Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love music!

I love music.   I spent my entire teenage years dancing in my room.  Here's Fleetwood Mac's Gypsy.  Watching her dance around in front of the mirror reminds me so much of me back then, and my sister thought the same thing, although I never listened to Fleetwood Mac growing up.

Do you ever have the wish that you could go back in time to the 80's?  When music was good?  (U2, Def Leopard, Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, etc)

Duran Duran below.  You can't beat Simon's voice or John Taylor's looks.  Still.  Don't you love real talent that happens naturally without being manufactured?
(Favorite songs: I Don't Want Your Love, The Reflex, Save a Prayer, Perfect Day, Hungry Like the Wolf, Rio, Come Undone, Ordinary World, The Seventh Stranger, Union of the Snake, Notorious, A Matter of Fact, Salt in the Rainbow, Is There Something I Should Know?, Friends of Mine...)
Duran Duran - always classy.

And then by the 90's you'd be the lead singer of the cranberries?

Everything... I give up trying to name every song.

Then for fun you would sing in a whole different way, say, in a Mariachi band?  Or Cumbia like Selena?

Or Mana?

And then, hailing back to our ancestors, we'd sing the lovely haunting melodies of Ireland and/or Old English songs like in the movie  "Under the Greenwood Tree".  Doesn't this group below look fun?!  It would be my dream come true!

Edit 7/22:

This one goes under moving traditional haunting melodies:

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Steph said...

YES! That was totaly you dancing in front of your mirror and I've always wanted to be the lead singer of the Cranberries. Although, I can't imagine her transitioning as.... I have. HA!