neighbors.
I never remember to go out right after Thanksgiving... but I should...get it done early.
Lessons learned.

Sam wrote me a letter when we got home because I was so upset. It said, "Meary Crisis" (perfect), and "I love you MOM." It made me feel better.
The boys all wrote nice cards for their teachers on Sunday and all the kids in their class, and they wrote such nice things! Except for one of Sam's teachers. He wrote, "Dear Tario, I like you. Make sure you bring snacks." Hmm... I wonder what was important to him in class?

On a happy note, we had a fun girls night and I didn't get home until 2am Sunday morning. My friend Chantelle who drove me home got pulled over for going like 3 miles over the speed limit, and the cop said, "You guys look like a bunch of moms." It was hilarious... Balderdash...

...and mere hours after that, the primary/Christmas program is done and we (the primary and I) had a lot of fun on Sunday. (Wore myself out- performances and puppet show- which is probably why I'm sick.)

And after church I was given a blessing to help me do a new job they just asked of me. I'll be doing the food again for girls camp. I bless my Savior for giving me this opportunity. It will be difficult in many ways, but all I could feel was deep gratitude and just a real spiritual connection with the aged High Councilman who asked me. It was a deeply spiritual conversation- we just connected and talked of many things (his music loving mother who had just passed away) and as he laid his hands on my head, he said that my presence at girls camp was very important, and not just for the food aspect, but for my testimony and for who I am. That means a lot when sometimes you don't feel like much. I hope it works out that way. When I did the food for girls camp before, it helped my testimony grow and was a blessing to me.

... and I cannot run faster than I have strength...
I just hate feeling like everything flopped... and I can't make plates of goodies for my neighbors that I had planned when I'm sick. (Who would want them?)

But I have such great neighbors... I hate not doing anything...
for the third year in a row! I have so much Christmas spirit, and being ill just snuffs it out! I'm hoping things will brighten up soon!


Santa said...

Santa always comes through. Expect a package to arrive Friday. Don't open until Christmas!

*We* all love you guys. Have a Merry Christmas.

Pat said...

Thank you Santa! You made my wife cry (in the good way).