Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great day at the zoo!

A couple weeks ago after D's speech therapy I took all the kids to the zoo and had a fun, relaxing visit!
The weather was perfect; not too hot or too cold. All the kids were in good spirits. We had good glimpses of the animals that you don't always get. The polar bears especially. We happened to be there with about 10 others right at their feeding time and that was especially exciting. Their feeder had a good arm and threw the fish all over making them leap off of 20 foot cliffs into the water below and climb back up again and we got splashed repeatedly.

While watching the chimpanzees, the boys knocked on the glass to get them to move or do something. I told them to stop because that wasn't nice, and how would they feel if everyone came by bothering them all the time?
Dallas said, "Yeah. It's like every morning I'm just in my bed trying to read my book and this girl comes in and bothers me about my chores." (Talking about his dear sweet mother.)

Sam unbeknownst to me brought along paper and pencil to take notes and he wrote down all sorts of notes about each animal which took a long time, but I was just so proud of him for wanting to do that, I didn't mind. One great note he wrote was about the big pink bottom on the chimpanzee.

Evan said funny stuff all day too but I don't remember already.
My crew

Mom look!

Sam finishing up his notes.  He had to find a place to sit down and write while we waited for him.

Polar bears at feeding time.

Mom look!

Dallas carrying Evan to the car since he couldn't walk anymore.

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Steph said...

I love your kids!! Dallas is such a goof. Sam is just the coolest kid, Evan is a sweetheart and Leia is a cutiepie. I'm glad you all got to have such a good time!!