Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bike ride around Dingle peninsula

Woke up at 8:30am and ate breakfast and went to rent a bike. Two places were closed for off season, but then we found a loofly (lovely) man in a shop who told us to go to a bar. It's open, he said, people already in there drinking. So we went in to the bar called Foxy Johns and we did indeed rent a bike for each of us, and sure enough there were men drinking already.

I have to say I loved my bike! They are cute bikes with big seats for us fat Americans. Very comfortable and easy to use, which was good since I hadn't ridden a bike for at least 10 years. We set off on our 30 mile bike ride around the tip of Dingle Peninsula. (By the end my butt was soooo sore.)

Pat will write for a while:

Passing the Ventry harbor was beautiful, long beaches with sheep roaming in the close foreground. We stopped for a few minutes at Dunbeg fort – a fort from 500 B.C. It was small and impressive. There were some very nice costal cliff views from the fort.

We continued on and saw some bee hive huts (ancient) lots of fields surrounded by stone walls (some just laying fallow) - before easy access to fertilizer they plowed into the ground and added seaweed to get things to grow.  There was a stream crossing the road. We stopped for a minute at Shea Head and saw the nice crucifix there. After that the up-hill portions got harder. We biked/walked through some nice views and after about 20 miles ended up in Ballyferriter and into a pub for lunch (mushroom soup, ham sandwiches and fries). Food never tasted so good.  After lunch it was starting to get cold. We had our hardest up-hill stretch and then a few miles back down to Dingle town- 10 miles altogether. We dropped off the bikes and got some ice cream (Karisa had brown bread ice-cream) and then went to a shop (Super-Value) for some snacks for tonight. The hot showers back at the B&B never felt so good.  Below are all the pictures we took on the bike ride. 

View out our window.
Ventry Harbor

These are the reeds that they make their roofs with.
I loved these living walls bordering the roads.

Look at those amazing rock walls!

Dunbeg Fort

Do you see the island Skellig Michael?

Beehive house, not a speck of mortar.  Great picture of me.

Slea Head
Aren't our two bikes romantic?

That night Karisa's legs/knees would hurt her terribly making it difficult to sleep and they ached so cold but there was nothing we could do to get the room warmer. She really needed a heating pad just on her legs.  No bathtub either to soak.  That's what you get for getting on a bike suddenly after 10 years and riding 30 miles.  She said she'd do it again though, because it was so amazing.  By the way, they said the average rider will do this in about 3 hours.  We were gone for 7-8 hours and Karisa really wanted to stop at one beautiful beach and rest but I had to make her to keep going because we didn't want to get back after dark.  We got back just as it was about dusk.  If we ever go back to Ireland she still wants to see that beach.  We collected shells and rocks along the way to take home to the kids. 

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