Thursday, January 28, 2010


Dilated to 2, 50%effaced for those of you who know what that means. Every week she adds another pound. Six, seven, and today the doctor said she thinks baby is about 8lbs. I wonder if that will be correct? For the second week in a row, we had our appointment on the snowy-est, worst stormy days, making my drive in to see my doctor last about 1 1/2 hours. I got stuck 3 times in the snow today, and Pat got stuck when he came home from work, and walked home to get ME to help him get out of the middle of our street. Luckily Jose and Warren, our neighbors saw him before I had to do anything, and came to help so I didn't have to. They just got him out of the way and his car is now stuck at the end of our driveway next to mine, but at least off the road. Thank you for wonderful neighbors! Then Warren and another neighbor got stuck trying to get home immediately after Pat got unstuck, so Pat helped them. What a day! The snow is about a foot deep and I have had a bit of a work out today. I better not go into labor in the next couple of days as we are marooned here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Into hiding...

Okay, today convinced me that I should stay at home and go into hiding. I'm doing the nesting thing, you know, cleaning out the old, preparing everything I can for the baby. So I had some errands to run today after I picked Dallas up from school. (I needed him to help me carry the heavy stuff, and the other two are with me all the time anyway.) Just some returns, and drop-offs at the local charity, and a "quick" trip to Wal-mart for some stuff.

There was the usual staring... some of it kind, some of it unkind. I ignore it mostly because I am constantly watching where my kids are.

Then there are the comments. And I quote:
"Oh! You poor thing!"
"I feel sorry for you!"
"Boy or girl?", and then when they learn it's a girl, "Oh! You got your girl! Now you can be done!" (Hint, hint.)
"You've sure got your hands full!", (This one I don't mind so much, but I've heard it dozens of times.)
And then the usual, "Three boys! Wow...", said in a tone that indicates it must be like living with a pack of wild beasts. I guess at times it is, but they are really good boys, which is what I usually say in response, smiling.

I find all this puzzling. Maybe they are just joking. If not, I have to wonder, is it so strange to have 4 children? Is it so strange to find so much happiness in one's family? I just had a birthday and they ran in and hugged me, saying, "Happy Birthday!" when I woke up in the morning. They each picked me out something as a gift and I loved it all. One of them brushed my hair for 15 minutes as his present. I love seeing them grow and learn, and they and my wonderful husband bring me so much joy! We love playing Hokey Pokey! One of my saddest regrets is that because of swine flu, none of the boys will be allowed in the hospital to see the baby. It's sad for them, and sad for me, because I'll be lonely without their visit.

I guess it's that I'm so big, that people get so alarmed. However, I don't think those comments will change much when I have another little one. I guess I'm going to have to do as my friend (who has 4 kids) does, which is to always shop alone. Maybe 4 is the point where you have to do this? I would gladly shop alone, if I wanted to go through the trouble of finding someone to watch the kids, but so far, that is more work than just bringing them along. Sometimes you just need to run to the store real quick... Well, anyway, I'm informing Pat that he is going to run any further errands for me. The attention is embarrassing.

Sam conversations...

Sam informed me that he was watching me, "...with my ON-BOC-U-LARS." (He was watching me with a pair of binoculars.)
Then at lunch time I asked him what he wanted for lunch. Sam said, "A tortilla."
"Just a warm tortilla with nothing on it?", I asked.
"Well," Sam said, "actually, I do want something on it."
"Okay", I said, "what would you like on it?"
After a long thoughtful pause, Sam said, "Can I have lettuce and honey?"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner Conversation

One part of our dinner conversation today:

Me: Evan, what did you talk about in your class today?

Evan: Nothing. (long pause) My teachers talked about all of it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Beware: Prego photos

I had a doctor appointment today, and all is well. It was a long hour drive in really slushy, snowy, icy conditions. Kinda scary. Anyway, doctor thinks baby is about 7lbs right now and I still have about 3 weeks. I realized I'd better take some pictures. While I am "suffering", this pregnancy has been easier than others before, so I can't complain. I have not gained very much weight, and I have no idea why. Baby is head down, and doctor could touch her head today. I stopped and got some yarn on the way home and have about a 4" long pink baby blanket to show for it so far. Will I finish in time?
Evan tells me his baby is upside down too, and here are our pregnant tummies. (I never thought I'd be pregnant with one of my children, and a son no less, but he insists.)
Sorry this one below is a bit blurry. I loved his cute smile! (I didn't realize my pants were so baggy in the back.)
My great boys. (Leia Nora, we're going to make a man out of you...just like the song in Mulan.) Dallas is really into Calvin and Hobbes, and instead of a pet Tiger, Dallas has this pet froggy that he's holding. He goes everywhere with him. He is a friend to him on the playground at school if no one else is, and they like all the same things, and always agree. Pretty cute.
By the way...Nora means Honor, and Woman of Light. I'm not sure if Leia means anything.
It is pronounced like the Star Wars Princess Leia. This name came about because I really liked the name Eleanor in Spanish: Eleanora. It just flows off the tongue so beautifully. However since we already have an "E" name, I dropped the "E", so it was just Leanora. (Don't forget to pronounce that in Spanish.) However, since we don't want people calling her Leah, or Lenore, or whatever they might come up with, we decided to spell it Leia Nora, so that hopefully they'd pronounce it right. We still aren't sure if we'll call her Leia or Nora or both.
Okay, so we are taking guesses as to the date and weight of baby girl's birth. Whoever guesses both closest will get a really cool prize. Yes I do know what it is, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. So guess the weight and date both, and we'll pick a winner.
It's that time in the pregnancy where I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride and I think I want off now, but there's only one way, and that's finishing the ride... can I start screaming?

Sam and the babysitter

We dropped the kids off at a friend's house when we went to Karisa's doctor appointment. I asked Sam how it was at the babysitter's house. His response? "Clean."

Guess we'll need to work on our own house some more.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reason to Homeschool #10

You can teach your kids to sing traditional songs any way YOU want:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Honest children

Evan is learning some basic words like CAT, FAT, RAT, BAT.

I was helping him this morning with them, when he handed me the card with FAT on it, and said, "Mama, you can keep this one because you are SUPER fat."

As true as that may or may not be, it's near impossible to explain to a 3 year old "9 months pregnant!".

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Great news everyone!!!!
Pat and I, whilst driving home from Stake Conference last night, finally agreed on a name for our baby girl.
Neither Paige, nor Jimmy the Squirrel made the cut, sorry Sam and Evan.

Edit by Pat: I got home from Stake Conference today and Karisa told me she had posted this without the name, I guess she just wanted to tease everyone. Leia Nora... (Karisa plans on calling her Nora probably.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Wish my family lived closer...

Having family visit is so nice because you can beg them to do things for you that you need help with. Do you like this table runner I made for the entry way? My sewing machine has been broken since Christmas 2008, and my mommy fixed it when she came at Thanksgiving, so that I could sew this for 2009's Christmas. Thanks Mom! Yep, one sewing project per year pretty much sums up my sewing abilities. (I have a couple baby blankets that I started for people and then realized I had no idea how to finish them, so I just stopped.) Pathetic, I know, but it's just not my season... My sister's coming to visit soon, so I'll start making up a detailed list of duties she must accomplish while she's here. (Just kidding Steph!)

I finally ordered curtains for the living room a few months ago. It was a good deal online. The only problem was they said they were peacock blue, and they looked blue, but when they arrived they were definitely green. Still, I liked them, so my mom glued all these blue beads inside the flowers to make them match the blue curtains in my kitchen and a blue chair I have. It ties it in just enough. And when would I have gotten around to doing this? Thanks Mom! (By the way, you forgot to iron them...)