Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soccer Season in Review (Yay it's done!)

Getting ready for soccer in the morning (this doesn't capture the whole early morning feel of it all but Leia's cute...we always had to wake the kids up to get going on Saturdays):

Here are the two team pictures for the teams that I coached. Our scanner is a little crazy sometimes....

Here is a short video of Evan's last game that really captures how all of their games went. Notice the kid doing cartwheels in the middle of the game, the kids that will do anything to keep anyone else from getting the ball and how the other team scores at the end of the play (I think our team had about 4 goals total in 8 games). Evan is purple number 4, as you can see he did improve as the season went on:

Dallas' team did a lot better, only losing one game the entire season (finally...they all kept saying they were "undefeatable"). They played really well as a team and made a ton of progress over the season. Dallas was great. A mighty defender and a mighty striker. He was good last year, but never made a goal. This year he made tons, several per game usually. He loves it and loves his team!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Leia drinking

This is actually from a couple of weeks ago. Before the video Leia was grabbing the cup and drinking but of course as soon as we got the camera out she didn't want anything to do with it.

Primary Program

The boys performed in the Primary Program today at church for all the adults, and they did a wonderful job. They all bravely went up and said their parts. Dallas spoke clearer than any of us had ever heard him (he's in speech therapy), and the memorized his part and looked out at the congregation while speaking clearly. Sam did everything perfectly too which meant it was a good day for him, and Evan was the one kid in his class of four year olds who told his dad to sit down because he didn't need any help. And he didn't! He went up bravely and semi-yelled, "Be kind to others!" into the microphone. They sang their hearts out too, as did all the other children. It warmed my heart as the chorister!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ER Preparation

I cannot tell you how much work it is to get emergency supplies for one person, much less 6!
We've worked on it the last few weeks, and are ALMOST done... missing about 5 small things still. Pocket knives, compass and maps, rope, whistle, tape for repairs, small mirror for signaling, and all the hard candy that we get for Halloween. Good thing they're small. The kids would not make it down the driveway.
I got the backpacks hand-me-down from a thrift store. Check out this new thing... a radio, and a flashlight that you wind up for around 10 dollars. It even charges your cell phone.

Sleeping Beauty

Lately LN tries to pretend like she's asleep every morning while simultaneously making her demands. She wakes up and whines and cries a bit for her bottle. I change her and give her a bottle, which she drinks eagerly, but during this whole time she never once opens her eyes.

Then after her bottle, she's in a good mood, and I lay her next to and play with her. I blow on her neck and she smiles, I kiss the palms of her hands which tickles her and she smiles, I roll her all over, and she smiles, I talk to her, "Leia Nora, Leia Nora" and she smiles, but never once opens her eyes. This all lasts about one hour.

Then she gets whiny again so I give her her pacifier, and she kicks and tosses and turns and whines for a while, and then she falls asleep. And never once opened her eyes! It's like she knows that this was not really her wake up time. She just wanted some attention and food, and now she's ready to resume sleeping. It's a good life.

She wakes up approximately 1/2 hour later, opens her eyes immediately, sits up and starts talking, and grabbing the walls of her crib to pull herself up standing. Now she's awake!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A mistake I have made in saying that Papa Married a Mormon was true. It is 'based loosely' on the real life occurrences and a few changes in names and such, so I guess it is semiautobiographical. My apologies.The kids and I have enjoyed a few books lately that I read to them at night. I especially loved Where the Red Fern Grows and Dallas like it too, but it was a bit too much for the youngers. We have been reading through The Great Brain books and have really enjoyed those! I love reading books that have a point. A lesson to be learned. A moral to the story. And that are true to life and funny!
Here are some things that stood out to me that we've read recently.

From the book Me and My Little Brain:
This quote comes after J.D. had tried and failed to become a trader and shrewd (like the trader in town), and of course like his brother Tom, the Great Brain.

"And I guess, Papa," I said, "that I'm just a born ***."
pg. 36-37

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Old School Toys

Does anyone remember the Spirograph like I do? This is a "toy" Jeremy and I played with at our Oma's house. (Our German Grandma from our 5th ward, who was actually not our grandma at all, but the grandma of the Roth's.) I remember it was really hard for me to use, and I wish they still sold the original one for my daughter. Oh well. What do you remember about Oma's house Jeremy?

Also, I remember I had my own set of Tomy fashion plates that I loved changing into different outfits, and then making rubbings of them to see how they turned out. Another thing I would have NEVER thought of again, if not for the fact that I now have a daughter!

What toys were your favorite?
(No I'm not paying the expensive prices to try to acquire these old school toys.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend, Part II

Thanks to our friends who gave us free tickets, we were FINALLY able to go to the balloon fiesta. It's a big deal, and happens every year here in Albuquerque. The only part we didn't like is the part where we had to get up really early to be there in time! Here it is dark and if you enlarge the picture you can see the lights of the things they send up in the air to test the wind.
Laying out the balloons.
Starting to rise. They blow up very quickly-not even 5 minutes.

The flag and the sun rose together.
Then as if by magic, all the balloons...
I helped with the pig!
Twin bees!
Tons of balloons... I couldn't get pictures of them all. Every direction you looked there were tons like this picture.

Do you see the witch?

I love lighthouses, so yea!
Then at about 9am we went home to go to bed. Well, we had to get up at 4am!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


It was a great weekend for a lot of reasons.

Relief because the chili cook-off is over. Here's a summary of that:
It was okay. A success, I guess, for the most part. I'm hard to please, and I always want everyone to have a good time and be glad they came. My time is precious and I hate wasting it, so therefore, I hate wasting other's time as well. So when we ran out of budget for donuts for the donut eating contest, I was sad, because that would have been fun to watch. But Pat still did sack races, three-legged races, and hurdle races with miniature hurdles, with all the children, and our kind bishop organized the adults and teenagers that were there for a game of ultimate frisbee.

There were lots of chilis there, and the judging went better than ever, but a lot less people there than normal. I think those that were there had a good time, but it was honestly hard to tell. I was taking care of LN who was having a really hard time, and my boys and setting things up, etc... and Pat was running everything else, so that doesn't give you much time for socializing. In fact none of us really ate anything until we got home that night and by then all the kids were cold and crying so I made them toast and hot chocolate and got them to bed. Then this morning I made sure they had a good breakfast and bath and cleaned them up really good. They had a great time though, it was just hard for all of us to have to clean up after dark and after the wind had picked up.

Both of Pat's counselors couldn't come at the last minute so we were feeling the weight of it all like the previous two years we've been in charge of it. It's basically like our family is the activities committee for the ward on this one night. If I actually was on the activities committee, I would make sure that there was one person just to emcee the event and make people laugh, another in charge of decorations, another two in charge of food, another to supervise the judging of chili and the music, and another four people to be in charge of games- getting them set up, and started, etc. And even though we made really nice invitations for everyone at church, I'd have a calling committee to give reminder calls, because a few people told me last night that they were confused about when it started, or that in the bulletin it said 6:30 (which is weird, because that's when it's dark).

But like I said, I'm hard to please. It went really well despite my longings for perfection. And best of all... it's over. If I wasn't co-in-charge of it with Pat, I would love to just socialize and be a chili tasting judge.

So this morning we were off to church, scrubbed clean and happy, though tired. Testimony meeting was wonderful, and all through the meeting Dallas and Sam read their scriptures. Sam got all the way through Jarom and Omni in the Book of Mormon, and Dallas was reading the Bible in Psalms where he's had memory verses for his language studies.

I LOVE that the boy's reading books and workbooks go through the scriptures because we get the chance to testify and feel the Spirit, and they learn the wonderful lessons that are to be had. Like the last two weeks D was reading about Joseph who was sold into Egypt and how he ended up saving his family from the famine, and when he revealed who he was to his brothers who had sold him away as a slave his brothers were afraid, but he said it was the Lord's will and he wasn't angry, and by this he was able to save them from starvation. What a great example to show the boys that even when bad things happen to us, God is always mindful of us, and if we call on Him in prayer and keep His commandments, He will turn things around for our good and His purposes. I can see my boys learning to love the scriptures, and I am so proud of them.

They were so reverent in church today, and sang the songs so happily and said all their parts (except Evan) for the program that the children are about to perform for all the adults in two more weeks.
Evan is being shy for now, but he finally played soccer on Saturday, and scored the final goal of the game (which was his teams only goal- the opposing team scored about 20). He never got sad and just kept trying. And he got new shoes, which was the deal I had made with him. His new ones make him run REALLY FAST!! I keep trying to borrow them so I can run fast, but he won't let me.

Pat says Evan's team wears him out as coach ten times more than Dallas's team. All the boys are easily distracted by things like leaves, grass, and their families. They take a water/snack break whenever they feel like it, or twist themselves up in the goal net and say that they are a spider or that they're stuck, or they watch their feet to see how fast they're running and when they stop they're not even on our field anymore. Pat has to pull a LOT of magic out of his hat to make them play at all. We have one boy who tackles and gets in the other kids faces and yells, "I'm gonna get you!". I'm honestly scared of him.

Dallas's team however has now played all the other teams, and is undefeated. I am absolutely amazed by how awesome those boys are. Dallas scored two goals on Saturday, and it was the hardest, most well trained team we've played so far. The boys are learning to manage the ball so well, using the sides of their feet as well as the heel to kick it backward. Dallas loves his games and gets really excited, and whenever he does have to sit out, he is the loudest person to cheer on his teammates. Those boys are doing an amazing job, and it makes me feel better since Pat is their coach that even though Evan's team has never and will never win a game, at least the older team has never lost one.
I have so much more to catch up on, but that's enough for now.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chili Cookoff

Me: Pat, do you realize how busy Saturday is going to be? Soccer until 12:30, then grab lunch quick, change, and off to the baptism at 2:30(of D's friend and I have to lead the music), and then the Chili Cook-off? (that Pat via E.Q. has been in charge of the last three years.)

Pat: Yep, with our warm chili. (I can hear him smiling.)

Me: We are not making chili. (He asks me to make chili every year, and every year there are about 10 chilis too many.) Besides, I'm already making bread for the entire ward.

Pat: And chili.

Me: If you can find a way to make chili over my dead body, go ahead.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Date?! What's a date?

I'm sorry, the red dye ran out so this is as red as the baseball cake got. Kinda pink. And the numbers kept falling. And I didn't have a comb for the sides. That's all.
Yesterday Pat and I had SO MUCH FUN. Do you want to know what we did that was so much fun? We went on a DATE. I had kinda forgotten what those were. You see, we don't have money for babysitters, and I feel nervous leaving Lei-lei anyway, and no family around, so... not much happens.

But we do have some wonderful neighbors who offered to take ALL our children and watch them for 5 hours so Pat and I could head out for his birthday. We got to go to the temple TOGETHER, and then...... wait for it............................... to R.E.I. to look at backpacks, and then.................. we ate lunch together! I know what you're thinking, not many people could have put together such a thrilling series of events, but, hey, we're special. I cannot get over how young and weightless I felt, not having a diaper bag on my shoulder, a baby in my arms, and watching over three others as we went everywhere. It was fun. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom so much, but moms need breaks, and it was just really nice.

Then we came home and I had secretly arranged to have our friends the K family and the A family over for dinner, because I knew it would make Pat happy and wanted to surprise him, but I just had this feeling all day as I lied to him that he was in on the secret. Finally I said to him, "I have this feeling you already know, and I can't keep it a secret any longer because I need a lot of help with the house, (while I was making the cake), so.....", and I told him.

He had already known because I had him look up directions for me while I was on the road with the kids earlier this week (I got lost heading to a corn maze) and while he was in my email account, he saw the stuff about dinner on Friday and snooped. I can't keep a secret from him to save my life. I posted the pictures of his cake, because it is a two day process and so big I knew I couldn't hide it and surprise him. I tried to buy him something, but then he checked our budget and noticed the purchase. Isn't he lame?

Anyway it was a lot of fun hanging out with friends and the children all had a great time riding bikes together and playing, etc. It was just a really fun day!

The cake had a marshmallow frosting (because Pat likes that and I needed it to be white) and in between the layers of yellow cake there was chocolate pudding frosting. I think I'll go have some leftovers now! Hey I'm on the No Es Diet now, and it's an "S" day!

Oh yea, and one funny thing.... I was laying on the floor on my stomach a couple days ago, and Sam ran out and jumped on my back and said, "I'm on the mother ship!"
I don't have any idea where he got that from. Evan's got his fourth soccer game this morning, and he still hasn't played at all. Wish us luck! Oh, and, happy General Conference weekend!!!!

Oh and one more thing- after everyone left last night, I went into the room that the kids were playing in to assess the damage expecting it to be really messy, and I was shocked to find the rooms pristine. I called Dallas, my usual cleaner and asked him about it and he was shocked too. He had been playing foosball with the older kids in the garage. I have this feeling Jen knows something about it... or maybe Julie?
But then, to add to my shock, my boys (D and S) said since their room was clean, they wanted to clean up everything from the party, and so they did! They washed off the table, took out the leaves (sp?), cleaned up the living room, etc. It was like they were excited about it! It was so wonderful, and weird all at the same time.