Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A few stops along the way...

A beautiful beach a long our way.

We saw many Irish men dressed this way and I absolutely loved it!  We stopped in Timoleague to see a free stone castle type thing called the abbey/friary (pictures below). 

If you read the fine print you'll see that this friary was made in the late 13th or early 14th century. We just saw it as we were driving along, and stopped and walked around it's completely vacant insides. What a marvel!

Do you see the steps leading down into this pit? I wonder what it was used for? It was below the main level.

Gaelic writing on the wall of the friary.  I have taken a great interest in the lost art of calligraphy.  All forms.  Isn't it beautiful?  We drove on and wanted to see the Ring of Kerry (we would never make it here though), and Dingle, but weren't sure if we should try both in one day.  We asked Anne the owner of the B&B where she would go and she said she preferred Beara- yet another peninsula!  So we decided since Beara was smaller that we'd go there.  So the next stop was Dromberg Stone Circle- right off the road- very nice. 

This was a beautiful path that we walked to get to a stone circle. We had no idea where it went or how long we'd be walking. We came across the below picture of someone's ancient living quarters. There was a sign there telling about how they would build a fire in the dugout to the left and heat rocks in the fire, and then roll them out into the pit just next to it (in the picture it's filled with rain water). This contained their water back then too, and the rocks would bring it to a boil quickly so that they could cook their food.
Then right after that we came upon the stone circle. There are over 100 of these in different parts of Ireland, and no one quite knows what they were used for, or who, or how they were built. I wanted to visit each one, but alas, this was to suffice. Isn't it beautiful? I sang songs here.

After this Skibbereen for lunch from a grocery store, and then to Glengariff where we turned West to go around BEARA.

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