Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girl Camp Desserts

What I had the MOST trouble with is a dessert for the first night for 160 people.   I didn't want to do something simple like brownies because I had done that before.  I really wanted to make giant chocolate chip cookies like Levain's in New York City, but you cannot transport those easily for that many people without padding them, and individually wrapping them so they don't crumble.  I went through cupcakes, bars, puddings, cobblers and crisps, an assortment of cakes, and so many other things!  I finally emailed my Aunt Nancy since everyone loves her ice-cream dessert and I was resolved to make it.  So I decided to test a 9x13 pan of ice-cream pie dessert calculating in my head how much ice-cream I'd need and how to get them up there without it all melting, etc, etc.

Then I tried to cut it, and I nearly died just trying to get one piece out.  I don't have very strong hands and I knew I was not going to be possible to cut and serve this to 160 people.   Back to the drawing board.

Then one day I was at Costco looking at their already made desserts and wondering about what to do when I saw these mini croissants.   I asked the bakery guy what to do with these to make them a dessert.   He said to mix whip cream (you could probably buy it, but I whipped it with a bit of vanilla and sugar), with Jello Pudding Cream Cheese flavor (make it up).  You just fold the pudding and whip cream together.   Then you split the croissant almost all the way in half, brush with honey, and put a big spoonful of the whip cream mixture into it.    Now place filled croissants on a cookie sheet and cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. 
Costco mini croissants
On the side prepare some berries: chopped strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and toss gently with a bit of honey also if you desire.  (The honey has to be warmed slightly so it runs over it all.  Then refrigerate the berries until ready.)

To serve have small disposable plates ready.  Place one filled croissant on the plate and a scoop of berries next to it.  Voila!

I even had some homemade hot fudge that I drizzled a bit over them.  I had made it when I was thinking of doing the ice-cream desserts, so it worked out great!   It's such a simple idea for a dessert I don't know why I never thought of it, but I bless that nice man at the Costco bakery.  He told me everyone would love it and he was right!  I'm not even a croissant fan, but these were sooo good!  By the way, if you're not a cheesecake fan have no fear.  The cheesecake flavor barely comes through (since it's a mix and there's no actual cheese in it), but it gives it a depth, whereas if you had just used vanilla pudding it would have tasted too blah sweet.

And here's what happens when the girls find the leftover whip cream filling.  

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