Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My sister came to visit!  My sister came to visit!  We had Vietnamese food, went swimming, sang every camp song we knew, had a little birthday party and she helped with my lesson for church on Sunday and it was just a relaxed, fun, comfortable visit!  I was totally exhausted after just getting back from Girls Camp so I barely cooked at all, or we made simple food and we all loved it!  And let me just say it was waaaaaaaay more fun than last time when I had a new baby and because of all the storms we were confined to the house with snow and mud up to our elbows and everything pretty much sucked.   I had been wanting to go see some ruins 1 hour from our home that I just learned about.  There were three sites with ruins (ABO, QUARAI, and GRAN QUIVIRA) and they were all near the town of Mountainair, a little town where we had a surprisingly good lunch!  I was glad we finally got to go here, and that we got to take Steph too!   I'll post more on our trip later when she sends me the pictures.  (p.s. Why can't I dress as cute as her?  And Uncle T.... we miss you.... !!! )

S and E hiding in one of the many rooms.  This place was perfect for hide n' seek.

LN is a real busy girl now

Can you tell this was a lot of homes clumped together?

A view from the top of those homes so you can see into the rooms

S and D down in a deep room

There were several of these circular pits with a chimney that lets out where S and D are standing.  They had some guesses as to what they were for, but they don't know for sure. 

I love this picture

Love this girl

Evan and his cute smiles

Can you find the snake?
My sister is deathly afraid of snakes like I am of spiders.  So she was off somewhere looking at the ruins when the rest of us walked into this big area and came upon the snake.  (hint: It's climbing up a wall)
I started calling to Steph to alert her and make sure that she wouldn't come in here.  When I did find her, she freaked because she had ALREADY been in here before all of us and did not like knowing that she had been close to a snake.  She was curious and we walked back toward this big room since she couldn't believe it.  Suddenly I looked down and it was right in front of me hiding on the steps behind where you see Sam in this picture.  Bam!  She was gone! 

They were doing some work in here- that's why you see a cable.

What it would have looked like

The boys got their badges at each place.  The worked hard for them!

Thanks Steph for taking a picture of the whole family!

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