Friday, January 7, 2011

HAPPY 2011!!!

On New Years Day, we picked up our car at the shop for $750.00, and one of our water pipes froze, and Sam cut his foot really bad jumping/falling off the bunk bed. We really know how to par-tay! (He needed stitches, but everything was closed New Years Day except the ER, so we taped it up tight and kept it clean, and it is healing well, though it'll still take a while.)

Pat has had to work out of town a lot, and therefore I have had less time and have been getting behind in the blogging/journaling. I have all my Ireland stuff ready, all the pictures loaded, but I lost my hand written journal of it. So I'm trying to find where it went (I'm sure it's in the house), because I want to have all the information correct when I write about our trip.

After hearing some great talks at church, we have really tried to plan our year out well, be better organized and set some good goals. One thing Pat wanted to do is personal interviews with each child on a "date" night once a week. Well we've never had enough time for that, so we are trying once a month instead. Baby steps. The boys are SO EXCITED about it. Sam went out with Pat and they went bowling (Sam's choice) and then got burgers, fries and soda. Pat got some time to talk to him one on one about life and his goals, and Sam just had the most fun!
In fact Evan has already had two fits because he has to wait a whole month until it's his turn!
I feel kind of bad about that, but we really can't afford to spend money weekly, and hey, I don't even get to go on a date that often with dad! So we're all basically waiting around for our chance to be with Pat. We all love him so much!

Now here's some funny conversations or things that have happened recently:

Evan's observations on beauty:
E: Mom, Leia will be beautiful when she grows up.
M:Yep! She'll be beautiful to us, no matter what.
E:Yeah, cause she'll look like you!

Evan and the ghost. Whenever something bad happens Evan blames the ghost. Soon his brothers began saying, Mom, the ghost just means Evan did it. Evan didn't like this (even though it was true), so he laid off the ghost thing for a while.
Today cleaning his room I found a book that had been destroyed.
M:Oh! Who broke this book?
Sam:It wasn't me.
Evan: It wasn't me. So it that means it was Dallas. (Big sigh.)
Or it was the ghost. The ghost that's not me.

After dinner as Sam is leaving the table, he leans over to my ear and whispering, says, "Make sure you make that dinner for me tomorrow night", followed by a really cute smile.

Ever since reading Captain Underpants, the boys have thought it pretty hilarious to launch an underwear attack against their mother. (They fling underwear at me and laugh.) I have to admit, that book is pretty funny. It was Sam's Christmas book and he's already read it twice and read another Captain Underpants from the library.

Dallas read it twice too, and he also really like the King Arthur book he received. He read it and then, since it came with a CD narrated by Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), the boys have all listened to it as well. They've been listening to books and old radio shows a lot lately at night after they are in bed. Right now they are listening to The Secret Garden. Only Dallas is old enough to really enjoy it, but hey...

I remember listening to the record of the music from the Disney movie Bambii at night when I was little, and that music is still magical to me.

I like sharing great books/present ideas since we all need help with finding interesting stuff for our kids! So thanks for the info on presents that went over well at your houses that I've read on your blogs too!

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