Friday, February 26, 2010

Just one question:

Evan just asked me, "Mama, when are we going to get rid of Leia?"
He and Sam wanted to play with something, but her crib was in the way, and I guess he'd had enough.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vote for Hot Cocoa

Guess the boys have picked up on the civic responsibility ideas. Not sure where they got the sign ideas but the sign reads "Votes matre, make your vote now!" "Vote for hot cocae!" "Love the sinner hate the sin"(Think this one came out of a Christian handwriting book we use for Sam) "And vote for Mario" Guess they were protesting the fact that we hadn't had hot chocolate for a while and that they wanted to play more video games.

Some snow/hail earlier today:

Valentine's Day Presents:

Now what you really came for. Pictures of Leia (pronounced Ley-uh):

The blanket Karisa made just before Leia was born:

The last picture is just after she came home from the hospital, this is a shirt Karisa picked up at the local thrift store. When I was dropping the boys off at our friends house so I could get back to the hospital with Karisa and Leia Sam said that he wished he was twenty. I said that that would be exciting because he could be on a mission. In his usual contrary way he said that he was never going on a mission. I said that he would have to be out of the house working or going to school then. At that point he burst into tears and said that he never ever wanted to leave us. I decided that the lesson about personal responsibility could wait and told him he could live with us forever. We'll have to get him an adult version of the shirt I guess, but by then it won't be so funny.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Pictures

Before we get to the pictures a few comments from last week. When I woke Dallas up at 2:00 AM and told him to help me get his brothers ready to go because the baby was coming he opened one eye and looked at me and said "Can't the baby wait until morning!"

On the way to drop the kids off for their last night at their friends house I told them that when I picked them up the next day we'd have their new baby sister with us. Evan then piped up "And then there will be FOUR BOYS!"

Evan being silly for the picture:

Sam being silly for the picture (Evan trying to smile good while secretly watching his brother being silly):

Finally, good smiles (I couldn't think of a joke the boys would find funny so I told this one: Knock Knock. Who's there? Nose. Nose who? Ouch, I bonked my nose and it hurts! Yeah I know, kind of dumb but hey, it worked):

A few more from the hospital:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Leia Nora

Leia was born last night at 11:08. She weighed 8 lbs. and 1/2 an ounce and is absolutely beautiful. She was 20.5" long.

Karisa's water broke at 2:00 on Sunday morning. Sunday was the day I was planning on packing all our bags so we got to run around and get things ready as quickly as possible. That's preparedness for'll need it just before you really sit down to get it ready. I called our friend we were planning on dropping the kids off with, it took two phone calls to get them to answer but we found out they had just gotten home from the emergency room about an hour or two before we called, they were still willing to take our boys though. We had another friend that took them for most of the day on Sunday and even took them to church and let them spend the night. It's times like these that we really miss being so far from our family, but we feel blessed to have such good friends in our ward that are willing to help out when we need it.

Karisa is at the hospital until tomorrow morning and the boys just can't wait to meet their little sister!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Journal update

My last entry was Thursday with all the snow. Here's what's happened since then...

-Me and boys snowed in, stayed home. Pat went to work, and came home and got stuck again.

Sat-Pat spent hours trying to get unstuck. Then he went to store for some food. Evan has a fever.

- Pat's car stuck again, but was able to take mine to church. Everyone is now sick. I stayed home with two boys, and Sam went to church with Pat and gave his talk in primary, and then came straight home. Everyone said Sam did a super job! I got an email and a phone call from two people to tell me. He wasn't scared at all, and read it all on his own, and talked loud, etc. Pretty great for a 5 year old. I only wish I could have seen it. Lots of compliments on his sincerity.

During an earlier part of church though, Pat told me had to scold Sam for writing his name in the hymnbook. Sam was so embarrassed/mad that he wrote Pat a lovely note. Asking his dad, "How do you spell hate? How do you spell really?" After Pat told him, Sam gave him his letter. It read, "I hate Dad. I really really (about 20 really's) hate Dad." It was pretty funny.

Then Sunday night, Brother Debuck came over to help Pat get his car unstuck AGAIN, so he could go to work Monday morning.

Mon-We are all still sick. Evan especially still has a fever. We had a beach party because we are so bored being stuck here at home. The boys all got into shorts, and we put on Beach Boys music and made a music video of them dancing. Sam even got his hair and shorts wet in the sink because he was "surfing". Maybe I'll have Pat load the video. They were hilarious. Can you tell I miss warm weather and the beach?

Tue- Getting sicker. Dallas woke up sounding croupy, and unable to breath well many times during the night. So today we took him to the doctor, and he is on a perscription for something. I feel awful. Luckily Pat was able to take him in after work. I'm going crazy being cooped up in this house. All I can see is that every wall and cupboard needs to be washed, and I can't do it. I'm sure I'm just staring at them too much. As soon as I get better, I'm going to try...

Wed (today)- Played Candyland this morning with all the boys as we all coughed non-stop. When we got up off the floor to put the game away, the living room floor was covered in tissues. It's so fun being sick and having your family sick, and being snowed in, and knowing you could have a baby any day. Today it snowed all day, and they even closed down the freeway. Pat was thinking he might have to stay in Albuquerque for the night, but then they opened it later. He got home fine, but got stuck again in the road, and our great neighbor helped AGAIN with his tractor this time. And what would I have done if I HAD gone into labor and needed to get into Albuquerque, I wonder? No ambulance could get to me, so I would beg a neighbor with 4 wheel drive to take me somewhere to meet an ambulance, and from there I don't really know...
They've canceled school tomorrow as it will continue to snow.

Looking on the bright side, I haven't had to take Dallas to school all week, which really hurts and exhausts me. And maybe we are getting this illness out of the way now so we'll be better later? And I've almost finished the second of two blankets I'm working on for the girl. I have plenty of blankets, but I thought it might be nice to have two or three that weren't for boys, and something that I actually made for her too! I'll post pictures soon.
Since we've been stuck here and going crazy, I went through all my old music from my mission and found some great music that I forgot I had. Pat put my favorite songs all together on one CD to take to the hospital if I want to. There were 3 artists.
Pablo Herrera-Chilean singer
Alberto Plaza-favorite song: Bandido
Laura Pausini-Italian singer who has lots of great songs.

The last time I took music to the hospital was for my first daughter Laura born in 2001. I guess the girls are the only ones I get soothing music for. (And Laura's was all spanish music too!) I may not even use it, but the last time I was at the hospital about a year ago, the dvd player in my hospital room was broken, the tv shows were awful, and I was unable to hold a book, so I thought I'd bring some music just in case.

Pat has been sleeping on the couch all of these days since the sickest boy (Evan) gets to sleep with me, and there just isn't room for three. I have discovered that Evan (like all my boys) talks in his sleep. A lot. Very Loudly. I try to ignore him, though I laugh on the inside. One morning, very early, he explained (in his sleep) "I tried to make it to the potty, but I just couldn't." You can bet I woke him up fast and made him go to the bathroom. Thanks for the warning Evan!