Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This post is not funny

Do you know what my dear boys did today?
They took advantage of the very rainy/muddy conditions and stamped their muddy hand prints in a continuous band around the entire house (outside).

When I told them to get the hose and wash the house off, they forgot to shut the windows first. 

Not funny.

Big mess.

Then I told D and S that they would be getting no birthday presents since I would probably have to buy new locks for the doors (they had filled the little keyholes with mud).

As you can see, this was not funny.

Tonight we were all weeding the garden, and D said, "Come on, Mom.  You'll forgive me.  Just think about all the good things I've done.  Just think about ... (fill in lots of good stuff.)  Lets not think about the past.  Lets think about the future."

Then Evan said,

"Mom, the future is in the sky."

(Then he looked up at the sky, I can only presume to look for the future.)


Steph said...

You're right, it's not funny. It is hilarious.
It just sounds like one of your stories: D & S did ____, D (or S) tried to convince you of _____ and Evan said ______. I love it. My favorite part is what Evan says. I need an Evan quote calendar.... you know peel one off each day. That would be awesome....

Nathan and Sarah said...

I am not laughing! (tee hee hee)

Anonymous said...

I shared this story with my water aerobics class. They all thought it was VERY funny!! You are so lucky to have such great kids that keep the rest of us in stitches!

Anonymous said...

VERY funny post. All the ladies in my water aerobics class loved it!