Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lei-Lei!

She made it! Leia Nora is 1!!!

Turning off all the lights to sing and blow out her candle kinda spooked her. Look at her cute spooked face!

Below is the crown D made for her! Pat and I got her that balloon. We should have waited until she was 2 for it though. She didn't seem to care much.
First dip of her fingers into the whip cream frosting and she thinks it feels weird. She got over it quickly though!

This is the present Sam made for her!
This is the present Evan made for her. Notice the grocery store twist tie that he made into a ring for her. The boys decided to make the presents all on their own and suddenly appeared with them! They are kind brothers.
A few of her favorite things: BATHS! She comes running (okay walking as fast as she can) whenever she hears the water. Below she is pictured infiltrating Sam's bath. She also loves playing with her brothers and we are turning her into a Wiggles fan also! She loves their music and so do we! She also LOVES her pacys (pacifiers). She likes to suck on one and have an additional one or two in her hands as back up. She rotates through them. I think this is funny since she is my first baby to ever use a pacifier.
We are working on teaching her animals, and she is becoming a good eater. REAL messy, but good. And no more buying formula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was reading my personal journal about all the trouble I had being ill for weeks after her birth and having more trouble nursing than I'd ever had before which is really saying something, and how horrid the weather was, and seriously I think it's a miracle we are here at her 1 year birthday! What a blessing! (I'm still upset that the hospital wouldn't let the boys come visit because of the H1N1 thing.)

This last picture cracks me up because I was just getting a shot of LN's balloon hooked onto the back of her pants, and suddenly I heard a big scream. I turned off the camera and Evan was crying saying Sam pulled his arm. I asked Sam and he said he didn't. So I checked the camera and it became quite clear who was telling the truth...

Now I know my sister will be a little disappointed with these festivities. I mean for her first birthday there were at least a hundred people there, and we killed three pigs and there was a wedding cake and all...

...but Steph, we can't all party like it's 1986 (and you're in Tonga).


Kim said...
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Kim said...

Wow! How can she be one already?!? And she's so dang cute! Kids grow waaaayyyy tooooo fast! Happy Birthday, big girl!

Steph said...

She is so cute. By the way, I understand that everyone can't party like me, but at least try and party like it's 1986 Karisa! Sheesh!
Please, just answer this: Did you at least have pork for dinner?

Love you!!! I'm so glad you made it through that horrible winter (with shoe eating mud). I still remember the night's we would spend hours talling about what to name that sweet little girl. I'm so glad you picked Leah, I mean Leia.

kathryne said...

I wish i could have been there because i love her soooo much! She grew up way fast! I cant beleive it!