Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday!

We love Evan so much.  We hardly ever call him Eegee anymore.  He still has his special way of talking.

"I'ma going outside."  (He adds an "a" or the "uh" sound after words.)

He has a tiny smile that looks like he's in on some secret that you don't know.  But when you can make him laugh out loud his smile is brilliant!

He calls his oatmeal Opy-meal.   He and Sam look increasingly like twins.

And if you ask him a question like, "Did you like your birthday cake?"
He'll say, "Uh-huh!"  With a major accent on the last part like a really high note.  He has a tiny tiny voice!

He is still shy in a lot of ways, but very loving.  We all did some skits at scouts (Ya pucha, Worms, Pick-pocket, Seven), and he doesn't feel comfortable to do that yet, but he wants to and I'm sure he will someday.

He likes to be tucked in every night and if no one does it he'll come out and say, "Can somebody tuck me?"

He is learning to read just because he wants to and doing wonderful!  He starts Kindergarten this year!

Because we have Netflicks he has found Dora and watched a few of those shows and really likes it so he asked for a Dora cake.   We were lucky to have Stephanie visiting and since it was in the middle of their birthdays we decided to go ahead and celebrate them both!  (Stephanie secretly wanted a Dora cake.  Oh and she is also five.)
The lego thing was what I asked Pat to make to be like the castle that they get to after they cross the bridge and go over the mountain, but it just doesn't seem to fit I think.

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