Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anything you can do, I can do better

No, Mom, you can't feed me.  I can do it myself.  If you attempt to help me, even by turning my spoon right side up I will scream like my leg's being cut off.  And when I'm done, I fully intend to lick the bowl clean by placing it upside down on my head.   I'm thankful for this bib, but I'm making sure that you will be bathing me (I like baths) and dressing me all over again.  Today I think I'll try pooping in the bathtub to see what that's like.  Eewww!!  I hate that!!!!  This is gross!  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!  It's on my toys!  Screaming- Get me out of here!  Don't forget to wash and bleach that tub!  And all my toys!  And the toilet and floor since carrying handfuls of wet poop from the tub to the toilet doesn't quite work.  Now hurry and get me dressed.  We are late mom... I'm waiting.  Thank you.  Now I will go through your bag and take out anything I want to play with while you handle the 'code brown' in the bathtub.  Then you really should clean up breakfast, or that 'tiny' bit of cream of wheat that I spilled on the table, chair and floor will turn into cement.  Gosh mom!  It's only 8am and you look pretty awful!  Yes I did dump the prunes all over the carpet...  It was fun!  Yes I know you and Dad just cleaned the carpets yourselves.  They just needed a little something.  You should try it Mom.  Mom?

And this just in...
Moments earlier a certain baby was seen throwing herself all over in a convulsive manner, clawing at her parents and screaming.   I won't mention who that baby was, but let me just say, you better not leave that certain baby off the tire swing.  All better!

A couple days ago I got to take dinner to a friend in the homeschool group.  She is close to my age and just had her ninth baby.   I don't know how she and her husband do it, but there is a wonderful spirit in her home and she does a fantastic job with her children.  By the way she had twins twice in a row!  My head is spinning.  Just like my friend growing up who was one of 11 children in her family, and she and her siblings were all wonderful!  Some parents just do a wonderful job.  I know they rely on God and that's what makes them so wonderful; they don't try to do it alone.    Today I salute my friend.  She is an inspiration!

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Kim said...

Funny post!!! Oh my, I know those sort of days where everything is just a mess! You just gotta laugh, nothing else you can do right. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Sooooooo cute!