Monday, July 18, 2011

Video games vs. Chores

D: Why don't we have machines to do our piano lessons for us?

M: Because then you would have a mush brain and only know how to play video games.

D: Hey video games teach a lot- like how to drive.  Can't I turn my head into mush if I want to?

M: You can when your older but for now mom and dad will have to make the rules since we'll have to answer to God someday whether or not we taught you good things.

D:  Come on, I know the pledge of allegiance.  Isn't that enough for me to be on my own?

M: I think you'll need to know a little more than the pledge.

D: What about the Star Spangled Banner?  What if I learn that?

M: (rolling eyes)


The kids are extremely inventive when trying to get me to let them play video games.  I let them play one hour a day since it's summertime instead of just one hour on Saturday's, but sometimes through bad behavior they lose their "Mario time".   That's when they pull out all the stops.

"Mom can we brush your hair?"

"Mom are there any extra chores we can do to play Mario?"

Usually it's things like that.  In the past they've done a protest, marching with signs, etc.

Last week's was the most impressive of all; a little skit.  It was like the Chicken Little Movie, you know, acting out the end of the world if I don't let them play Mario.

Sam started out whispering in a ominous voice:
They saw the signs.

They tried to warn her!

Etc, Etc- progressively worsening.

The skit ended with desperate pleas for me to give in and save the world.  I did give in, not for the world's sake, but for creativity.  Pat- LN coated herself in a layer of vaseline this morning from her head to her shoes!

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Kim said...

Oh my goodness. I'm cracking up! Those kids have great imaginations to come up with such inventive protests! Too funny!