Sunday, March 13, 2011


People in Ireland said Brilliant! a lot. Here are some things that I think are Brilliant!

Sam kept wandering out of bed, so I asked him to come to me and I told him how special and wonderful he is and I told him all the many ways that he blessed our family. He decided to lay on me and I sang him songs until he fell asleep. I don't know how he bottles up so much anger and sweetness simultaneously in his little body, but I love him so much. He is a really fun guy. I felt bad because I had gotten really upset at him last weekend. We were painting our house and he knocked a can of paint off a table and it spilled all over that wood bench we just made and colored, all over the fireplace and stove, my pants, the carpet and the tile floor. It was an absolute disaster, and he had been told not to be in that area. It's hard to believe they can be so much trouble when they are asleep, and you feel sorry for ever being mad. I love you Sam.

Here's EG's new talent.

LN's got an addiction. Pacifiers.

This song isn't perfected, I just decided to record D practicing because it's my favorite song he's ever been assigned. I just feel like dancing.

Thanks to our friend Jerry and our neighbor Warren who both offered to come help out when I had a flat tire and was stranded at home. Pat was out of town on business for three days and I was feeling pretty stir crazy imagining being stuck at home for three days. Luckily I didn't have to be. And thanks to Jenn for always finding me amazing clothes for LN at the thrift store!

I did a lot of gardening this weekend which makes me so happy! Tried to get the dirt tilled and start prepping for a garden and also weed all my flowerbeds so that the flowers all have breathing room to grow now that it's that time again!

I started playing basketball whenever I can with friends. I've only actually been once so far. It's good exercise, but I'm not very aggressive. The one time I tried to steal the ball, I jammed my thumb and boy did that hurt. Plus people kept saying that I was not allowed to run without dribbling. My brother used to let me jump on him and do whatever I wanted when we played, but apparently there are rules. Dribbling really slows you down.

I got a call last week on Friday from our friend Larry asking how long I had been in my calling as the music leader for the children. I wanted to say 3 months, but I knew that since he had been my pianist about 2 and 1/2 years ago that he'd know the truth. I knew what was about to happen... the very next day I was released from being the chorister and put into the young women where I will be teaching the 12 and 13 year old girls. I only cried for 24 hours. I think I am much better at the music with children than at teaching teenagers, but the Lord puts us where He wants us and I know that if I do my best it will be a great blessing. I wish I had blogged about all the music activities I did with the children though for the last 2 and 1/2 years. It was a big part of my life and I loved it! I have games and posters, musical thermometers, buttons, puppet shows, bells, bean bags, a huge dice, shakers, items for dressing up, finger plays, and props for so many songs, not to mention the entire year already planned out!

We just finished our spring break week. We took a break now because we knew that these gals were arriving. Six new baby chicks! Each one is a different kind of chick. We got them primarily for the eggs that they will lay someday, but for now we are writing our observations in our science journals every day. They sure are cute and since they currently reside in our living room we hear constant cheep cheeping all day long. Usually it's pretty soft and you don't really notice it, but a couple nights ago they were all peeping like crazy at about 4am. I went out to check on them and they were playing Frisbee with a sticker off a banana that somehow ended up in their box. They loved grabbing it, throwing it, and then chasing it!
I guess I'm as caught up as I'll be today so now I'd better go to sleep!

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