Monday, March 29, 2010


I don't know much about this band Boston, but I was saddened to hear that the lead singer recently committed suicide with a note left behind saying, "I am a lonely soul." I don't know why it really got to me.
I liked this if you're interested in the Youtube video song of Amanda.
Boston - Amanda
It'll give you lots of great 70's style around the time I was born. (I'm just kidding. What were people thinking in the 70's?) At least it made way for the best decade ever... the 80's!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

#5 on Google!

I was looking at google analytics and just checking how people get to our blog. Under the key word search for search engines was "Reasons to ditch school". I ran the search and we were number five in the search results for google. Does that make us famous? That's us...encouraging truancy whenever possible. Other searches to get to our blog: "stinky poop diaper" and "is there a song called karisa".

Sam was watching Leia after she ate the other day and his comment was "I think she has a milk gun in her mouth" after a long bout of spiting up.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Responsible Boys

My boys have sure grown up this school year. Dallas is so grown up about school and does a great job getting there and getting ready now. Showering, dressing, getting his breakfast, combing hair, and getting homework done. The only thing he doesn't do is pack his lunch, but he could if we wanted him to.
Sam feeds the chickens daily, and I just watched him catch them all one by one as they'd gotten out of their cage and he got them all back in. He and Evan make their own meat or peanut butter sandwiches, toast, and other things and I always keep hard boiled eggs for snacks that they peel whenever they want one. Sam does his daily home school work without any trouble (as opposed to the beginning of the school year) and today just finish his third and last handwriting book for the year and is almost done with his last reading book. He is doing good in math too.
Since the baby the boys have all helped me out a lot more with additional chores. The little ones can do their room now without D's help, and they can all (we help Evan) clean their bathroom and do their own laundry whenever their basket gets full, and fold their clothes and put them away. This has been a great help to me since I'm getting used to the fact that laundry will now have to be done daily (2 loads) instead of all day on Saturday otherwise we'll be buried under the clothes mountain and never emerge.
Having a new baby has been difficult and the boys have had to learn to entertain themselves a lot. They build forts in the spare bedroom, read Calvin and Hobbes (Sam is a great reader!) and Evan paints a lot. Dallas and Sam make up their own projects and make books and other neat art projects that they suddenly emerge from their fort to show me. They also play Spaceopoly (like monopoly but in space), and chess and other games, or play their learning on the computer ( is awesome). And now that the weather is warm once every so often they have been able to go outside! Happiness! I have wonderful, wonderful boys!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures of LN

I love this picture of her hands in fists. It is her happy position. Food yea, food!

The boys have started to help feed her. They feel so big.

She is starting to smile now! She tried so hard in these pictures, but this is the best she could come up with.
The half smile.

St. Patrick's Day...we all dressed in green to go see her doctor. (I never got the picture of the very green rest of us-darn it!)
Someone in the ward gifted her these cute bows for her head. She is much more alert now with her bright eyes, and can find me to scream at me if she is unhappy with her situation in life.
Everyone says she looks like her brothers.
"Oh well, I can't have all the looks and the brains."-Leia

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enough is enough!

As beautiful as this is, and as much as I like the water for my trees,
I've had enough of snow storms! I could really use some global warming!
(I don't think it will ever end. I'm going to be stuck in snow and mud forever!!!!)
The front yard. The back yard.
Leia has been suffering with her 1st cold, and had a hard time breathing and eating. We've all had the cold too, except for me I think it's my 1,398,489th cold. (Since moving here.)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Reasons to Ditch School

D's attendance at school has suffered recently because of the baby being born and now and since Pat has gone back to work, I'm again responsible to take him and pick him up. His attendance has also suffered because of bad weather and consequently bad roads- the worst we or our neighbors have ever seen.

So now, in the interest of getting him there, but not taking Leia out in the cold, I have been encouraging him to walk by himself to the bus stop and home after school. It is about 1/4 mile away and I cannot see it from my house at all, so I've never wanted to do this. But it has seemed the only way to not upset the whole house, and he'll probably be fine right?

Yesterday, for the second time, he mysteriously missed the bus. He came home 1/2 hour after he left and told me the bus never came. I talked to him calmly about it and he finally told me that he missed it on purpose because he didn't want to go to school. (Didn't I feel dumb because the last time he said that I called the school and told them their bus driver never showed up, never suspecting my child of being dishonest.) I am surprised at him, because I think at that age I would never have thought to do something that sneaky.  I was upset  that I had to haul everyone out to the car and then drive him to school, and I told him he would not miss the bus again. Done right?

Today he missed the bus again. (Third time now.) He told me again that it never came. He did leave a little late, and it's possible he missed it, but I don't know. I have no way of knowing why he wants to ditch school. Is there a bully? Does he just like home better? Does he not have friends? I don't really know because I'm not there to observe. He doesn't tell me much either, but I think he'd tell me if someone was mean to him. Who knows though, really. I had a teacher in 2nd grade that was really mean to me, and no one would have ever known, except that my mother happened to walk in one day unannounced with the principal and witnessed it. I used to get sick when it was time to go to school, and I never wanted to go, but other than that I never said anything because I always thought it was my fault. However, I don't really think it's anything like that, because he seems happy enough when he comes home.

Additionally on my way home after dropping him off, as I passed D's bus stop, I saw a pretty big coyote. I stopped the car and stared at him. He was pretty close, and was not scared of us. He stared at us for the longest time, and then slowly walked up into the trees. So now I'm pretty sure D is going to have to be escorted to the bus stop always. And I'm buying a can of pepper spray to take with me.
In the good ol' days, growing up in south sac, we only had to worry about mean dogs and mean people attacking us...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Winners of the contest

Most who guessed were off by a week or so, ourselves included, which would explain why we weren't ready at all for her arrival.
Congrats to Ryan and Bren'mama for winning the contest regarding Leia's birth. Mom guessed Feb 6th 8 pounds 3 oz, and Ryan guessed Feb 8th 8 pounds 4 oz. Since these were both so close, they both got the prize! Ryan, Pat just informed me that he put no note in your package when he mailed it. So if you are wondering why we sent you this Star Wars action figure... Sorry- he's your cousin.

I will catch up someday, but for now let me say, that I cannot begin to detail the difficulties Nora and I have each had in these last 3 weeks. Bad weather, muddy roads, lots of trips to the doctor for different things-none serious thankfully-but troublesome, little sleep, lots of crying, and of course nursing which is always terrible for me and she seems determined to outdo all her brothers. I've given up three times, but then I find the strength to try again.
On the bright side, I cannot begin to detail all the gifts and kind acts that have been given us. I am shocked daily, it is truly overwhelming. I'm not one for showers because it embarrasses me to death expecting people to give me gifts and having to open them with everyone watching, so this all came as such a surprise. Such a blessing.
I cannot even express it.