Thursday, July 29, 2010

Homemade Popsicles

A work friend of Pat's gave us a ton of apricots from her tree. They were kinda small and not super good, so I washed, seeded, and blended them up with sugar and now have delicious bright orange apricot popsicles! They are so much better as popsicles! We used molds from Wal-Mart, but then I saw these and these cups are an easier idea. Make some healthy popsicles!

More funny visiting teaching...

If I didn't explain this before, in our church women usually pair up to visit other women each month (and men visit the men and families) in an effort to build unity and friendship and help those who might be suffering in some form or another so that their needs are known. It is usually a less than 1/2 hour visit or sometimes if you can't visit a card or phone call. I currently have four sisters that I am assigned to visit each month and I TRY to do it, though today was extra difficult because I couldn't find anyone to watch my kids, so I had to bring them all along.

One sister always wants to hold Leia and she always exclaims, "Blonde hair and blue eyes! How beautiful! Just how I like it!", at which point I say, "Actually she has grey eyes that are turning brown and her hair is brown also (sorry to disappoint you). Then she says, "Well, that's okay too", a little let down.

Then I asked her if she'd read any new books lately, and she ran to the other end of her trailor and brought back a book she was excited about and said to my companion, "You don't need this" as she hands it to me. The title? 'How Not To Look Fat'.
I love this sister and she didn't mean in anyway to offend, but isn't it FUNNY? I'm laughing right now!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Learning to ride bikes...

Just like everything else Sam does, he learned how to ride a bike right away. I don't know why we never tried before (he's almost 6), but as soon as we took off the training wheels, he taught himself to ride a bike in one day. The first two parts of this are of him riding, the middle is of Dallas (I don't know why Pat put that in) and the last 2 parts are of Evan because that same day he learned how to peddle. Yea!!!

Silly Evan

Wow Evan. Don't hurt yourself. (This is the smile I got when we tried to take a picture for Grandma showing the gifts she got him for his birthday.)

There you go...much cuter. We were about to leave for church. Within 2 minutes of taking this picture he lost his socks, shoes, belt and tie and had his shirt untucked. Lately I've been arriving late to church and not a bit happy. Now my motto is that I'll try to prepare as much as I can the day before, but if we're late, we're late, and I refuse to stress about it. I have myself and four kids to get ready alone. (Pat has early meetings.) I don't want my kids to remember going to church with a picture in their heads of mom freaking out. Plus I hate being fake. If I'm grumpy I tell people, "I can't find my happy place right now, sorry." I don't want to be a witch to my kids and then all smiles at church. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

In your wildest dreams

By the way I love the Moody Blues song 'In Your Wildest Dreams'. Another random journal update...
We had a garage sale last weekend and it was not a great success, but then we posted the leftover furniture on craigslist and it was gone by Monday morning. Yea! We needed the money for all the car repairs, so I just decided to do it and posted signs all over and it was fun for the kids to have visitors all day.

"Hey Sam! Watcha doin?"
"Playing chess with Leia."

My friend/neighbor Toni recently got 6 Alpacas. They are so cute! Here's Bella saying "Hi" at our fence.

I love pineapple salsa served with rice and chicken gravy with sour cream in it. Unfortunately I seeded and chopped these jalapenos with my bare hands (well I DID have a knife for the chopping even though I am a ninja). Wow I burned myself good and nothing on the internet (rubbing alcohol, baking soda, orange juice, milk) would help the pain. I just had to keep my hands in cold water for the whole night. Not fun.

Neat museums...

Had to get out of the house and so we found these museums near our home. This top one is a tiny little museum but it is really neat. Inside were all sorts of things that had been dug up around here from Native Americans long ago. Lots of pottery of course, but also fantastic beaded moccasins, woven cloth barely still together, skulls, tools, bear traps and skins, old revolvers and shot bags, a European breastplate (men were sure small back then) and the sad pictures of Indian chiefs killed lying dead in the snow at the hands of the United States Army. I also read a speech by Tecumseh pleading for all the tribes to unite, but they couldn't put aside their differences. It's all so sad.
We also found this museum called Tinkertown which was one mans 40 years of work. The entire place was carved or made by him. All the walls are made with bottles and mortar and there is a sign that reads: "I did all this while you were watching T.V." Pretty funny.
We also found a new park and community center, a new thrift store and pottery studio and all of this was free or less than 5.00 for my family to enter (minus Pat who is at work). Yea!!!

I think this is the paint!

I was looking at this website for a recipe and suddenly I realized I liked the colors (red, green, pale green, and yellow) on this food site for my kitchen! Although I'd make the red a pinch more orangy.

I have lived in my house almost 4 years now and still haven't painted because we have to finish that darn fireplace still. So if Pat and I ever complete it (yes we've been working on it when we can) then I can't wait to paint!

I am more of a traditional look type person, but I live in New Mexico and I need to go with the feel of the house, and this I love especially since Pat and I are both Spanish speaking. What do you think?

Valedictorian Speaks out...

This speech illustrates one reason I homeschool. Pat and I have several different (and different from each other) reasons, but this high school grad sums some of it up great. I had only one teacher in high school that I could say was an outstanding teacher (Mr. Chayo) who really cared about helping us to acquire knowledge and I felt alert and eager and joyful in his class... for that one year, and I saved every test and handout and reading we ever did because it was all great. The rest of my classes I practiced the art of memorizing for the test so I could get the heck out of there. I wish I could send my kids somewhere where I knew the school was full of Mr. Chayos or at least 3/4 full. Some people will say that part of school is learning how to deal with difficult people and work with them, and they do have a point, as this will definitely help you in work situations and in life, but I think this can be learned in the real world. I simply cannot justify the hours of wasted time every single day waiting to see if my science teacher would even show up, or pretending to understand math because I didn't want to be made fun of, or writing poetry about my inner self in my "FEELINGS" class, or writing anti Bush (Sr.) and 60's Woodstock reports for my lesbian history teacher because I knew it would get me a good grade, etc. If you went to a better high school than mine, I am happy for you. I know Pat's school was 10 times better than mine, but I know many schools around where I grew up that were far worse.

Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling in Graduation Speech -- Signs of the Times News

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Please go to FOX News and watch Glenn's show for Monday night (yesterday). All three segments are up. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Glenn Beck and it will list all his recent shows in the column on the left. I know some people don't like it when I talk (or others talk) politics, but I have to do what I can. The price of FREEDOM is constant vigilance. If we ignore what is happening and continue to take our freedom for granted we will lose it and neither we, nor the rest of the world will have anywhere to turn.


PRAY for our country.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A great speech- Glenn Beck

This is a keynote speech given by Glenn Beck in Salt Lake City. There are 6 parts to it so it will take about 1 hour to watch. This link will take you to part one and then you can find and click on the rest easily. (I haven't seen parts 1 and 2 because for some reason I started in the middle and then couldn't stop). I highly recommend watching Glenn's daily t.v. show, but this speech is wonderful.

I can't recommend it enough.

To see some of Glenn's great shows I go here
They don't put up the entire hour long show up but since it's my only way to see them, I'll take what I can get. They only go back a week or two.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bedtime routine

We read scriptures before bed and Sam is an EXCELLENT reader. He has the cutest voice. D can read faster and better, but has those speech problems still. What to do...
I had to snap this picture of them reading because they are both wearing their new Superman capes from Bren'mama.
Pat and the boys LOVE playing games together. Me not so much. Once Pat asked if I wanted to play and before I could respond, D said, "Why are you asking Mom? She never wants to play!" This is not true. I just like to play a game about once a month not twice a day! I like Chess, Clue, and this super easy game pictured and Settlers and not much else really. I just didn't grow up playing games and I suck at them and I get bored really fast.
Sometimes before bed we sing songs. A couple days ago we were singing the Hokey Pokey and Pat would name funny things to put in, like: 'You put your left ear in'...and other silly stuff. Then Sam said, "Wait! Can we put our p***** in?" Unfortunately the shocked silence and laughter that followed made S cry and feel embarrassed. Pat tried to smooth it over by saying we can't do that because mom doesn't have one, but it was too late.

Another funny Sam story happened after church when we asked him what he'd learned that day. He was silent and thought for a long time, and then said, "We learned about LEPRECENS." Thinking that he probably didn't mean leprechauns I grabbed for my next guess which was leprosy. "Do you mean Leprosy Sam?", I asked.
"What did you learn about leprosy?"
"It's when your hands and other body parts fall off and you have sores and stuff", he answered.
Pat and I looked at each other pretty impressed.
He is one neat guy! Maybe it doesn't sound so amazing, but I thought it was really neat.

Well, my car overheated again and we got stuck in Albuquerque again yesterday and it was 102 degrees and my car is going back in the shop again on Friday when Pat gets home from Denver.

Backyard Camping

They boys continue to camp in the back yard on a regular basis (now making it through the night). I like this picture because if you look closely, you'll see Pat in the background reading his book while while watering the fruit trees we are trying to grow. Well it does take about 1 hour of standing around watering...

Not fair...

LN is now rolling over front to back and back to front. She laughs really hard too... but not at me... only at Dallas. She'll laugh for her other brothers and her father, but I've only heard her bust up for Dallas. Not fair. Yesterday all he did was cough while looking at her, and she busted up. He continued coughing and she continued to think it was hilarious.

Dallas is a really great help with her though and he and Leia are great friends. Whenever we go somewhere he'll tell me things like, "Mom make sure you pack her pacifier", or diapers, formula, water bottle, burp cloth, extra outfit, wipes, etc... as if I didn't already know that. (I think he has a checklist.)
Just to show you all that my sweet girl does like me, though, I'll tell you that one night she was having a really hard time going back to sleep and Pat put her back to sleep about 6 times in a period of 15 minutes and it just wasn't sticking so finally I said something to her and reached my arms out to her and she wiggled and smiled through her tears and excitedly reached her arms out to me and I laid her on me and she went to sleep immediately. She is such a sweetheart. I guess I'm the comfort type mom, and not the barrel of laughs type mom. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making Changes in my Diet

Pat brought this cookbook home for me one day after being out of town, as a gift, knowing how much I love to cook.

I wasn't that thrilled after glancing through it though, because it wasn't that exciting (you know... healthy food). But now, facing weight issues as I am, I am really glad and excited to slowly work my way through this book. I've always tried to eat healthy food (I mean we grow our own sprouts), but I have my limits. And I HATE having to cook one thing for me and another thing for my family. Twice as much work and money and annoying. I have collected all my favorite recipes in an ever increasingly huge binder, I feel like I'm set up perfect to be a house where when people come to visit they know they'll get some great food. Whenever someone is visiting I put lots of thought into the entire menu for their visit, and the same goes for parties or potlucks or like when I did Girls Camp. I try to keep things simple though, because I think most times, simple food tastes better. Pat loves to cook also, so we are always discovering new recipes. (Today's was chocolate chip coconut cookies! Last week a perfectly awesome Indian Fry Bread for Navajo Tacos or Sopas with Honey.) However, I am now going to have to use these recipes less and switch my way of cooking.

Last night I was out at a place in the middle of nowhere singing Karaoke with my friends, and one friend said that losing weight is 80% diet, and 20% exercise. I've been doing Pilates every night after my doctor recommended it for post pregnancy shaping up. (I bought a video and then wrote down my favorite exercises and made up my own routine and I just follow my paper every night while I watch The Office re-runs.) In the mornings I try to go run a mile, but sticking with a routine isn't easy when you have to go at 5am so Pat can get to work on time, and your baby sometimes decides to be awake for 3 hours in the middle of the night, but I expect this will get better eventually. So I'm working on the running thing... but I don't really see weight loss. It's got to be my diet.

I am getting older and needing to face the facts, that I need to make diet changes that are permanent. I am 50lbs over what charts say I should weigh for my height. My whole life it's been 10lbs, or 20lbs. So, yikes.

I was wondering if you have any great ideas about diet plans or more like a lifestyle eating change. My Dad was a fan of the South Beach Diet as I think it helped with his diabetes. I'm kind of against paying money to someone like Weight Watchers because I've only ever lost money, but maybe keeping track of points might be good? I don't really know.

So far I've come up with:
  • Only whole grains, because even though they don't taste as terrific they are much better for your body and don't cause your sugars to spike like white flours, rice, sugars, etc.
  • No sweets or limited sweets. Use agave syrup or honey in place of white sugar.
  • No mayo, less butter or Olive oil, non-fat milk, and part-skim mozzarella only for cheese since cheddar has more than twice as much fat per ounce.
  • Plain yogurt mixed with berries and whole grain cereals like cracked wheat, unsweetened
  • Sprouted breads
  • LOTS of fruits and vegetables
  • I've heard people say to eat healthy stuff all day long to keep your metabolism working, and not feel like your starving, and I've heard other experts say to only eat 3 meals a day with no snacks in between whatsoever. So I don't know what do do about that.
  • No eating after 6-7pm.
So that's all I've got America. Any tips? Now all I've got to do is actually DO it. I'm going to go eat a cookie and start tomorrow.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leia and Her Bouncy Chair

Her shirt says "WEDDING PLANNER". She had work to do at Steph's sealing, and I didn't let her do it. Can you tell she's upset?
We aren't paying for professional photos again, so this is it! They aren't great, I know, but this cute outfit from Papa Scott and Janis had to be photographed.
She's so happy, but can you tell... she still can't sit up by herself.

On an unrelated note:
I've been blogging more than normal because I've been stuck at home with my car in the shop for an entire week. I'm supposed to get my car back around 5pm today. My mom is back in the hospital with a really bad infection, and it's got me worried. I hit myself in the face really hard with a cookie sheet I was drying. I cried and then laughed at myself. Evan's latest thing is, "A ghost did it." He'll even talk about the ghost and why it stole and ate the candy, or used all those wipes, or pulled out all of Dad's floss. Yep, Mom... it was the ghost.
Sam and Dal tried to sleep in the tent last night in the back yard and laughed so hard for so long, but then they fought and ended up in the house. I wonder if they'll be able to make it through the whole night ever. Sam got bit by a strange dog (bled, but not too bad) and I don't know what I should do. Me and the boys worked hard all day yesterday to move our chicken house and still have much to do to get it set up better and to keep the chickens confined since right now they are pooping everywhere until their yard is set up.

She is getting very vocal, more so than we remember any of our boys. Poor Pat... another girl to scream at him. Here's a video of her screaming. It's nothing compared to what she can do (like this morning from 3-6am). I feel like I have a hangover.