Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coloring the Bench

Remember this storage bench we built over Christmas break? Well, we finally colored the top!
Breaking down the details- in the below picture you will find: The Oakland Temple, New York City, a forest colored by Evan, train tracks, a farm, a volcano, two dragons, a crocodile swamp, and the following stores- Sam's Automotive Repair, Linda's Pets, Sunny's Salon and Barbershop, Daddy Pat's Ice-Cream, Karisa's Food Place, Patrick O'Mullen's Bookstore, and Steph and T's Clothing Store.
In the next segment below you will see: a Pirate Ship, Desert with snakes and cactus by Dallas, Airport with airplane and helicopter, Beach with crab, shells, a whale, and Uncle Ricks Navy Ship, LN's Castle, a New Mexico Pueblo colored by Sam, Dallas' Amusement Park, Hospital, Evan's Toystore, Jeremy's Professional Painters, Brenda's Newspaper Stand, Firetruck and House, and the Library.
In our last segment you will see: The School with Playground and Soccer Field and School Bus, Smith's Grocery, Target, Two Indian Villages with Buffalo, Papa Scott's Post Office, Our House with garden, swing set, trampoline, tree house, orchard, and running track, neighborhood, and swimming pool. Hey we can dream right?
Now someday I must make a pad for sitting on and then it will really be finished!

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Steph said...

So cute! and I get my own clothes shop? Awesome! I hope we run a successful business. Tell the boys to stop by often because Momma needs something to wear!