Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dolly Parton

I love the Dolly Parton song Jolene and was looking for it on the internet so I could find the guitar chords. I did figure out how to play it which makes me happy, but having never been a Dolly fan, I was amazed at how gorgeous she was back in the early 70's and how purely and honestly she sang. She is true country, and even though I've never been a big fan of country (especially today's), I tend to like the old stuff because you can hear the history of music of our country in their voices, like the trills that Dolly's voice does naturally. They are a lost art from the Appalachian Mountains southern area of the country like Tennessee. Here's a listen if you like:

I like almost all her songs, but especially:
To Daddy
Coat of Many Colors
Here You Come Again
My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
Little Sparrow
and a great song of faith, Smokey Mountain Memories

Thanks to YouTube, I would have never know what an awesome gal I was missing out on!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip to the dentist

I actually had a cavity that was beginning to hurt mildly, so today I got it filled and it was of course no fun getting the shots, but it wasn't that bad.

That is until the dentist got my lip caught in one of his tools. Even numbed up as I was (it didn't hurt), but I knew something bad had just happened. Luckily Pat was home watching the kids for me and I asked if it would be okay if he stayed home today because I felt awful. He agreed and then asked me if I wanted some Tylenol. He always wants me to take medicine for pain and I always refuse because I don't trust it, and if I can bear it on my own...

Today, however, I agreed.

Let's all floss daily people. I for one don't want to have any more fun at the dentist!

Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010

We are pretty big futbol fans because Pat and I both served missions in South America during the world cup years ago, and it was super fun and exciting. Imagine me knocking on doors trying to find someone to teach, and the door being thrown open, but no one there... so you peer in the house and everyone is gathered around the t.v. watching and they don't care if you come in and watch too. The streets are dead during the games. Schools have all the kids gather around to watch also and after, people parade up and down the streets. We love watching so much of the world come together for an awesome sport! We are brothers and sisters afterall, so I cry because I somehow miss those people I don't know that live on the other side of the world. It's definitely my favorite sport. Pat still likes baseball more, but what can you do?

South Africa World Cup 2010 Fifa Official Song with video

Of course we are rooting for USA first and they are doing great despite having ridiculous calls against them... UGHHH!!!! We have to watch on the spanish language tv stations since nobody else show the games!

And second we are rooting for my other love: CHILE!!!
Because... I'll always be a Chilean at heart.

Chilena, Chilena, Chilena de corazón
salta en la barra y dale al tambor
que Chile va hacer campeón.

(Ole) oe, oe, oe, oe Chile.. Chile (2x)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sealing in Sacramento

I have so much to say about Steph and T's sealing, that I just don't know what to say. And I have no pictures because we only have one camera and I had to leave it with Pat so he could record the boys piano recital for me. Everything was wonderful though, and it was so nice to see everyone that could come and support my sister and T and how loved they are. The missionary that baptized T came too even though his wife was very pregnant in Utah, he made the long drive with his parents. What a great friend! And Pat's dad and our long-time friends the Benders work in the temple every Saturday so they could not only be there but they helped arrange things special for Steph and T too and helped a lot!

I am very lucky to have the family I have. I love them so much. I was so happy I could not stop crying in the temple from the moment I walked in. Seeing so many familiar faces too, whether they were family (my aunts and uncles and cousins) or long time friends was overwhelmingly joyful to me. It was a piece of heaven. And then at the reception given by my old friend Chris and his wife Tiffany was wonderful (thanks so much!), I just wished I could have stayed and talked to everyone for forever. There were so many people to catch up with... Sandra (my college roomie and good friend) who is good friends with my sister, Jeremy and Kim and Elle, Chris and Tiffany, my MIL who showed up with Pat's sisters, SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! It's so nice to be with family and friends who know you so well. I missed everyone so much, and wished there was more time. Sandra and I should have sung to Steph and T, or done some entertainment of some kind. If only I had thought of it sooner!

By Sunday I was a crying mess because I was going to miss everyone and I knew that I wouldn't get to see Elle, Kim, and Jeremy anymore. It was also emotional to see people from church when I was very little, there on Sunday, like my bishop from when I was 8 (I still remember him interviewing me for baptism) and others who are now bent with age, and we remember each other of course because over the years we became like family and they are still faithful and strong and it is a great testimony to me of our Heavenly Fathers plan. I was so happy too to see so many Tongans/Polynesians in the temple and stuff because I miss the islanders that I grew up around. And Sacramento of course I miss. The city of trees...

Thanks to my wonderful husband Pat for staying home and watching the kids even though he and they really wished they could come. I was going to bring LN with me and then two days before going I felt like something was wrong with the trip and I couldn't sleep until finally I felt Heavenly Father telling me I should not bring LN with me. It made me really sad, but it was the right decision. It would have made everything 100 times more stressful (with flights, and having to help my mom who is in a wheelchair, and shopping, etc, and I am really thankful for my kind husband agreeing to keep her too. Plus I had so many gifts for me and the kids from my Mom, my MIL, and Uncle John and Aunt Paula, and Marcy and Jay that I could barely lift up my carry on. I asked if I needed to check it, and even though it was the biggest carry on I'd ever seen, the lady said, "Can you carry it?" Since I convinced her for the moment that I could, she let me carry it on without charging me. I barely made it home, and could not imagine trying to navigate the airports with LN too (and a carseat!). Apparently Pat had a great time with the kids and when I finally held LN after arriving home, she didn't seem to know me, and REACHED HER HANDS OUT TO PAT!!!! I was in shock. Before I left she definitely liked me better, and she certainly couldn't reach to people!!! (It was okay though, because hours after I arrived home, Pat had to leave for Colorado on business and me and the kids were alone for a couple days.) I still haven't unpacked!

I'll add pictures to this when my wonderful husband comes home and helps me because I don't know how to do anything. So in summary....
I love you Steph and T and I'm so happy for you. Don't forget us when you're famous.

Happy 4th B-day Evan!

We celebrated Eegee's B-day right before I left for California, and it was great! The two things he asked for were that he could have a Thomas the Train cake, and that we would invite everyone in the whole world to his party 'except the bad people'. I went to a cake decorating store and the package of plastic Thomas decorations was $15.00! So we went to the toy store and got real Thomas Trains for $15.00 and plopped them on the cake for decoration and presents!

Bren'mama made him his very own super hero cape! Sam loves it so much (and luckily Evan is a good sharer) that he pressed his chin into his chest and whined about how he want his own cape NOW. Not with that attitude buster!
"E" for Evan.
We also got him a small pool. The boys love it! When I got home from CA, they were all sunburned. :(
After I got back we had his friends over for a very low key party. More like a play date. (I hate that term.) What a fun age this is. There was no stress over the party (aside from trying to get my house cleaned in time which they boys helped a lot ). They just played while everyone was arriving. Then we played some simple games like Hot Potato with a bean bag, Musical Chairs where you don't take away chairs, they basically just have to freeze or sit down and stop dancing when the music stops, and Duck Duck Goose which they don't really understand so whenever someone is chosen as the Goose they all get up and run around the couches and then sit back down. I also made a quick Memory/Matching game by cutting out different shapes (cakes, candles, trains, balloons, stars, etc) and taped them to a poster so they could flip them over and then they had to find a match. They were so into it. Then we had a small snack (triangle sandwiches, chips and pickles) then played outside in the water, and then I gave them popsicles since I didn't want to do another cake, and then it was over. I didn't spend money on any matching paper plates and cups because I couldn't find any Thomas ones, but it was perfect just how it was. I did get a bunch of balloons and gave one to each child as they were leaving for the party favor. Turning four is such a fun and easy party! I am excited about Sam's party in August though!
Pat accidentally ripped a hole in the pool and didn't get to fix it yet. So luckily my friends son (we pre-arranged it) gave Evan a $5 Slip n' Slide for his gift and Dallas hurried and set it up for us and the kids had a great time! (I wished I had gotten a picture of Dallas outside all alone, with the Slip n' Slide in front of him on the lawn (something he's never seen before), and him reading the instructions about how to use it. It was really cute. We have some video of the kids figuring out how to slide and it is hilarious!
Sam is about to slide in the above picture (first in line) and the other kids pictured are all Evan's friends from his primary class at church. He had Troy, Grace, Charlotee, and Izen over.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Horn Jack

Today the boys think I'm the meanest mom for lots of reasons, but one being that I won't let them play piano. Yes. I'm soooooooo mean. (If they'd ask at any time other than when Leia is asleep!)

So now they are going out to play Horn Jack. This is a game they've invented. A Horn Jack is a bull, a deer and an ox mixed together. Sometimes they call it their Horn Jack Dog. They've had this game for at least a year and play whenever they remember about it.

To all the men out there?

Don't you wish all men knew the art of manliness? I came across this site today and will for sure teach my boys. It's great for anyone!


p.s. I love the pull up and barbershop and etiquette articles!

p.p.s. Let's all be able to change our own oil too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evan playing with his sister

Had to take some pictures and share. :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Piano Recital

This is for Karisa since she's out of town visiting her sister. I got to play Mr. Mom and get all the kids ready for the recital (I forgot to comb their hair) and load them into the car, and Mr. Dad and change a flat on the way to the recital. In parts of the clips you can hear Leia crying in the background. A friend held her for me while I video taped, she got shots yesterday so was a bit grumpy and she wanted to eat.

We were a bit nervous about Sam before hand. He's a point in his life where he really doesn't like to fail. Sometimes when he's playing piano he'll mess up and won't play again for a long time. I wasn't sure if he'd play but he did great. I have to teach him chess differently than I taught Dallas. With Dallas I could play and point out his mistakes along the way. With Sam if I point out a mistake, or beat him he won't play me again for a long time. It makes it really, really challenging, but he's coming along great. I give him another month or two until he can beat his brother regularly.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nora at 4 months

She is interested in the T.V. and will twist herself when I'm walking around with her to find it. I don't remember this ever happening before.

She's already "talking" and in a bouncy chair!? How is this happening so fast!?!

The boys made themselves kites.

Below are D, S, and E, all at 4 months. Above is LN at 4 months. Everyone says she looks like Evan. What do you think?

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she a sweetheart?

Cute outfit from her cousin Elle.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Feeling like a man

Yesterday was the day for teaching my boys about all sorts of manly activities. No more of teaching them to clean up after themselves, doing the dishes or even doing things on the computer. In the morning was our ward turkey shoot. We go and do service for the local gun range for a couple of hours in the morning and in turn they let us shoot as much as we want for the rest of the day without having to be members.

For the service part we had to remove two of the tables that they have set up at the range that people use to sit at and shoot. They had built up some dirt walls between different target areas and these two tables were staring at the dirt walls...they weren't getting used unless you really wanted to shoot at targets 2 yards away. The legs of the tables were buried about three feet into the ground with concrete in some really hard New Mexico dirt. It was also the hottest day we've had since we've moved up here, somewhere around 95 degrees. Digging in dirt, sweat, working all muscles, definitely a man's activity.

After that we all got to shoot guns. We walked through the range and gathered any clay pigeons off the ground that hadn't been shot or broken and set them up on the dirt wall at the end of the range and then proceeded on to completely destroy them. I had Dallas and Sam with me and helped them to shoot a .22 caliber rifle until they didn't want to shoot any more. Then I went to town with all sorts of pistols and rifles. There were only 8 of us there shooting and plenty of guns and ammo so no need to wait this time. Shoot, reload and shoot some more. My favorite was a semi-automatic 9mm rifle...it was just...fun.

That evening just after I had put Dallas and Sam into bed and Evan was playing outside a friend drove up on her dirt bike to see if her daughter that is friends with Sam could stop by and say hi to Sam....they were in the area riding an ATV in the hills behind our house. I said sure and got the kids out of bed. Her husband let me take all the boys out on the ATV several times and we went into the hills and up and down and over rocks. I was telling Karisa about it later and after I finished my account all she could say was "You were going 40 MPH with no seat belts!" I just grinned at her.

Sorry, no pictures...real men don't carry cameras.