Friday, February 25, 2011

School Stuff

Those out of control unions in Michigan are one reason I choose to home school.

Someone recommended this great article about home schooling. It's basically one mom explaining the why and how of her decision to home school. I know not everyone can do it, and I'm not even suggesting that at all. If I had things my way, my children would go to classes or activities organized by parents a couple days a week, or for a part day. The parents could hire teachers or teach themselves if they are able. Since that doesn't exist here (our home school group is made up of mostly early elementary children), we do our best with what we have. I really liked this article:

Our home school group was recently featured in a local magazine, however, since it's not online I have no idea how to cut and paste it here. It was a nice article though.

Since I'm talking about school stuff, I found a history author that I have found to be exceptionally fair, well written, and fascinating! I've read two and a half of his books and have three more on my night stand because I love learning about history. His books are written for younger readers, probably through high school which basically means you can understand them and you want to read them rather than having to force yourself to read them! (I've been forcing myself to read a history of the Irish Potato Famine and as a contrast, this author tried to make it as utterly boring as possible. I'm so glad it's almost over.)

So I wanted to share this great author with you. Check out this link for a list of his books.

(I read Quanah and Aztecs and Spaniards, and am reading about Vietnam.)

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