Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More on teachers unions...

The growing unrest in our country and the great numbers that want to sabotage her are troubling to me to say the least.

Today's subject- teachers unions.

I have nothing against teachers, it's the unions. They are abusing the reason for which they were created, and they exist now primarily for themselves and their radical causes, pumping so much money into elections and heavily influencing legislation.

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals was a featured item on the National Education Association reading list.

Here's a quick video of a Union leader saying outright their real motives. It is shocking, even though I already believed this, still it is chilling.

US Socialists and Union Activists are now being investigated by the FBI for providing material support to the Islamic Terrorist & International Marxist groups they work with.

When is it enough?

Some people think good people should try to change the schools from the inside out. That may work, for all I know, but it seems near impossible. I wish good teachers would get together and start private schools. Good establishments would get a good reputation and people would be lined up to get in I believe. I just worry about those who can't afford to pay. Like me! We would have money if we weren't taxed so much already to pay for the government programs.

If the government was out of education, can you imagine the amount of taxpayer money saved? Getting government to give up money, power and control though is far fetched.

Here in New Mexico the Superintendent over all the Albuquerque schools just said that per child they spend about 15,000 per year, state and federal government combined. He refused, however, to give the real amount, factoring in the wages of all the staff, the buildings and all that goes into running a school. I shudder to think how much money that is all together! And yet we were asked all the time to contribute more for art, fundraisers, books, etc.

When is it enough?

There would be a lot of difficulty running our own community or private schools, but something has to be done. There must be an alternative! I'm sorry for thinking out loud, but is the convenience of public schools really worth laying down and continuing to give the government and unions more money while they slowly destroy our individuality, our freedom and our country? I hope not.

By the way, I say destroying our individuality because one of their goals is to have all children in public schools and to make home schooling and private schools disappear. I am a member of a home school legal defense association, and their quarterly magazine is full of stories about the government coming after homeschoolers illegally. Usually it is a Superintendent or Child Protective Services that comes out and threatens that if the children aren't in school they'll be taken away.

All I can say is that I think it's important to stand for freedom before it is too late.

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