Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls Camp!

Girls Camp was great, and I worked myself hard.  I could not have done it without my two assistants Cumorah and Susan.  Cumorah had mad skills on the griddle, and Susan never left my side and never stopped doing dishes.   They both supported me in everything since they were called to assist me after I had planned the menu and all.  The only thing I needed was more help the morning of.   My assistants had to ride up with other people since I didn't have any space.  You should have seen how crazy it was at Costco first thing in the morning (they let me come in a couple hours early).  I had already bought everything that was non-perishable and had it in the truck, and now I had to get all the fruit, meat, milk, butter, cheese, OJ, sour cream, bread type stuff.  I was literally running through the store.  20 gallons of milk!!!   I filled up one cart and two flats.   Luckily someone loaned me their truck, but a large empty van would have been better, because some hot dog buns blew away on the trip and it was really hard to fit all the food even in that truck!  That was the only part I hated was being alone for all of that (Pat came to help, but some more men would have been great since we had to watch the kids too and there was a lot of lifting), and then driving to the camp by myself sucked since I always get lost and I did!   This camp was definitely out in the middle of nowhere!  I got lost on the way home too and added an hour to my trip!  The only other thing was that the estimated numbers they gave me were at times twice as high as the amount of people that actually showed up most of the time.  Some girls wanted to sleep rather than eat so they didn't come to breakfast, or, the scout ranch staff that we were supposed to feed didn't show or whatever.   I really could have cut down on the budget if we had known these things would happen, but nobody could know that.   Everyone loved the food though, and wanted the recipes and were really, really thankful, and I got the award for Best Camp Food Ever!   Then I came home and slept, and slept, and now I'm behind, behind!   Why do I do this to myself?  I think camp is fun and it is always a spiritual experience.  President Shepherd gave a wonderful talk that I just can't say enough about, and the night we broke up into wards for testimonies was a wonderful experience too.  Camp is just special, and I get to know people I never would have in the Stake and to be able to associate with them is a blessing to my life.  I always come away a better person.   And I was so happy on Thursday when my family got to come up to camp!  They needed priesthood to accompany the girls on a hike and since they were desperate, Pat volunteered.  He and the boys went and LN and I went to my tent and took a nap!  The boys liked seeing where I was sleeping and they got to eat with us twice before heading back home.

I was so busy at camp that I didn't snap a single picture!  So I got these from others.  The below picture is of almost all the girls. I'm in there somewhere.

This is the group of leaders at camp (I'm in the back).  All of them awesome.  Good times.

Each group of girls was given a bag of random items that they had to incorporate into their skit.  This was the best skit!  I laughed so hard I cried! 

Gorham Scout Ranch in Chimayo NM
I found this picture online because this is where I hung out most of the time!  In the dining hall.   Of course the scouts weren't there.  Just wanted to give you an idea of it.  It was a very large kitchen and dining hall- this picture doesn't even show a quarter of it!  Here's my menu if you're interested.

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llegue said...

oh my gosh..you menu is inspired! So sad I missed your wonderful cooking!