Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 1- Arrival in Dublin-Glendalough-Kilkenny

What a long series of flights!  We are finally here in Ireland!!!  Today we visited The Book of Kells in the STUNNING library at Trinity College.  We read about and saw ancient drawings of the horrible tortures that the Catholics and Protestants killed one another with, and that the Spanish Catholics killed the Indians over in the Americas with.  They were the most horrific sketches of torture, and it's chilling to know that it truly happened.  It is unbelievable.  So sad.  We also went to the Nat'l Museum and saw mummified corpses, viking artifacts and many other things.  What very interesting history.  As bad as I think things are right now in the world, I have seen the tools of a much harsher and crueler world.  I don't know how H.F.'s heart isn't shattered beyond repair at all the sufferings of His children.  I wish I would be more positive and grateful.
Pictured above is a page from the famous Book of Kells. Below is the Trinity Library where it is housed. This library was amazing. Just look at all those books that are hundreds of years old. Secret passageways, abound.

Looking up Pat's geneaology, a great, great, great grandfather that came from Kilkenny last name Power.

We at a BLT, Hot Chocolate and water that we shared and then headed to Glendalough.  It is a site of ruins in a beautiful countryside with bikes and trails through GORGEOUS woods.   We tried to follow one of the trails and went quite a ways but the sun was almost gone and we had to return.  One of the downsides of going in the off-season. 

After this Pat displayed even more impressive driving skills (getting out of Dublin driving on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car was hard enough!), as he maneuvered the winding roads to Kilkenny, where after much trial and error, we finally found a place to sleep and eat. We were going to stay in a Hostel since it was so cheap, but we were taken up to the third floor and the floor was mushy and I was totally freaked out. Another place looked nice, but too cold since by then we were rain drenched and I was freezing. Pat's mad at me for turning two down. Finally, though, in the middle of town we found the Pembroke and it is wonderful. (the best hotel we stayed at for the whole trip. How I wished I could carry it around with me the entire trip! Luxurious since it was new, but basic and so it was affordable.) Now we are finally showered and warm, and ready to sleep- something we haven't been able to do for two days now! BTW, the dessert was my favorite food today. Creme brulee with white chocolate ice-cream in a white chocolate cup that we got to eat. After checking in and putting our bags in the hotel we went out again in the rain since we needed some umbrellas and a few other small things and we found a Dunnes store and then left our car there and walked in the freezing rain and only found one restaurant open which was really fancy. Well it was either that or a bar that didn't look too good. So this night would be not only the nicest hotel, but also the nicest food of our whole trip! I love Irish Brown bread! I only wish I wasn't wet and jet lagged and awful looking when we went there!
I'm thrilled that my boys seem so happy, but Leia is very very sad at home, and terrified for Grandma Brenda to leave her. We always talk at night since it's early afternoon for them.

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