Friday, July 8, 2011

Utah trip part 1

My dad invited us up to Utah to visit for the Fourth of July.  We met in the middle (Blanding) since he and Janis have family there and that way it was only a 7 hour drive for us.  We made a few stops along the way though.  In keeping with our theme this year of trying to explore our state of NM, we decided to stop and see Chaco since it was on the way.   It was unfortunately really hot and not a tree or bit of shade anywhere, so if we went here in the future I'd go in the cooler months preferably a cloudy day.  The kids had pretty much seen all the ruins they cared to see and Chaco has about 8 different ruins sites that you have to drive/walk and hike to.  Needless to say we didn't see all of them.  We saw two of them which was as much as we could manage with all the kids and the threat of sunburns and sweat dripping off of us.

The ruins were really neat though as you can see if you enlarge this picture below.  This was a central place where people from all different areas even hundreds of miles away would come.  No one knows why this place was chosen since there is little water, but it had dozens of huge kivas (the round things) which they say were for special ceremonies.  Once again the homes were accessed through the hole in the roof and lots of ladders.  Apparently there is a PBS special or something on Chaco I need to see sometime.

What Chaco was like so you can get an idea of what our pictures are all about.  By the way, everything is this color brown, but since I have the cheapest camera money can buy, everything turns out a really washed out weird bright grey color.  So try to imagine all the below pictures a warm brown like the above picture.

Long walks to the ruins

The girls

D's thinking spot

Mom saying, "Isn't this beautiful?"

Looking at pictures carved into the rock walls and hoping this rock doesn't fall on us.

This picture and the below are of the Pueblo Bonito site

Ceremonial Kiva

This place let us go in through the homes and the doors and pathways were TINY!

Perfect for Evan!
Painful for mom!
This was our favorite spot since it was a room they let us go into the had the roof restored like it used to be so it was dark and cool inside and I would have liked to set up home here! 

LN had her fingernails painted for the very first time.  Isn't it fun?

Here's the kids as we drove on the 20 miles of dirt roads to get to Chaco all watching a movie.   It took a while going that slow.

The next place we went after Chaco was to Four Corners!  We had to drive right by it too, so we figured we might as well stop.  Apparently it used to be free to stop and see this monument, but the government gave it over to the Indians/Native Americans and they charge $3 dollars per person!!  Yep.  Not per car.  Per person.

Dallas in four places at once.  We had a lot of fun pretending to get mad at each other and leave the state we were in by taking one step over to a different state. 

Like that girl is in two states since she has one foot on each side.  Really this is a picture of Sam who was super grumpy and hates the bright sun so he's laying down in the shade.

And then he got a nose bleed.   Pat had to get fry bread, but he told me mine was much better.  All I could think was, for that price I could have made at least 50 servings of fry bread! 

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Anonymous said...

Reading this post and Utah trip part 2 brought back all the wonderful things about seeing you all again. In talking to Elaine and Colleen today, they both mentioned how much they enjoyed having you all and again were full of praise for what great parents you are and how wonderful your children are. Let's do it again sometine!