Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am grateful that the cashier at the store gave me a huge box of diapers for only 10.00 simply because the scanner wasn't scanning the correct price. So he just typed in $10 and I should have paid about $30.

I'm grateful for that waiter that didn't charge us a couple months ago for all the kids meals. I don't know if he was just trying to get a big tip, but if he was, it worked. Even with the big tip, he reduced our meal price by about $20. That was so nice of him.

I'm thankful for my friend Melinda who came to my house today and taught me how to make her fantastic lasagna.  She is going through a lot, yet she still made time to come and spend some time with me.  And as a bonus I had dinner already made tonight!!!  Yummy lasagna.

I'm thankful that my talk went well on Sunday. I spent every free hour I had on it for the 5 days I had to prepare it, and wrote 3 different talks and nothing felt right. I kept praying for help and direction. I am not afraid to speak in public and I can usually prepare a talk fairly quickly, but nothing would feel right! No matter how many different topics I tried, or how many different angles I tried to approach them from, I just kept ending up with BLAH. I missed lots of engagements (bookclub, basketball, Super Saturday, and relax time), and I just kept getting no where. I stayed up two nights in a row almost the whole night because I just kept trying to get it done and it would just not work! Pat was always patient and helpful, giving me suggestions, helping me find scriptures, doing the dishes and watching the children after he got home from work so I could work on it. I woke up Sunday morning after getting 2 hours of sleep, still with pieces of a talk and time slipping through my fingers as church started at 9am. I was so frustrated! I could feel Heavenly Father helping me, but I could still feel something wasn't right. Then Pat made a suggestion that was the missing link. Suddenly it all came together and even though I was still filling it in during the first part of church, when it was time for me to speak, the Spirit was there, and when I stood, it all came out just right.

So to sum that all up, I am grateful to Father for listening to my prayers, and I am thankful to my dear husband for never getting angry at how much time it was taking, or how wishy washy I was being trying to decide what to speak on.

And, yeah, I'm not going to tell about my talk, but many, many people complimented me, which I know the credit goes to God, but after spending a week feeling like I was in finals again, it was delightful to hear that the talk really made a difference to so many people. And Pat really liked it too, which was nice to hear since I love him so much!

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