Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 3-Kilkenny-Rock of Cashel-Kinsale

So we drove to Cashel to see the Rock of Cashel- a very old castle/fortress built on top of a huge hill like a rock as shown in the pictures above. It appeared suddenly as we drove toward it and was very impressive. It was much fought over in the past because of it's great position. I have never smelled such an old smell as when we went into the one room that still had it's roof intact so it was all closed in. I didn't like breathing the air, because it smelled so old. I would imagine it would smell like that if you opened up a coffin from 1000 years ago and took a deep whif. It wouldn't reak of course, but it would smell like dusty bones.
Most of it was open though since the roofs and walls were not all there. We toured it quickly in the fierce cold wind and rain and mailed a postcard to the boys and LN and then drove on through Cork to Kinsale. Found a very lovely B&B (PierHouse). I don't love my hotel as much as last nights perfect hotel, but I LOVE this town. We are staying at a nice B&B with Anne (owner). She is a thin lady perhaps 40 years old, very pretty, with long, red, curly hair. She loved the pictures of our kiddos. We wandered all up and down the streets of this town looking for food. We shared a meal like last night at a nice restaurant because it was what we could find but we couldn't afford two meals. Then of course on our way back to our B&B we found a little fish and chips place which would have been better on the budget. Oh well. We had been frugal all day up till dinner. Our breakfast was included and we met a couple from Spain next to us, a 4 euro lunch from a store and then dinner. The dinner we got was a seafood chowder, fish and chips, and a warm bread pudding covered in sticky toffee and whip cream.
We went here to hear the band, but they never showed up- I guess they didn't start until really late. If we weren't such boring married people we might have stayed, but we had kids to call.
Went to bed earlier tonight to get an early start tomarrow!

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