Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hand-made Boots

I found out recently that Brother J at church makes hand-made boots.  It reminded me of the time in Chile when I needed a pair of good boots both for walking all day and to keep out the rain, and a shoemaker made them for me.  It was a neat experience, so I asked Brother J if the kids and I could come over and learn about what he does.  He graciously allowed us to come into his work room and showed us how he makes boots.  I know for a fact his boots sell for more than $400 dollars.  They are very finely made and all hand sewn, not a single nail.  He even let the boys sew on the leather, glue some leather together and watch him work.  What an art!  Plus I thought all leather was made from cow hides, but he had ostrich, elephant and kangaroo leather that we got to see and feel.  The ostrich leather had holes all over it from where the feathers were and was dotted where the knees were, the kangaroo is supposed to be some of the strongest leather you can find, and the elephant leather looked wrinkled everywhere just like an elephant.  Fascinating!  Thank you Brother J for your time today!

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